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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
13/Sep/2017 3403990000 Grease SYNTHETIC OKS 241. used to mount the threaded connections. DOES NOT CONTAIN petroleum oils or oils obtained from bituminous minerals. DOES NOT CONTAIN ethanol. DOES NOT CONTAIN OZONE VESCHESTV.NE is the engine oil for OKS GERMANY *** *** 20.79 618,51 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 3403990000 Lubricating oils LUBE OIL CL-1, for commissioning MOUNTING SYSTEMS ESP centrifugal pumps are used in the oil industry, in drums of 55 Gal. WITHOUT ethanol content. NOT A motor oil for diesel engines ABSENT *** *** *** 349.27 4668,93 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 9014208009 AUXILIARY direction indicator and a height of flight of the aircraft (LA), panel-mounting the second pilot of small-engine (LA) and backup INDICATIONS key indicators Product not MILITARY IS NOT INTENDED FOR DISPLAY KI207, party *** UNITED STATES 0,9 *** 0.9 4249,25 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 9031803400 SENSOR CONTROL: PHASE (PISTON POSITION SENSOR) at top dead center in the compression stroke fuel ratio mounted on the engine A / F, ELECTRONIC; POSITION SENSOR ENGINE CRANKSHAFT A / M SOLENOID. Only 2500 PCS. : WENZHOU HOYA *** CHINA 174,15 *** 174.15 5275 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 9025900008 COOLANT TEMPERATURE GAUGE 5 PCS. BATTERY LEVEL AND ENGINE CHARGE 5 PCS, VDO, EQUIPPED SCALE, complete with mounting brackets and illuminator, INDEXES works in conjunction with sensors (not supplied) TIME:. IU *** MALAYSIA 2 *** 2 40 View Importer
14/Sep/2017 9026808000 SENSOR PNEVMATICHESKIY.NOVY. : SENSOR AIR ELECTRONIC ENGINE SHUTDOWN YK-4 mounted on a lifting INSTALLATION cattle. USED ​​IN THE CHAIN ​​OF EMERGENCY ENGINE jamming, normally open / closed electrical circuit from incoming PRESSURE. TOTAL 6 *** CHINA 1,8 *** 1.8 162,09 View Importer
08/Sep/2017 9031803400 Electronic devices for measurement and control of geometric variables: Encoder electric motors 1PH7. REGISTRATION FOR ANGLE SHAFT ENGINE AND REGISTRATION SPEED. NAPR.PIT.5V complete with mounting elements: (cylindrical BOL *** GERMANY 0,22 *** 0.22 570,53 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 9001900009 OPTICAL PLATE GLASS, mounted with an optically BILATERAL polishing applied in optoelectronics and microelectronics CIVIL ENGINEERING DESIGN FOR CAPACITY ON THEM layers of different materials quartz glass substrates SIEGERT WAFER GMBH SIEGE *** GERMANY 0,3 *** 0.3 981,27 View Importer
08/Sep/2017 9029900009 PARTS COUNTER REVOLUTION HELD FOR DIESEL ENGINES USED FOR VEHICLES riverboats: SPEED SENSOR (complete with mounting and the setting element) H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAN SAHCEGIELSKI-POZNAN H.CEGIELSKI-POZNAN N51344 Otsu *** POLAND 10,5 *** 10.5 3855,19 View Importer
01/Sep/2017 9025900008 PART temperature sensors (thermocouples) USED IN ENGINEERING FOR STATOR FOR ELECTRIC INDUSTRIAL PLATE yellowish mounted WIRES WITH WHITE / RED STATOR FOR INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICAL *** *** 35 *** 35 2081,75 View Importer
28/Sep/2017 9025900008 TEMPERATURE SENSOR motors mounted to engine pylons Sun, Sun FOR TOIR A319 / 320/321 P / N 35518-48-400, 1 PCS. : KIDDE TECHNOLOGIES INC KIDDE TECHNOLOGIES INC 35518-48-400 0 *** UNITED STATES 0,08 *** 0.08 1479,8 View Importer
06/Sep/2017 9026900000 INDICATOR amount of oil B / N 10031-0000-01, b / y, parts suitable for measurement and control of the amount of oil, electric, for voltage of 28V, displays the amount (level) of oil in the oil ENGINE, switch, panel-mounting devices in the TO: AB *** UNITED STATES 0,35 *** 0.35 1326,83 View Importer
24/Sep/2017 9029900009 UNIT DISPLAY ENGINE W / H 312EDP2-3, b / y, (PART OF DISPLAY ENGINE BC), to display the results ENGINE on the following parameters: engine speeds temperature of the engine, fuel consumption, panel-mounting device, in which K *** UNITED STATES 5,48 *** 5.48 9715,89 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 9032890000 CONTROL UNIT ENGINE: CONTROL IN BLOCK - DRIVER FOR ENGINE power transistors with field control (MOSFET or IGBT) for surface mounting on printed circuit boards. It is designed to transmit control signals CONTROLLER *** CHINA 1,49 *** 1.49 1735,36 View Importer
07/Sep/2017 9029900009 AND ACCESSORIES revolution counter, taximeters, mileometers, pedometers, speedometer, tachometer, 759,900 CLASSIFICATION CODE: P / N 320-549-002-0 - SPEED SENSOR, electromechanical ACTION METAL Mounted on an engine / C. (MEASURES *** FRANCE 0,5 *** 0.5 23393,07 View Importer

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