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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Destination Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
25/Sep/2017 9026204000 MANOMETERS MECHANICAL: TM-210R.00 (0-2,5MPA) M12H1,5.2,5. O2 GAUGE 50 mm TYPE - TM-210R, M12H1,5 (BOTTOM), 0-2,5MPA, KL.2,5 STEEL BODY, GEAR-brass-instrument and apparatus for measuring or checking pressure not ELECTRONIC, manometers with helix OR *** UKRAINE 52,92 *** 52.92 1206,34 View Exporter
05/Sep/2017 7212600000 TAPE cold rolled steel plated with 2 PARTIES brass width less than 600mm roll, GRADE: M L90STL90 1,07H131 MM - 20562KG, 52 rolls, packed in PARAFINIROVANNUYU PAPER AND polyethylene film, OCT 36649-91 / 11YUA GOST 803 . QC BULGARIA *** *** 20562 40709,98 View Exporter
04/Sep/2017 7312104109 Brass METAL FROM STEEL: 3H0,30NT 15919KG.PREDST.VITUYU-DESIGN OF THIN STEEL FILAMENTS (WIRES) C brass COATED CARBON CONTENT 0,6-0,85% WIRE cross-sectional diameter of 0.3 mm. INTENDED FOR REINFORCEMENT Cars BEKAERT UKRAINE *** *** 15919 24349,15 View Exporter
04/Sep/2017 7326905000 METAL COIL WINDING Finished products: steel cord TYPE BS60-792 PCS, in a cardboard box with brass METALLOKORDOM.SPOSOB MANUFACTURING: Stamping and SVARKA.MATERIAL making steel. : GEOMETRIC DIMENSIONS: Flange diameter 250 mm; D BEKAERT UKRAINE *** *** 1584 3683,36 View Exporter
06/Sep/2017 7307298009 Stainless steel fittings with nut BRASS in a plastic housing, designed for crimping HOSE ABSENT *** *** *** 0.1 15,14 View Exporter
05/Sep/2017 7318169109 NUT M10x1 Brass collectors KL.14 HIGH Cat 0000-0-0362068-14L - 100 PCS: NUT M10x1 Brass collectors KL.14 HIGH. MANUFACTURING MATERIAL - STEEL ABSENT MOLDOVA *** *** 1 19,92 View Exporter
05/Sep/2017 7318169109 NUT M10x1 Brass collectors KL.17 HIGH Cat 0000-0-0362068-17L - 100 PCS: NUT M10x1 Brass collectors KL.17 HIGH. MANUFACTURING MATERIAL - STEEL ABSENT MOLDOVA *** *** 1.9 28,45 View Exporter
05/Sep/2017 7318169109 NUT BRASS M10x1 Cat 0000-0-0292782-00 - 100 PCS: NUT M10x1 brass. MANUFACTURING MATERIAL - STEEL ABSENT MOLDOVA *** *** 0.9 14,23 View Exporter
05/Sep/2017 7318169109 NUT BRASS HIGH M8H1,25 Cat 0000-0-0250510-00L - 100 PCS: M8H1,25 NUT BRASS HIGH. MANUFACTURING MATERIAL - STEEL ABSENT MOLDOVA *** *** 1 19,92 View Exporter
06/Oct/2017 3403191000 Conservation oils "Rosoil - 700" - 5 liters. INTENDED FOR PRESERVATION sheet and profile hire, CORROSION PROTECTION Iseli of carbon and alloyed steel, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminum alloy. ABSENT *** *** *** 4.45 117,37 View Exporter
27/Oct/2017 7419999000 Products made of brass, LITOY NOT NOT KOVAN. NOT SHTAMPOVAN., Posle MEH.OBRABOTKI, LS59-1 material brass (84%), Steel 45 (16%), YAVL.CHASTYU REGISTRATO *** UKRAINE *** *** 3.672 292,05 View Exporter
27/Oct/2017 7419999000 DISK (ALG600325004001) OBOZN.ALG6.325.004-39SHT, DISK (ALG600325005001) OBOZN.ALG6.325.005-31SHT, IZG.IZ STEEL 75A (1%), BRASS LS59-1 (99%), NOT THERE *** UKRAINE *** *** 0.794 732,9 View Exporter
27/Oct/2017 7419999000 FEE ALG600120023001 (ALG6.120.023) -5 PCS, IZG.IZ brass (75%) LS59-1, L63 AND STEEL (25%) U10A, A75,45 NOT MOLDED, posle MEH.OBRABOTKI, NEELEKTRONNAYA, *** UKRAINE *** *** 1.6 807,48 View Exporter
27/Oct/2017 9114900009 DRUM ZAVODNOY (ALG600323001001) OBOZNACHENIE ALG6.323.001, mfd. Steel and brass, IS PART OF THE MECHANISM CHASOVOGO, PRED.DLYA measurement time *** UKRAINE *** *** 41.16 2408,52 View Exporter
27/Oct/2017 9114900009 Axis BALANCE (ALG600309000001) OBOZN. ALG6.309.000, IZG.IZ U10A STEEL AND BRASS LS59-1 NOT CAST, posle MEH.OBRABOTKI is part of CHASOVOGO fur *** UKRAINE *** *** 2.812 3634,49 View Exporter

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