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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
13/Sep/2017 1516209602 Grape seed oil, not refined, filtered, LIQUID. For retail sale in the glass. BUT, for human consumption, free of GMOs:. __ 1.0__ oil from grape seeds, CT / bottle Cat. IN 0,750 KG, 12 BCD., Manuf __1.1__ ZUCCHI *** *** *** 77.76 422,72 View Importer
26/Sep/2017 1516209602 Grape seed oil refined in 500ml glass bottles for use in food, free of GMOs, in KARTON.KOROBKAH 12 BUT ON 2 Palle, GROSS WEIGHT WITH PALL.1881.00KG;:.. The product contains no genetically modified organisms ( TAPE ITALY *** *** 1728 3944,58 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 1516209602 Grape seed oil; TRADEMARK "PONS" COMPOSITION: Refined grapeseed oil, NET PRODUCT WEIGHT 363.48 kg. Volume: 250 ml - 1596 pcs .; INGREDIENTS: Refined grapeseed oil, NET PRODUCT WEIGHT 461.66 kg. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 5 PONS SPAIN *** *** 2506.95 6335,05 View Importer
18/Sep/2017 3401110001 Toilet soap: __ 1.0__ Soap grape seed oil awakens SERIES JOHNSON'SR BODY CARE VITA RICH, 125 g __1.1__ manufacturer -GREEN PLANET INDUSTRIES LLC brand -JOHNSON'S article -1022800 Quantity = 147528 pcs, JOHNSON'S UNITED ARAB EMIRATES *** *** 19326.17 44950,53 View Importer
14/Sep/2017 1515909900 Vegetable oil, grape seed, LIQUID, refining. FOR UPOTREB.V food in a glass. BOTTLES 0.5 L., packed in 95 Cor., For discord. SALE, CLASSIFICATION CODE 914100 NON GMO, GROSS WEIGHT WITH pallets 1015.00 kg. __1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer - "OLEI FINE LIFE ITALY *** *** 961.75 2247,18 View Importer
10/Sep/2017 1515909900 VEGETABLE OILS REFINED not chemically modified, LIQUID, for human consumption, NOT CONTAIN GMO__1.0__: grape seed oil, in glass bottles 500ml __1.1__ manufacturer -BASSO FEDELE & amp; amp; FIGLI SRL brand -BASSO m BASSO ITALY *** *** 6391.32 14702,1 View Importer
14/Sep/2017 1515909900 OIL RAW RASTITELNOE__1.0__ black cumin oil in an iron canister 15.800KG., Grape seed oil in an iron cans 23.750KG., Oil of pumpkin cans 15.800KG., Ginger oil in the iron cans of 18kg. , Butter cress The SAME : ABSENT EGYPT *** *** 6519 9335,71 View Importer
18/Sep/2017 1515909900 Grape seed oil, refined, LIQUID is intended for human consumption, packed in polymeric bottles for retail sale, NOT contain GMO .__ 1.0__ GRAPE SEED OIL, 500ml * 12 * 30 cartons __1.1__ manufacturer -CJ CHEILJEDANG CJ KOREA REPUBLIC OF *** *** 180 511,2 View Importer
19/Sep/2017 1515909900 Oil, grape KOSTOCHEK, in liquid form: __ 1.0__ grape seed oil "OLIO DI VINACCIOLO", first cold pressed, unrefined, purity, without additives, in STEKLYAN.BUTYLKAH with a lid and BUM.ETIKETKOY, 820GR WEIGHT / GROSS, 500g / NET, ON BIOLOGICOILS *** *** *** 1382.4 5344,67 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 1515909900 Grape seed oil, refined, LIQUID is intended for human consumption, packed in polymeric bottles for retail sale, NOT contain GMO .__ 1.0__ GRAPE SEED OIL, 500ml * 12 * 30 cartons __1.1__ manufacturer -CJ CHEILJEDANG CJ KOREA REPUBLIC OF *** *** 185.4 511,2 View Importer
24/Sep/2017 1515909900 Vegetable oil grape seed, refined, NOT GIDROGENIZIR.NE PEREETERIFITSIR.NE REETERIFITSIROVAN.NE ELAIDINIZIROVAN.BEZ CHANGES HIMICH.SOSTAVA (VID.RASTIT.ZHIRA- 100% grape seed oil, in liquid form) for UPOTR.V eat, SOD .GMO AND BAD: __ 1.0__ OLITALIA ITALY *** *** 879.02 3482,46 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 1515905900 OIL VEGETABLE RAW (walnuts, pumpkin, wild rose, grape seed) unrefined NEDEZODORIROVANNYE ARE FREE OF GMO VYSSH.SORTA, LIQUID, obtained by pressing, for salads and cereals, in a glass bottle; GROSS WEIGHT Suchet GOLDEN KINGS OF UKRAINE UKRAINE *** *** 6088.16 27755,3 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 1515909900 OIL from grape seeds (GRAPESEED OIL), OIL rice NE (RICE BRAN OIL) LIQUID for consumption refined CLASSIFICATION CODE 914197; NO ISP.GMO; NET EXCLUDING PRIMARY UPAKOVKI- 1714,68KG; account number: V1 / 2_1139, R210_3640, R1 / 2_1534__1.0__ BASSO ITALY *** *** 2638.85 6110,55 View Importer
05/Sep/2017 1516209100 Grape seed oil. It does not contain GMOs. FREE FOR IMPLEMENTATION .__ 1.0__ 6441406 "MONINI" "GRAPESEED OIL" (1L x 6) / grape seed oil (ST.BUT.) 6 bottles in a box. TOTAL 3150 525 BOTTLES BOXES. SHELF LIFE UP TO 01/25/19 __1.1 MONINI ITALY *** *** 4221.8 12527,27 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 1516209100 Grape seed oil, refined, LIQUID, for food, non-GMO CONTAINS: __ 1.0__ in a glass bottle of 0,5 L, the weight of one bottle of oil IS 0.797 KG, a bottle of oil packed 6 pcs. In a cardboard box, and __1.1__ ITLV SPAIN *** *** 1109.424 4827,81 View Importer

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