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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
12/Sep/2017 9027101000 GAS ANALYZERS ELECTRONIC REFRIGERANT LEAK DETECTION CIRCUIT CONDITIONING vehicles, GROSS WEIGHT WITH pallets 2.1 kg. XP-1A Leak Detector Refrigerant R134A-R1234YF AUTOCLIMA SPA AUTOCLIMA AUTOCLIMA 80,807,248 1 *** ITALY 1,93 *** 1.93 293,44 View Importer
14/Sep/2017 9026202000 Sensors for measuring pressure, electronic, for commercial and industrial refrigeration, without a radioactive source sensor for pressure measurement in liquid and gaseous refrigerants in refrigeration, with integrated amplifier SIG *** PORTUGAL 26,81 *** 26.81 8121,19 View Importer
16/Sep/2017 9027101000 EQUIPMENT FOR TEST TUBES Refrigerant leak testing - Leak Detector (Representat IS Gas Analyzer.) TEST EQUIPMENT FOR CHECKING THE SEAL PIPE refrigerant does not contain. Sources of ionizing. RADIATION - Leak Detector (Representat CONSTITUTE AN. *** UNITED STATES 9,85 *** 9.85 1014,25 View Importer
26/Sep/2017 9027101000 Gas or smoke analysis apparatus, electronic, does not contain. EAST Cove ionizing. RADIATION FOR MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR CAR ELECTRONIC GAS ANALYZER (leak detector) DIAGNOSTICS FOR REFRIGERANT LEAK IN CONDITIONING A / M Volkswagen AG *** GERMANY 1,57 *** 1.57 331,08 View Importer
23/Sep/2017 9027101000 Gas or smoke analysis apparatus, electronic, for repair and maintenance of A / M: electronic identification system leaks CONDITIONING CAR. CLOSED WITH refrigerants R12, R22, R134A ROBERT BOSCH GMBH ROBINAIR TIFXP-1A SP00100126879 TIFXP-1A 3 *** FRANCE 4,96 *** 4.96 336,32 View Importer
16/Oct/2017 2711121900 REFRIGERANT ozone-friendly (refrigerant) GRADE: R290 (not containing chlorine and bromine atoms), Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Chemical Name PROPANE chemical formula C3H8, a purity of 99.9%. FILLING refrigerators. NEVOZRATNYH in steel bottles of 5kg: ZHEJIANG YO *** CHINA 2500,00 KG 2500 7550 View Importer
17/Oct/2017 2903392400 Pentafluoroethane for use as refrigerants and as as an extinguishing agent in the gas fire extinguishing installations, IS NOT depleting substances .__ 1.0__ fluorinated alicyclic hydrocarbons: R-125 (REF The lack of CHINA *** *** 7830 58156,72 View Importer
26/Oct/2017 4016930005 Seals made of non-cellular vulcanized rubber INSTRUMENT SYSTEMS FOR HEAT, cooling: seal for refrigerant compressor, DIAM. 1-1 / 4 "SEALING GASKET FOR REFRIGERATION COMPRESSORS, DIAM. 1" DANFOSS CO *** UNITED STATES 0,19 KG 0.19 45,96 View Importer
06/Oct/2017 2903393100 REFRIGERANT SOLSTICE 1234YF - 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene - liquefied gas refillable metallic cylinders, DOES NOT CONTAIN ozone-depleting substances are used in industry COOLING SYSTEM AND AIR CONDITIONING ALL .__ 1.0__ 1 can of 61L __1.1 ABSENT *** *** *** 56 3759,07 View Importer
03/Oct/2017 2903392600 REFRIGERANT GAS colorless, odorless NEVOSPLAMENYAYUSCHIYSYA__1.0__ Halocarbon SOLKANE 134A (PHARMA) -TETRAFTORETAN (CFH2CF3) Masov RATIOS TETRAFLUOROETHANE C 99.99%, CAS№811-97-2ISPOLZUETSYA COOLING SYSTEMS AND CONDITIONING VOZDUHA.NE refers to the total ABSENT GERMANY *** *** 6300 65777,58 View Importer
18/Oct/2017 2903392300 REFRIGERANT GAS COLORLESS WITHOUT ZAPAHA__1.0__ Halocarbon R23 (trifluoromethane) with a mass fraction of trifluoromethane 99.90 -16% * CYLINDER 380KG / NET GAS-6080KG. CAS№ 75-46-7 __1.1__ manufacturer -HANGZHOU JUMING IMP / EXP CO., LTD brand -no mark -R23 model ABSENT CHINA *** *** 6080 73894 View Importer
03/Oct/2017 2903392500 Halocarbon R152A (1,1-DIFLUOROETHANE) CH3CHF2, COLORLESS LIQUEFIED GAS, odorless, FULLY OZONOBEZOPASEN mass fraction DIFLUOROETHANE-99.99% is used as refrigerants, propellants. NOT FOR RETAIL. (It is not especially prepared compounds ABSENT CHINA *** *** 18900 43281 View Importer
25/Oct/2017 2903392600 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane is supplied as components for assembly CARS MARKS FORD__1.0__ REFRIGERANT GAS HFC-134A MARKS R134A (1,1,1,2- tetrafluoroethane), CAS №811-97-2, In STEEL rechargeable cylinders for LPG. APPLY FOMOCO *** *** *** 720 5770,94 View Importer
31/Oct/2017 2903392600 1,1,1,2-TETRAFTORETAN supplied as components for assembly CARS MARKS FORD__1.0__ REFRIGERANT GAS HFC-134A MARKS R134A (1,1,1,2- tetrafluoroethane), CAS №811-97-2, In STEEL rechargeable cylinders for LPG. APPLY FOMOCO *** *** *** 1440 11053,17 View Importer
24/Oct/2017 8414308107 Air conditioning compressor - PISTON F / PUMP compressed gaseous refrigerant (freon) to 15-25 BAR, is driven by a belt drive FROM MOTOR VEHICLE HITACHI JAPAN 4 PC 24.8 1638,8 View Importer

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