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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
01/Sep/2017 9031803800 ELECTRONIC DEVICES (NOT MEDICAL EQUIPMENT): Diagnostic Scanner FPT in the formation. Casey 6-32 VDC, to diagnose and repair ELEKTORONNYH control unit vehicles, Accessories: Connection cable 2 pieces, Plug-1pc, USB-cable, 2 pieces, the CD-1pc, K *** ITALY 2,18 *** 2.18 1141,91 View Importer
28/Sep/2017 9032108900 LABORATORY EQUIPMENT: Thermostats electromechanical, without electronic control unit, without electrical triggering device, used in industrial and household installation of heating to maintain the desired ambient temperature: C *** ITALY 5 *** 5 75,7 View Importer
28/Sep/2017 9032108900 Mechanical thermostats (Draft regulators), without the electronic control unit, without electrical drive device is designed to control the temperature in fired boilers by adjusting TYERDOTOPLIVNYH AIR FLOW THROUGH THERMOSENSITIVE Elem: TA *** SLOVAKIA 1780 *** 1780 34542,07 View Importer
28/Sep/2017 9032108900 Mechanical thermostats, without the electronic unit controlled Lenia, without electrical triggering device is designed for temperature control in solid fuel fired boilers by adjusting the air delivery via a lever to change position AND CHAIN ​​FOR AIR: SL *** ITALY 1750 *** 1750 28390,42 View Importer
28/Sep/2017 9032108900 LABORATORY EQUIPMENT: Mechanical thermostats, without the electronic control unit, without electrical triggering device, room, the RQ SERIES, NOT RADIOELEKTRON- NYE means not high-frequency devices, NOT MILITARY: CEWAL SPA CEWAL RQ 70021053 *** ITALY 74,8 *** 74.8 2501,76 View Importer
08/Sep/2017 9026802000 ELECTRONIC ENGINE CONTROL UNIT A / A-1 BYV.V UPOTR. PCS; (contains radioactive source NO Ident-Number): absence of a trademark NOT INDICATED 0 *** JAPAN 2 *** 2 3,67 View Importer
22/Sep/2017 9032102000 Temperature control unit (thermostat) ELECTRONIC. They are designed to control air temperature in the dryers PRINTING MACHINE CPA. For their own production. : TERMOSTAT.METALLICHESKY housing within thermocouples. The drying apparatus sets the PRINT *** FRANCE 4,8 *** 4.8 947,73 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 9031803400 DEVICES FOR ELECTRONIC CONTROL geometric variables: INCREMENTAL ANGLE SENSOR WITH ELECTRONICALLY speed limiter (B3, TREE 11K6X30, IP66 - N = 650 1 / MIN). DESIGNED FOR CONTROL SHAFT ANGLE CONTROLLED UNIT, ENGINE, pref *** GERMANY 25 *** 25 14635,19 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 9022140000 APPARATUS FOR X-RAY BASED FOR MEDICAL USE, NOT the radio-electronic means, without the means of fire control, NOT PRODUCTS radioisotope, OKP 94 4220, JECFA CODE 2: X-RAY UNIT nourish the high-frequency *** HUNGARY 495 *** 495 54423,69 View Importer
18/Sep/2017 9031803800 Electronic devices for measurement and control. NOT FOR CONTROL UNITS AND UNITS. NOT yavl. Technical diagnostic OR MILITARY. ACCELEROMETER SV 38V. The SET DEVICE ON ACCELEROMETER SV 38V - The rubber disk with cables *** POLAND 0,5 *** 0.5 1704,26 View Importer
22/Sep/2017 9030893000 The measuring device, non-optical, electronic, PREDNAZNACH.DLYA CONTINUOUS MEASUREMENT FREQUENCY SIGNAL AC voltage used as part of SYSTEMS control of technological units of a measuring converter *** *** 63 *** 63 21597,29 View Importer
13/Sep/2017 9026102900 SENSOR CONTROL FLOW GREASE, ART.000519, Mark. DNFT PRG-PS - 1 piece. IS COMPLETELY CLOSED electronic devices designed to detect slow flow or no flow UNIT divider lubrication systems. INCLUDES oscillating KRIS: IN *** UNITED STATES 0,6 *** 0.6 893,18 View Importer
26/Sep/2017 9025192000 Thermometers, not the united with other instruments, electronic, electronic temperature probe MODEL "TEMPTALE 4". FOR TEMPERATURE CONTROL IN TRANSPORT laboratory reagents. NOT for medical use. NOT for functional diagnostics. *** UNITED STATES 0,05 *** 0.05 40,52 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 9026808000 MEASURING GAS FLOW, non-electronic, without a radioactive source used in the tank GAS FLOW CONTROL, NOT MILITARY. FLOW (Rotameters) for flow control valve U30-AR40 / AR40-2 / AR40P. NINGBO UNITED TOOLS CO., LTD *** CHINA 36,83 *** 36.83 188 View Importer
08/Sep/2017 9027809900 Parts for gas-fired engines WAKESHA, 12V275GL MODEL: DRAIN ZOND.DATCHIK oxygen concentration Gases (Oxygen sensor) designed to measure the concentrations of oxygen by passing to the electronic control unit energized, and: ZM *** UNITED STATES 0,2 *** 0.2 103,53 View Importer

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