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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
11/Sep/2017 3824400000 Ready-made additives for concrete, in 20 plastic containers 1000L: is a mixture of products on the hydrophobic VESCHESTV.SMES calcium salts of fatty acids, including calcium stearate as the predominant Ingreda. Purpose for Use RHEIN-CHEMOTECHNIK GERMANY *** *** 20000 29599,71 View Importer
26/Oct/2017 2836500000 CALOFORT SV. ON CONSISTS OF 95% precipitated calcium carbonate (CACO3), 5% - calcium stearate. Produced by working solutions of salts of calcium carbon dioxide. It used in the production of polysulfide sealant WINDOW AS MINERALNOG ABSENT UNITED KINGDOM *** *** 20700 13193,37 View Importer
09/Oct/2017 2915705000 Stearic acid salts - CALCIUM STEARATE, C36H70CAO4, SYNONYM CALCIUM-octadecanoate, CAS №: = W / WT 1000 CG DATE mfd. 06.2017, PERIOD ARE VALID. 06.2018, is used to stabilize polyvinyl chloride, halogenated butyl rubber and others. chlorine-containing polymers SOGIS *** *** *** 2080 3580 View Importer
11/Oct/2017 2915705000 Calcium stearate (stearic acid calcium salt), without the contents ALCOHOL USED AS THE POLYMER ADDITIVES CHEMICAL PROMYSHLENNOSTI__1.0__ CALCIUM STEARATE, NAME EINECS: 100% fatty acids C16-C18, CALCIUM SALT; CAS № 85251-71-4; nat Lack of SPAIN *** *** 560 1423,82 View Importer
15/Oct/2017 2915705000 The aqueous dispersions of calcium stearate used as lubricants and anti-dust agents in the processing of paper and cardboard products .__ 1.0__ aqueous dispersions of calcium stearate (stearic acid salt). Water-based product, the basic structure GOVI BELGIUM *** *** 19000 21278,51 View Importer
25/Oct/2017 2915705000 Stearic acid salts, NOT FOR VETERINARY MEDICINE, NOT USE. In PHARMACEUTICAL TSELYAH__1.0__ CALCIUM STEARATE S (CALCIO STEARATO S, CAS № 1592-23-0), white powder, PARTY №№: 172179-4160 CG (SHELF LIFE 19.10.2019), CAS-172181-10400 CG (TERM LIFE 19.10.2 ABSENT ITALY *** *** 19760 31162,18 View Importer
27/Oct/2017 2915705000 A salt of stearic KISLOTY__1.0__ LIGASTAR CA 800. white powder. Calcium stearate With low electrolyte content. It used as stabilizers for plastics. DOES NOT CONTAIN ethanol. READY POLYPROPYLENE COMPOSITE applied in automotive A.SCHULMAN *** *** *** 1000 1869,96 View Importer
09/Oct/2017 2915705000 Stearic acid salts, used as a stabilizer for plastics, in powder form, in bags of 20 kg, are NOT drug or pharmaceutical substances not used in veterinary medicine .__ 1.0__ calcium stearate, clean __1.1_ PETER GREVEN GERMANY *** *** 1980 3052,11 View Importer
18/Oct/2017 2915705000 Stearic acid salts: calcium STEARAT "CALCIUM STEARATE" -100 20 kg bags; "MAGNESIUM STEARATE" -150 20 kg bags. WHITE POWDER TSVETA.ISPOLZUETSYA as auxiliary substances in pharmaceutical PROMYSHLENNOSTI.NE CONTAINS ETILOVYYSPIRT. ABSENT CHINA *** *** 5000 9750 View Importer
28/Oct/2017 2915705000 ACID SALT sterol: CALCIUM STEARATE, CAS №: 1592-23-0, C. general structural formula CA (S17N35SOO) 2, was a colorless (white) substance not soluble in water. Used in the chemical industry as a thickener, stabilizer, NIMBASIA STABILIZERS INDIA *** *** 24000 24840 View Importer
30/Oct/2017 2915705000 Stearic acid salts (calcium stearate) as a white powder, MAIN CONTENTS VESCH-BA 98.5% calcium stearate. Used for processing plastics, engineering plastics and polyolefins .__ 1.0__: "LOXIOL EP 3500" - 52MESHKA PO 20 kg 1 pallet. __1.1 ABSENT *** *** *** 1040 1693,37 View Importer
04/Nov/2017 2915705000 SALTS OF CARBOXYLIC ACIDS ON THE BASIS stearic acid salts (calcium stearate) doped with salts of oleic acid (sodium oleate) as powder of pale yellow color, are used as water-repelling agent / hydrophobic COMPOSITION IN FACI *** *** *** 960 2490,66 View Importer
12/Nov/2017 2915705000 A mixture of salts FATTY ACID BASED calcium stearate. LANXESS GERMANY *** *** 20000 61438,05 View Importer
17/Nov/2017 2915705000 Calcium stearate (stearic acid calcium salt) as a white powder. CAS №1592-23-0, FORMULA C36H70O4CA. Used in the production of PVC products. ABSENT ITALY *** *** 20400 29561,65 View Importer
13/Nov/2017 2915705000 Stearic acid salts: calcium stearate, CAS №: 1592-23-0, C. general structural formula CA (S17N35SOO) 2, was a colorless (white) substance not soluble in water. It used in chemical industry as a thickener, STABILIZER NIMBASIA STABILIZERS INDIA *** *** 25000 25875 View Importer

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