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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Destination Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
08/Sep/2017 9026208000 SENSOR PART.№1225P6-2 NOT CONTAIN REE and HFD, not for military purposes, radioactive sources NO CLASSIFICATION CODE 755 150: P / N 1225P6-2 - SENSOR FOR THE CONTROL OF LOW PRESSURE. SET TO BC in the discharge line of the hydraulic pump. Representing a Dutch *** RUSSIA 0,16 *** 0.16 555,17 View Exporter
30/Sep/2017 9026208000 SENSOR FOR THE CONTROL OF LOW PRESSURE PART.№1225P6-2, ARE FREE OF REE and HFD, not for military purposes, radioactive sources NO LABELING 724-61358474: ON SET BC In the discharge line of the hydraulic pump. It represents a SENSOR RAZMYKAYUSCHI *** RUSSIA 0,17 *** 0.17 616,62 View Exporter
30/Sep/2017 9026202000 Electronic instruments and apparatus, for measuring or checking pressure not MILITARY ARE FREE radiation sources: PART.№ APTE-4RB-1625 - ELECTRONIC SENSOR OIL PRESSURE The hydraulic pump, designed for installation in TU *** RUSSIA 0,6 *** 0.6 23927,34 View Exporter
08/Sep/2017 9032810000 HYDRAULIC DEVICE FOR AUTOMATIC PRESSURE REGULATION: CONTROLLER (SWITCH) is designed for switching on the pump with clean water in the system potable water under reduced pressure. It consists of a device that is sensitive to the pressure switch *** UKRAINE 22,5 *** 22.5 157,5 View Exporter
30/Oct/2017 4016930005 SEALS soft, non-cellular, vulcanised rubber for road-building engineering "CATERPILLAR": pads for piston pumps HYDRAULIC Graders, soft rubber "CATERPILLAR INC." CAT CATERPILLAR 9T-7780 MISSING *** RUSSIA 0,05 KG 0.05 38,36 View Exporter
26/Oct/2017 4016930005 Rubber rings (vulcanized rubber) ROUND FOR USE IN PUMPS CMC 10/40 and 4/10 NTSKG. It is used for sealing of fixed and movable joints hydraulic, fuel, lubricant and pneumatic devices. Rubber rings for KR *** RUSSIA 0,06 KG 0.06 67,32 View Exporter
06/Oct/2017 8413603100 Power steering pump - NEW REC. Parts for the repair and maintenance program CARS - gear, hydraulic power, of iron. Designed for pumping hydraulic fluid. HYUNDAI / KIA *** 1 PC 1.835 40,49 View Exporter
09/Oct/2017 8413506100 Piston displacement pump (P / V), power, are used to supply pressurized hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic system of the aircraft. NO FLOW. It is based on reciprocating - piston motion. P / N 848847 - 3 PCS, S / N MX-539400, "VICKERS" *** 3 PC 24.6 1950 View Exporter
12/Oct/2017 8412218008 Hydraulic fluid power linear action of steel, open hood REV THE ENGINE USING THE MANUAL HYDRAULIC PUMP FOR PASSENGER AIRCRAFT CIVIL AVIATION BOEING 757: FRYSBY AIRBORNE GIDRAULICS INC *** 1 PC 3.08 2622,33 View Exporter
12/Oct/2017 8413506100 HYDRAULIC PUMP (B / D) piston engines: UNKNOWN *** 1 PC 21.47 1800 View Exporter
20/Oct/2017 8413708900 Electric pumps, centrifugal, two-stage, with a diameter of 90mm OUTPUT PATRUBKA-, HYDRAULIC Amphibious A319 / A320 civilian passenger AVIATION: UNKNOWN *** 1 PC 14.64 6398,34 View Exporter
24/Oct/2017 8413506100 PISTON PUMP B / N 887055, B / Y, hydraulic power, volumetric reciprocating. It is designed to create pressure in hydraulic system of the aircraft. Pump driven by BOX drive motor mounted directly on the engine that converts ABSENT *** 1 PC 4.1 1710 View Exporter
24/Oct/2017 8413506100 HYDRAULIC PUMP. Party. № 849589. for civilian passenger sun sun 737, overboard. № VP-BEP. RETURN from the warehouse. : ABSENT *** 1 PC 13.6 17081,43 View Exporter
27/Oct/2017 8413602000 PUMP ROTOR WITHOUT PLUNGER FLOW. PUMP is designed to maintain a constant pressure hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic system. USTANAVLIVAVETSYA ON CIVIL Sun DRY RRJ95 MODEL RRJ-95B (SSJ-100). P / N 46054. C / H DU516 UNKNOWN *** 1 PC 6.401 118424,73 View Exporter
29/Oct/2017 8413910008 PART pump without flowmeter. DRIVE HYDRAULIC PUMP BLENDER fracturing ART.100048329-1 PCS, SER.№ PJ39801, MODEL PMP DR, 4 PAD, SAE C, C, C, D PADS, SAE D, D, D, COI. In oil drilling OL-TI ABSENT *** *** *** 240 11219,32 View Exporter

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