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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Destination Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
27/Sep/2017 9026900000 LED B / H SRDL6D, SER.№8032, B / V. PART OF DISPLAY pneumatic pressure Sun. Turnout is used to CONTROL AND INDICATION OF PRESSURE AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM Sun Electrosignal RECEIVES FROM PRESSURE SENSOR pneumatic systems:, *** RUSSIA 0,3 *** 0.3 500 View Exporter
13/Sep/2017 9032900000 PAYMENT MANAGEMENT SHELF NON TRC 100-2 (TAB № 11) a replacement part for AUTOMATIC CONTROL UNIT, measuring and displaying (FEE FOR VISUALIZATION) INFORATSII NUMBER OF FUEL remission, with LED indication. Salable in *** RUSSIA 0,6 *** 0.6 213,39 View Exporter
06/Sep/2017 9013802000 Active matrix liquid crystal devices for Compute. EQUIPMENT: PANEL DISPLAY Laptop, 11.6 "., LED, 1366x768, Laptop HP HP ART 801799-001-1 pcs F / K panel display 15.", LED, HP Notebook "HP" ART. 828422-001-2 PCS. PANEL F / K DISPLAY *** NETHERLANDS 47,06 *** 47.06 669,01 View Exporter
12/Oct/2017 3916901000 Profile from polymeric materials for refrigerated display cases: (9927130040) Profile for LED DL. 0,85M 1pc. : "SC 3P FRIGOGLASS SRL" Trademarks are not labeled 0 *** RUSSIA 0,20 KG 0.2 3,18 View Exporter
18/Oct/2017 8423900009 WEIGHT INDICATOR With button control, LED display for the measurement, control and indication of electrical signals from weight measure sensors to weighbridges ABSENT *** *** *** 15 565,93 View Exporter
09/Nov/2017 3926909709 Plastic products for refrigerated display cases: (9415220010) PANEL ADVERTISING CE -25SHT, (9443190010) HOLDER LED bracket -20SHT, (9432900030), TWO BATH condensate EREX -5SHT. Trademarks are not labeled CZECH REPUBLIC *** *** 5.9 379,24 View Exporter
23/Nov/2017 3701100000 SET-UP OF OPTICAL DENSITY (RANGE OPTICAL DENSITY (LED) LLR-1). VSEGOPREDSTAVLYAET a sheet of tonal values ​​and for displaying X-ray film with numbered sections with different blackening density. It is designed to assess TIGHTLY ABSENT UZBEKISTAN 0.000000 M2 0.01 67,79 View Exporter
16/Nov/2017 9013802000 Active matrix liquid crystal devices for Compute. EQUIPMENT: PANEL DISPLAY 12.5 "(31.75SM), 1366 X 768, LED, for ELITEBOOK 820 G1 NOTEBOOK PC" HP "ART 730535-001-2 PCS F / K PANEL DISPLAY NOTEBOOK, 15.6..", LED MARK " HP "ART. 848255-001 HP KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS 40 PC 27.118 134,84 View Exporter
16/Nov/2017 9013802000 Active matrix liquid crystal devices for Compute. EQUIPMENT:.. W / K NOTEBOOK DISPLAY PANEL, 14 ", 1920 X 1080, LED MARK" HP "PCS 747753-001-2 ART LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY PANEL 10.1, 1900X1200 PEAKS ASSEMBLY INCLUDING CABLE AND LVDS HP KINGDOM OF THE NETHERLANDS 5 PC 3.945 1024,8 View Exporter
03/Nov/2017 9405403909 PART refrigerated display cases - HH.000.HH.4135.238 LAMP LED V-SOA. ZTL-144FV1500-02-15F0M (CRI> 80) 21W L = 1500 4500K one connector - 5 PCS, HH.000.HH4135.239 LED LAMP-P OBR.. ZTL-144FV1500-02-15F0M (CRI> 80) 21W L = 1500 4500K one connector - ABSENT CZECH REPUBLIC *** *** 2 198,07 View Exporter
08/Nov/2017 9031100000 Balancing Machine (STAND) HOFMANN GEODYNA 7300L for car wheels, SVETODIODNY (LED) display, automatic input of distance MACHINE TO WHEEL AND RIM DIAMETER (2D SAPE): HOFMANN UKRAINE 1 PC 115 4362,28 View Exporter
22/Nov/2017 7604109000 ALUMINUM non-alloy used in construction INSTALLATION LED-backlit display in the room. SMARTBUY UKRAINE *** *** 7.75 89,96 View Exporter
23/Nov/2017 9026900000 LED B / H SRL-0C7EM, B / C, electric, rated at 26V. Turnout, has a scale of 0 to 4000 PSI (0.27 atmospheres), PRECISION +/- 0,5 PSI. It serves for displaying measurement results pressure in the hydraulic Sun. Panel-mounting ABSENT GERMANY *** *** 0.2 588,1 View Exporter
23/Nov/2017 9014100000 PART A BC-319 CIVIL AVIATION BORT.№ VP-BDM: radiomagnetic KOMPAS-LED, CHERT.№ 63543-253-4 SER.№ Q09157005149.RASPOLOZHEN COCKPIT PILOTOV.OSNOVNOY function is to display ICAL INFORMATION RECEIVED FROM NAVIGATION BLOKOV.KOMPAS INDICATOR ABOUT Trademarks are not marked GERMANY 1 PC 2.2 41735,17 View Exporter
08/Nov/2017 8525801900 TELEVISION infrared camera with LED light, for display at the exhibition "MILIPOL 2017" 21-24.11.2017, Paris, France, not for military purposes, the MAP-CA: 235-6942 0525 ABSENT FRENCH REPUBLIC 1 PC 1.1 100 View Exporter

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