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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
06/Sep/2017 1806901900 CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS: CANDY, HEART CHOCOLATE-coated with a praline filling, in decorative boxes, bags, CHOCOLATE GIFT SETS IN PACKAGING statuette, figurine, Bantu SM.DOPOLNENIE Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, RAST. FATS, FORESTRY OR *** GERMANY 79,71 KG 79.71 1715,67 View Importer
06/Sep/2017 1806901900 CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS: CANDY, HEART CHOCOLATE-coated with a praline filling, in decorative boxes, bags, CHOCOLATE GIFT SETS IN PACKAGING statuette, figurine, Bantu SM.DOPOLNENIE__1.0__ Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, RAST. FATS, LE GUNTHART GERMANY *** *** 79.714 1715,67 View Importer
16/Sep/2017 4202329000 SOUVENIR bags with outer surface of textile materials supplied in the trading network Gift wrapping shopping (not for sale): __ 1.0__ SOUVENIR SAC (such as tobacco pouches) of 100% polyester white color, with drawstrings in the Black Lace, C MES YVES SAINT LAURENT *** *** *** 19.11 619,83 View Importer
18/Sep/2017 4202921100 COSMETIC BAGS, with outer surface of sheeting of plastics, used as a gift box for perfume and cosmetic products LEBEL, - 5 KOROBOK__1.0__ HANDBAG small plastic poach NEW - HANDBAG MALENTKAYA. LEBEL *** 1500 PC 7.5 410,05 View Importer
01/Sep/2017 4202990000 Bag bags gift of a polymer material (polypropylene) with a handle, without a skeleton, lining, hard walls, KARMANOV (NO FOOD), Import AS packaging products for the exhibition is not for sale in the domestic RYNKE__1.0__: __1 ABSENT CHINA 1960 PC 48 734,81 View Importer
09/Sep/2017 4202990000 GLOVE BAGS FROM POLYMER MATERIALOV__1.0__ GIFT BOX CARDBOARD AND POLYMER with compartments for 2 X business cards and VEHICLE IGNITION KEY VW with nested original accessory VW: ION-LITHIUM BATTERY FOR BACKUP POWER MOBILE CSS VOLKSWAGEN *** 475 PC 137.709 7123,57 View Importer
12/Sep/2017 4202990000 Bags (backpacks) MATERIAL POLYESTER 100% __ 1.0__ INTENDED FOR USE AS A FREE GIFT souvenir for advertising purposes. Not intended for children and adolescents. USED ​​at public events. __1.1__ manufacturer -RIOT GAMES IN RIOT GAMES *** 20200 PC 909 12017,13 View Importer
29/Sep/2017 4202990000 GLOVE BAGS OF POLYMER MATERIALOV__1.0__ CARDBOARD GIFT-plastic box with Audi Genuine Accessories: DRIVE USB FLASH DRIVE 8GB AS A KEY IGNITION / M AUDI; Interface Connection USB 2.0 (unfixed) - 1, SD CARD 16G. AUDI *** 250 PC 72.502 10168,63 View Importer
06/Sep/2017 4819400000 Paper bags for gift wrapping, not for the food and perfumery products DAXIANG CHINA *** *** 5500.81 8945,28 View Importer
09/Sep/2017 4819400000 Bags with handles GIFT FROM CARDBOARD non-corrugated ABSENT CHINA *** *** 195.6 164,64 View Importer
08/Sep/2017 4819400000 Paper bags GIFT. Pattern printed laminated film, with handles made of textile cords. NOT FOR FOOD PRODUCTS. (CLASSIFICATION CODE: 545681). In unbribable PACKING. FOR PURPOSES OF ADVERTISING AND MARKETING SHOP Office. MONTBLANC *** *** *** 690.7 20780,61 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 4819300002 Paper bags for gift wrapping and gift (not for food) with a width at the base of 40cm LEFARD CHINA *** *** 947.4 1589,17 View Importer
02/Sep/2017 4819400000 Paper bags GIFT FOR TRADE CETEY CLARINS: CLARINS *** *** *** 258.942 2172,02 View Importer
22/Sep/2017 4819300002 BAGS OF PAPER PACKAGING gift products with different decorative printed images, with the handle of textile SINTETICH.MATERIALA, intended for packing of industrial goods, with a width at the base of 40cm AND MORE ALL-11256SHT ABSENT CHINA *** *** 1707.16 4987,07 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 4819400000 Gift bags / GIFT BAG, MADE: AVON *** *** *** 145.32 1158,22 View Importer

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