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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
17/Oct/2017 3924100000 SHEET ECONOMIC USE FROM PLASTIC-Tableware and kitchenware FOR ADULTS, MADE BY CASTING (PVC) PLASTIC FUNNEL Cutlery tray plastic bowls PLASTIC SET OF PLASTIC SPOONS 2 Glass measuring PLASTIC LOTTO *** SWITZERLAND 165,42 KG 165.42 501,73 View Importer
27/Nov/2017 3923210000 Polyethylene bags with a rubber band, for closing GLASSES, plates, bowls and DR.POSUDY with the product. PACKAGE 1/2 TYPE CAPS - 6 BOXES, PACKAGE 1/4 TYPE CAPS - 6 BOXES. 1 BOX / 100PAKETOV. TOTAL: 12KOROBOK. KOTECH KOREA REPUBLIC OF *** *** 53 1215,01 View Importer
28/Nov/2017 7017900000 Glassware for laboratory purposes - a glass tube (100 per pack) ART.67611327 - 200 UPAK .; PRODUCTS LABORATORY borosilicate glass (RITORDY, bowls) - 68 pcs .; WITHOUT KEY, AGILENT *** *** *** 90.5 168,44 View Importer
10/Nov/2017 7013491000 Dinnerware made of reinforced glass: ice-cream bowls, set of 6 pieces. JUST & CONVENIENT *** *** *** 999 1848,15 View Importer
08/Nov/2017 7013499900 Tableware GLASS Mechanical Dial, adults, type of glass: simple quartz: BANKS FOR LOOSE PRODUCTS WITH DIFFERENT CAPACITY - 1998SHT, bowls - 2360SHT, DISH - 1170SHT, containers for food PRODUKTOLV - 1336SHT. TOTAL: 6864SHT PARKA GLASS, GLASS COOK, *** *** *** 2350 4802,36 View Importer
16/Nov/2017 7013499900 Glassware FOR ADULTS: Glass Teapot, 492 pcs .; Glass bowls, 276 pcs. TOTAL: 768 PCS. HOHHOT YELEI TRADING *** *** *** 501.1 600,37 View Importer
03/Nov/2017 7013100000 PRODUCT Kitchen and dining GLASS: dishes (cups, plates, saucers, salad bowls) GLASS, various designs, sizes, packed varying amounts, NOT A BABY crockery. TOTAL 85770 units. TM MIOLLA *** *** *** 23241 34022,32 View Importer
03/Nov/2017 7013100000 PRODUCT kitchens and dining rooms of glass, in sets and individual items Tableware (plates, salad bowls) GLASS, MARKING "TM MIOLLA", a variety of designs, sizes, packed varying amounts, NOT A BABY Utensils: Dining rooms TM MIOLLA *** *** *** 16488.36 23428,3 View Importer
03/Nov/2017 7013100000 PRODUCT kitchens and dining rooms of glass, in sets and individual items CROCKERY (cups, plates, dishes, salad bowls, saucers) GLASS, MARKING "TM MIOLLA", a variety of designs, sizes, packed varying amounts, IS NOT Crockery DE TM MIOLLA *** *** *** 18660.86 32152,87 View Importer
10/Nov/2017 7013100000 Tableware and kitchenware GLASS FOR ADULTS: plates and bowls in sets and separate subjects, various forms Dimensions Design, MARKING TORIX H19DT tableware 810 cpl, HP70T 936 units, HP80T 2880 IU, HP90T 4320, HW7 not designated *** *** *** 23244.42 35737,76 View Importer
24/Nov/2017 7013491000 Household utensils of reinforced glass - DISH DESSERT, dining, soups, Pirozhkov, bowls with lids, salad bowls. TOTAL 68784 pieces. Packed in a cardboard KOROBKI.STRANA PROISKHODENIYA - CHINA. MANUFACTURER - "ARC GLASSWARE (CHINA) CO LTD.", THEN LUMINARC *** *** *** 19712.16 43718,74 View Importer
09/Oct/2017 7013499900 Tableware adults, made of glass Mechanical Dial: decanters, pitchers, KITS FOR WHISKEY (decanter and glasses), DISHES Serving, dishes, ice-cream bowls, candy, salad bowl, in sets and individual items for retail sale, RCR ITALY 476 PC 383.52 3384,11 View Importer
09/Oct/2017 7013100000 Tableware GLASS: salad bowl 15 CM / ML 450 ART. HW60 - 8640 pcs, salad bowls 18 cm / 600 ML ART.. HW70 - 12960 PCS, salad 20 CM / ML 950 ART.. HW80 - 2520 pcs, FLAT PLATE 18 CM ART.. HP70 - 5760 pcs, FLAT PLATE 20 CM ART.. HP80 - 6720 CORAL CHINA 46680 PC 13349 22896,1 View Importer
02/Oct/2017 7323930000 KITCHEN ITEMS of stainless steel - SHAKER BAR. CONSISTS OF mixing bowls made of stainless steel with a vinyl coating and shake the glass from plastic. INTENDED FOR cocktails shaking BY COMPONENT 1883 MAISON ROUTIN FRANCE FRANCE 0,00 *** 11.13 398,87 View Importer
07/Oct/2017 7013100000 Tableware GLASS FOR ADULTS DISH (Dessert soups) ARTICLES: XP70 - 360 IU, SP70 - 360 IU, QW80 - 912 IU, bowls, ARTICLES: SW60 - 1224 IU, SW70 - 912 IU, LHKW50 - 576 IU GREENTIME IM-EX CHINA 4344 PC 1555.3 2644,94 View Importer

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