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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Mar/2017 3923299000 Plastic bags (NO FOOD) CHINA ***** **** 91.32 293.14 View Importer
31/Mar/2017 3923210000 PLASTIC BAGS (for adults, contact with food) from polymers of ethylene CHINA ***** **** 184 368 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 4818209100 PAPER TOWEL SILEN 2 ROLL, 20% cellulose + 80% of the processed raw materials, the density of 22 g / M2 ± 0.8 g / m2, for domestic use, for retail sale, sheet size 230H125MM, 12 pieces in plastic bags KAZAKHSTAN ***** **** 5464.8 18340.47 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3923299000 PLASTIC BAGS FOR ADULTS CHINA ***** **** 44.06 141.43 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3923299000 Plastic bags (NO FOOD) CHINA ***** **** 435.71 1398.63 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3923299000 Plastic bags (NO FOOD) CHINA ***** **** 440.09 1412.69 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 9503001001 Carriages for dolls MALIBU 1 packed in plastic bag Reference №FTP-010-450SHT UZBEKISTAN ***** **** 292.5 540 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 4202929800 Bags plastic surfaces and textile material KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 213 PCS 138.6 1524.6 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 2918150000 BASIS FOR DRINKS: DRY often containing Trisodium CITRATE FOR INDUSTRIAL preparing a beverage "COCA-COLA ZERO", powder white odorless (packed in plastic bags and cardboard boxes), WIP DJ-4274.81 PART 1C, 8 units.. -224 IU. (UE 28). IRELAND ***** **** 58.91 117.95 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 2916310000 BASIS FOR DRINKS: DRY often containing benzoate NATRIYADLYA INDUSTRIAL preparing a beverage "SPRITE", white powder odorless. PART 1B, 5 units (UPAKOVONY in plastic bags and cardboard boxes) -490 IU. (UE 98). IRELAND ***** **** 166.6 376.28 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 3302104000 DRY PART BASED sweetener (acesulfame potassium, sucralose) for industrial production BEVERAGE BRANDS "PIKO" CHERRY, white powder without taste and smell in plastic bags and cardboard boxes CH-96.00 / B-96.10 PART 2, 8 ED. 4 U . (1 UE). FRANCE ***** **** 0.42 1475.6 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 3923299000 Plastic bags (NO FOOD) CHINA ***** **** 26.02 83.52 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 3926909709 Monofilament plastics ABS plastic for 3D pens stocked in plastic bag CHINA ***** **** 15.62 57.64 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 3923291000 Plastic bag for loose products (THICKNESS 110 MICRON, packet size 20 * 15 * 8 cm) CHINA ***** **** 823.8 4357.85 View Importer
28/Mar/2017 3926909709 Plastic ring, material: plastic, rubber plastic rings to hold the bristles filaments of spare parts machines for the production of tea bags GERMANY ***** **** 0.02 28.69 View Importer

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