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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Mar/2017 3004900002 MUKOSOL CAPSULES 10 capsules in blisters. OUTLINE FOR 2 packs in a cardboard box EGYPT ***** **** 18 1566 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3004900002 DICLOGEN SOLUTION FOR INJECTION 75 MG / 3 ML (DIKLOGEN (diclofenac), a solution for intravenous and intramuscular injection 75 mg / 3 ml, 3 ml ampoules, 5 vials in blisters, blisters in a cardboard box), SERIES IDCB6014 INDIA ***** **** 4820.97 27640.6 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3004900002 Riboxinum, injection, 20mg / ml, 10ML In AMPULAHPO 10 vials in Boxes (Riboxin (inosine) solution for injection 20 mg / ml, 10 ml ampoules, 5 vials in blisters, PO 2 OUTLINE blister packs cardboard), CE UKRAINE ***** **** 355 1986.77 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3004900002 TIOTSETAM SOLUTION FOR INJECTION ON 10 ml ampoules, 5 vials in cardboard boxes blister, PO 2 blisters in cardboard pack) (TIOTSETAM (Thiotriazoline, piracetam), solution for injection, 10 ml in ampoules 5 vials in contour YACHE UKRAINE ***** **** 160 5939.18 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3004900002 Thiotriazoline TAB. 200mg №90 (200mg TABLETS FOR 10 tablets in blisters, ON 9 OUTLINE YACHEYKOVYHUPAKOVOK The cardboard pack) (Thiotriazoline (Thiotriazoline) TABLETS 200mg, 10 tablets in blisters, PO Box 9 OUTLINE UKRAINE ***** **** 45 14681.53 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 3004900002 VALDOXAN tablets, film-coated PO 14 tablets in blisters. ON 2 contour cell packages in boxes, cardboard. FRANCE ***** **** 42.8 14374.22 View Importer
28/Mar/2017 2106909809 BAA (biologically active additives to food) tablets in a blister 3SHTUKI IN BOX, ALL: 1800KOR UNITED STATES ***** **** 37.8 9614.57 View Importer
28/Mar/2017 3004900002 Fraksiparin, injection of 3800 anti-Xa IU / 0.4 ml, PO0,4 ml of the preparation in the syringe is of glass, PO 2 SYRINGE in blisters, SW 5 OUTLINE OF PACKAGES The cardboard boxes (active ingredient nadroparin calcium) FRANCE ***** **** 1593.21 349698.05 View Importer
27/Mar/2017 3004900002 AMBROBENE®, tablets, 10 tablets in contour YACHEYKOVUYUUPAKOVKU, 2 blisters in a box of cardboard, 60 mg GERMANY ***** **** 93.44 10979.2 View Importer
27/Mar/2017 3002905000 Posterisan, SUPPAZITORII rectally, 5 suppositories in blisters, 2 blisters in Boxes GERMANY ***** **** 124 16499.37 View Importer
17/Mar/2017 3004320009 Diferelin 11.25 MG. (Active substance triptorelin) lyophilizate in vial. THINNER in ampoules. 1 vial, ampoule with solvent 1, 1 SYRINGE, 2 NEEDLE in blisters. ONE blisters in cardboard boxes FRANCE ***** **** 0.48 4820.47 View Importer
10/Mar/2017 3004900002 Fraxiparine 5700ME anti-Xa / 0,6ML, solution for injection, PO0,6ML into the syringe, 2 syringes in blisters, ON 5 contour cell packages in cardboard box FRANCE ***** **** 303.19 103984.01 View Importer
10/Mar/2017 3004500002 Folacin TABLETS 5 mg 10 tablets in blisters 3 contour cell packages in cardboard box THE EUROPEAN UNION ***** **** 23.52 4433.99 View Importer
09/Mar/2017 3004900002 FEZAM®, capsules, 10 capsules in blisters of 6 contour cell packages in cardboard box BULGARIA ***** **** 2275.62 86747 View Importer
09/Mar/2017 3004320009 DIFFERENE 11.25MG LIOOPHYLASE IN FLUKONE SOLVENT IN THE PULSE 1 Vial with 1 ampoule with a syrup, 1 blister, 2 needles in a contiguous pouch, one cuff box packing in a carton FRANCE ***** **** 49.2 570241.78 View Importer

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