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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
14/Sep/2017 1806901900 CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTS sugar content, CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS unfilled - COCOA DRAGEE CHOCOLATE CANDY unfilled - COCOA DRAGEE "CHOCOLATE RAINBOW" COMPOSITION - sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, demineralized whey (contains milk), cocoa P *** TURKEY 1157,91 KG 1157.91 3480,33 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 1806909000 Food concentrates of sweet dishes "Alevi" containing cocoa, for retail sale: - DESERT DRY FOR ICE CREAM Ingredients: sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat, chocolate powder 9% (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter), glucose syrup, lactose *** SERBIA 778,5 KG 778.5 2628,01 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 1806208000 Chocolate glaze: a solid mass of brown in the block. SOSTAV- SUGAR, fully hydrogenated (hardened palm fat), palm oil, skimmed milk powder, defatted cocoa powder, clarified butter, sunflower lecithin *** GERMANY 150 KG 150 565,28 View Importer
05/Sep/2017 1806208000 Chocolate glaze: a solid mass of brown in the block. SOSTAV- SUGAR, fully hydrogenated (hardened palm fat), palm oil, skimmed milk powder, defatted cocoa powder, clarified butter, sunflower lecithin *** GERMANY 210 KG 210 784,36 View Importer
13/Sep/2017 1806907000 DRINK CHOCOLATE solubility in the capsule "LAVAZZA BLUE" TASTE Bitter chocolate in a carton of 50 pcs. : Ingredients: sugar 57%, skim powdered cocoa 14% Hydrogenated vegetable fat - 13%, skimmed milk powder - 11% Salt - 1% *** ITALY 9,98 KG 9.98 97,18 View Importer
15/Sep/2017 1806903900 GLAZE DARK SHAPED vermicelli, IN BOX (1KGH10UP) REFERENCE ILD-VR-8FO15EX-831 - 600kg, Ingredients: sugar 59.0%; Fully hydrogenated vegetable fat (coconut oil, palm kernel oil) in various proportions 17.5%; PART: Hydrogenated *** BELGIUM 600 KG 600 2594,64 View Importer
22/Sep/2017 1806209500 Confectionery Sugar PRODUCTS CONTAINING cocoa paste form, packed in a plastic bucket: SWEET COCOA (FONDANT CACAO SS PALME), Ingredients: sugar (63%), water, glucose syrup, non-hydrogenated vegetable fat (coconut oil), cocoa powdergramm *** SRI LANKA 60 KG 60 189,02 View Importer
16/Sep/2017 1806209500 Confectionery products Pre. Used for the manufacture CHOCOLATE decor, an ingredient in confectionery. It does not contain GMOs. Ingredients: sugar, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils (sunflower) and fats (PALM), defatted cocoa-ERP *** ITALY 5760 KG 5760 11439,39 View Importer
16/Sep/2017 1806208000 SEMI-FINISHED CHOCOLATE. USED ​​in confectionery - chocolate coating Ingredients: sugar, fully hydrogenated palm kernel VEGETABLE FATS, skimmed milk powder (10%), low fat cocoa powder (4%), lactose, emulsifier E *** ITALY 3100 KG 3100 6755,19 View Importer
19/Sep/2017 1806209500 Confectionery products Pre - pastry cream is used for making chocolate decor in an ingredient in confectionery, NO GMO: Ingredients: sugar, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils (soybean oil, rapeseed oil, salt the *** ITALY 3315 KG 3315 7132,65 View Importer
19/Sep/2017 1806208000 SEMIFINISHED CHOCOLATE - chocolate coating, are used in confectionery industry: Ingredients: sugar, fully hydrogenated palm kernel VEGETABLE FATS, defatted cocoa powder (16%), emulsifier E322 (soya lecithin), glucose syrup, A *** ITALY 13240 KG 13240 28463,3 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 1806208000 Food preparations containing cocoa for confectionery: Pre-manufactured confectionery - CREAM Ingredients: sugar, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats (fats (palm) oil (rapeseed, sunflower, corn, soybean) *** ITALY 4800 KG 4800 13947,11 View Importer
13/Sep/2017 1806329000 CHOCOLATE MILK CANDIES SHOEI DELICY in the form of tiles, net weight 20 g ,. Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, deodorized oil, milk powder, vegetable hydrogenated fats, do not contain GMO, NOT contain alcohol, they are designed to use in the UI: CB *** JAPAN 88,5 KG 88.5 1050,23 View Importer
13/Sep/2017 1806208000 Chocolate coating that does not contain GMO sovem composition is not a BAD: "NIVES"; DARK confectionary glaze; DARK CHOCOLATE. Ideal to cover confection. It has a rich chocolate flavor; Ingredients: sugar, partially hydrogenated *** ITALY 51,5 KG 51.5 138,62 View Importer
22/Sep/2017 1806906000 PASTA CONFECTIONERY CONTAINING COCOA: Cocoa-cream PASTA 800gr AGROKREM. PET BANK Ingredients: sugar, vegetable oil, hydrogenated (Burdock, seeds NECK, SDI, palm), low-fat dry milk (not more than 8.5%.), Whey powder, *** REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA 252 KG 252 863,45 View Importer

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