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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Mar/2017 3002120003 Medicines: pentaglobin intravenous solution, 50 ml IN PL 1 PL bundle in a cardboard GERMANY ***** **** 84.6 86961.97 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3004900002 MICONAZ ORAL GEL (MIKONAZ ORAL GEL 2% BY ALUMINUM 20G in the tube, and 1 tube bundle in a cardboard) EGYPT ***** **** 138 9216 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3004900002 MICONAZ CREAM (2% CREAM MIKONAZ BY ALUMINUM LACQUERED 20G In a tube, 1 tube bundle in a cardboard) EGYPT ***** **** 64 6175 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3004320009 MODERM OINTMENT 0.1% 15G (MODERM (mometasone) OINTMENT 0.1% by HBV tube 15 ALUMINUM BY 1 tube bundle in a cardboard), LOT 131216, PASS 12.2018 UKRAINE ***** **** 8.45 918 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3004200009 Maksitrol eye drops 5ml IN polyethylene bottles 1 bottle in a cardboard bundle BELGIUM ***** **** 20 3150 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3004900002 Thiotriazoline solution for injection 25mg / ml 2 ml The AMPULAHPO 10 vials in blisters, 1 KONTURNOYYACHEYKOVOY packagings in bundles) (Thiotriazoline (Thiotriazoline) solution for injection 25 mg / ml, 2 ml ampoules, 10 ampoules VKONTURNOY acheikova UP UKRAINE ***** **** 30 3266.13 View Importer
30/Mar/2017 3004200009 TRIAKUTAN CREAM 15 g in a tube 1 tube bundle in a cardboard (TRIAKUTAN (gentamicin sulfate, betamethasone dipropionate, clotrimazole) CREAM 15 g in a tube 1 tube bundle in a cardboard), SERIES 150 716, PASS 06/01/2018 UKRAINE ***** **** 25 2831.19 View Importer
29/Mar/2017 3004900002 EURESPAL® (fenspirid) syrup 150ml FOR VIAL, 1 bottle in a cardboard bundle FRANCE ***** **** 2138.66 28108.74 View Importer
28/Mar/2017 3004900002 NISE GEL 1% 20G [N1] (NAYZ® gel 1%, 20g in laminated aluminum tube, 1 tube bundle in a cardboard) INDIA ***** **** 710.4 43315.2 View Importer
28/Mar/2017 3004900002 EXIFINE CREAM 1% 10 G [N1] (EKZIFIN® CREAM FOR OUTDOOR APPLICATIONS in tub 1% 10G, 1 tube bundle in a cardboard) INDIA ***** **** 11.3 1436.4 View Importer
28/Mar/2017 3004900002 CONTRACTUBEX GEL 20G (Kontraktubeks gel for external use, 20 g in tubes of aluminum, 1 tube bundle in a cardboard) THE EUROPEAN UNION ***** **** 61 14786.62 View Importer
27/Mar/2017 3004200002 TOBRADEX OINTMENT 3,5GM (TOBRADEKS OINTMENT OFTALMOLOGICHESKAYASTERILNAYA 3,5G in tubes, 1 tube bundle in a cardboard) BELGIUM ***** **** 6 1260 View Importer
27/Mar/2017 3004320009 MAXITROL OINTMENT 3,5 GM (maksitrol OINTMENT OPHTHALMOLOGIC sterility tube 3,5G ON ALUMINUM, TO 1 tube bundle in a cardboard) BELGIUM ***** **** 8 1140 View Importer
27/Mar/2017 3004320009 MAXIDEX OINTMENT 3,5GM (MAKSIDEKS OINTMENT ophthalmology tuba 3,5G., 1 tube bundle in a cardboard) BELGIUM ***** **** 13 750 View Importer
27/Mar/2017 3004100005 FLEMOXIN SOLUTAB 1000MG 20TABL., Flemoksin Soljutab TABLETS dispersible 1000mg, PO 5 TABLE. In blisters, PO 4 blisters in a cardboard bundle (Amoxicillin) SERIES 16L05 / 51, C / F 30.11.2021 THE EUROPEAN UNION ***** **** 67.73 13748.29 View Importer

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