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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
08/Sep/2017 9019101000 . ELECTRICAL DEVICES Vibro / NOT for domestic use, NOT MILITARY /: Termoblankets TERMORELAX CONSISTS of a durable polymeric material Vibrotherapy FUNCTION AND HEATING. CONTAINS: CONTROL UNIT - 1 PCS BLANKET - 1 pc power cords *** SPAIN 8,7 *** 8.7 734,49 View Importer
28/Sep/2017 9032108900 LABORATORY EQUIPMENT: Thermostats electromechanical, without electronic control unit, without electrical triggering device, used in industrial and household installation of heating to maintain the desired ambient temperature: C *** ITALY 5 *** 5 75,7 View Importer
05/Sep/2017 9032102000 The device for automatic temperature control of hot-air SYSTEMS (does not apply in a domestic environment) non-electronic incubator with electric starting device for an air-heating units VOLCANO RAB.NAPRYAZHENIE 230 / *** CHINA 0,95 *** 0.95 80,59 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 9032102000 Controller Electronic: MULTI CONTROLLER FOR SYSTEMS District heating for one heating circuit, 14 TYPES OF FACILITIES, NAPR.AC 230, TIP.RVD, MOD "RVD145" MULTI CONTROLLER, CONTROL UNIT FOR SYSTEM DISTRICT HEATING FOR ODN.. *** CHINA 9,99 *** 9.99 1527,81 View Importer
22/Sep/2017 9032102000 Controller Electronic: MULTI CONTROLLER FOR SYSTEMS District heating for one heating circuit, 14 TYPES OF FACILITIES, NAPR.AC 230, TIP.RVD, MOD "RVD145" MULTI CONTROLLER, CONTROL UNIT FOR SYSTEM DISTRICT HEATING FOR ODN.. *** SWITZERLAND 21,24 *** 21.24 3483,34 View Importer
05/Sep/2017 9026208000 PRESSURE SENSOR FOR A central heating boiler MOD. LYNX LYNX HK WATER PRESSURE SENSOR 24 - CONTROL UNIT FOR WATER PRESSURE plastic housing ELECTROMECHANICAL (membranes), C RCCB electrical contacts *** TURKEY 4,85 *** 4.85 260,72 View Importer
28/Sep/2017 9032108900 Thermostats. CLASSIFICATION CODE 45000 Frost protection thermostat the STT SERIES, MODEL STT912, for temperature control air or water in the heat exchanger, hot water system, water coil and other units HEATING, AIR CONDITIONING *** MEXICO 6,6 *** 6.6 681,24 View Importer
16/Sep/2017 9032890000 CONTROL UNIT HEATING windshields BC 737 CIVIL AVIATION: P / N 83000-05604 125-43608891 MARKING is made in steel case, is composed of printed circuit boards, electronic components, has a connector for connection to the EL. Network of the airplane. PURPOSE: W *** JAPAN 4,04 *** 4.04 2994,68 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 9032102000 AUTOMATIC CONTROL OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES: temperature control unit (thermostat) is not built, is connected to the power supply via a plug on the ends for floor heating systems, complete with temperature sensor. It designed to regulate TE: MP *** KOREA REPUBLIC OF 79,2 *** 79.2 397,8 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 9032890000 Instruments and apparatus for automatically controlling BOILER HEATING: controllers with immersion sensor FAR RUBINETTERIE SPA FAR 9612 TEMPERATURE CONTROL UNIT FOR SET POINT OPERATION 1 *** ITALY 0,57 *** 0.57 129,91 View Importer
08/Sep/2017 9032102000 Automatic control device temperature control unit (thermostat) electrons. CODE 1140040. INTENDED FOR THE AUTOMATIC CONTROL OF TEMPERATURE AUTONOMOUS SYSTEM HEATING OPERATING VOLTAGE 230V COMPLETE WITH ACTUATOR UNIT, power supply, sensors *** FINLAND 4 *** 4 585,5 View Importer
05/Sep/2017 9032890000 Apparatus for automatically controlling ELECTRONIC NOT HYDRAULIC OR PNEUMATIC, FOR USE IN HEATING SYSTEM: a control unit (components for gas burners SERIES RG) GIERSCH CONTROLLER TF832.3 for gas burners CEP *** GERMANY 0,7 *** 0.7 59,78 View Importer
05/Sep/2017 9032108900 Part of the boiler central heating, not for military purposes, NEW: AUTOMATIC SENSOR Room temperature (thermostat). MOUNTED CONTROL ROOM TEMPERATURE AND OPERATION MODE SELECTION CONTROLLER CONTROL UNIT BOILER ACV ACV INTERNATIONAL *** BELGIUM 0,53 *** 0.53 374,35 View Importer
18/Sep/2017 9032890000 AUTOMATIC CONTROLLER combustion 230V, 50HZ BASED programmable controller for the base unit GAS BURNER DARK infrared emitter GII-TM-15L / U-GII-TM-40L / U FOR HEATING AND INDUSTRIAL C / X SPACES: burner PACTROL MICR *** GERMANY 4 *** 4 1013,96 View Importer

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