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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Mar/2017 8421310000 FILTER ANTIFREEZE 10037618 THE EUROPEAN UNION 2 PCS 12.8 42.91 View Importer
31/Mar/2017 2710199800 Lubricating oil and antifreeze GR.PO to -50 C, & X3B, -P / N11900 GERMANY ***** **** 2.94 110 View Importer
31/Mar/2017 7307291008 PLUG with external thread (steel products, for SOEDINENIYASHLANGA COOL antifreeze and half-molds for PET bottles) THE EUROPEAN UNION ***** **** 0.23 127.59 View Importer
31/Mar/2017 8419390009 Drying oven to be dried ANTIKORRAZINNY FLUID CHINA 1 PCS 1250 5015.8 View Importer
31/Mar/2017 8423890000 Electronic scales (used for weighing GOODS, the main material is steel.) MAXIMUM WEIGHT WEIGHT 500 kg for the production of anti-corrosion coating CHINA 1 PCS 132 400.16 View Importer
31/Mar/2017 4602110000 Wicker baskets (household and ornamental articles WICKER bamboo treated with antiseptics, nail) CHINA ***** **** 146 210.24 View Importer
31/Mar/2017 7009100009 Special anti-reflective ZERKALODLYA NEW CARS CHINA 96 PCS 28 60.48 View Importer
31/Mar/2017 3926300000 Anti-slip mat on the PANEL FOR AUTO PLASTIC CHINA ***** **** 108 260 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3403990000 Lubricants "ANTI-SEIZE 550 ' UNITED STATES ***** **** 18 736.6 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 2933199000 Mefenpyr-diethyl 95% TS, safeners - antidotes FOR plant protection products, 1- (2,4-dichlorophenyl) -4,5-dihydro-5-methyl-1H-pyrazyl-OLE-3,5-dicarboxylic acid diethyl ether, KRISTALLICHEKY WHITE POWDER low odor dENSITY 1,27G / CHINA ***** **** 1875 50287.5 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3819000000 Tools - anti-freezing liquid in a bucket CHINA ***** **** 26 27.84 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3926300000 Anti-slip mat on the PANEL FOR CAR CHINA ***** **** 30 72 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 3006200000 RARE Antigens: DIACLON ANTI-K 1x12 UNITED STATES ***** **** 2 1672.27 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 3006200000 CARD FOR DIRECT antiglobulin test: ID DAT IGG-DILUTION 1 X 12 UNITED STATES ***** **** 0.5 141.17 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 3006200000 CARD FOR DIRECT antiglobulin test: ID DAT IGG1 / IGG3 1 X 12 UNITED STATES ***** **** 0.5 149.85 View Importer

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