Russia Trade Statistics of Mango Imports from Germany

Check Russia trade statistics of mango imports from Germany. Find trade data analysis of Russia imports of mango

Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
19/Sep/2017 2208701000 KONTs LIQUEURS ALCOHOL OF 15% "POPLE": -STRAWBERRY (PL.BUT) - 12 * 0,5 l; -BLUEBERRY (PL.BUT) - 12 * 0,5 l; -CITRUS MANGO (PL.BUT) - 24 * 0.5L, -STRAWBERRY - 0.7L * 24:::: LIGNELL & PIISPANEN POPLE 25606 .9 LIGNELL & PIISPANEN POPLE 25607 .9 LIGNELL & PIISPANEN POPLE 25608 *** GERMANY 54,72 KG 54.72 410,04 View Importer
08/Sep/2017 2208601100 Vodka in a glass bottle in an assortment of items Make "FOR DUTY FREE SALES ONLY":. VODKA (ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE BASED ON MANGO) FINLANDIA MANGO 37,5% 1L Vodka (alcoholic drink BASED ON GRAPEFRUIT) FINLANDIA GRAPEFRUIT 37,5% 1L ALTIA PLC FINLANDIA 1015337 36 *** GERMANY 100,7 KG 100.7 366,38 View Importer
31/Oct/2017 3923210000 BAGS FROM ETHYLENE POLYMER NON for retail sale: PACKAGES FROM POLYETHYLENE FOR PACKAGING PRODUCTS IN clothing store, RAZM.31 * 25cm, 50SHT.V UPAK (NOT TO FOODSTUFFS), composition: 98% polyethylene, 2% PAINT PACKAGES WITH POLYETHYLENE LOGO "MANGO" PACKAGING TOV *** GERMANY 34,01 KG 34.01 389,72 View Importer
31/Oct/2017 3926909709 PLASTIC PRODUCTS / NOT SODERZH.OZONORAZRUSH. VESCH-In / NOT FOR RETAIL: PLASTIC badges with the logo of "Mango" for store personnel, SIZE 7.5 * 3.2SM, Composition: 80% PVC and 15% polystyrene, 5% GLUE BIG BIG MAN 071 321 006 Manufacturing 15 *** GERMANY 0,23 KG 0.23 69,02 View Importer
27/Nov/2017 3921120000 ARTIFICIAL LEATHER TRIM CAR porosity ARTICLE F3030 MOONLAND GREY S015 BREITE 140cm BN 702163-1415,23 sq.m and ARTICLE F3030 MANGO DARK S015 BREITE 140cm BN 702 245 - 2157.47 sq.m .; 100% PVC (facing layer) with a polyurethane coating, OSNOVA- VOWALON GERMANY *** *** 2700 60800,22 View Importer
21/Nov/2017 8504509500 Reactor (inductor). USED ​​IN station control motors with frequency regulation, is used in the oil industry HANS VON MANGOLDT GERMANY 55 PC 4014 24714,72 View Importer
29/Nov/2017 8504509500 Reactor (inductor). USED ​​IN station control motors with frequency regulation, is used in the oil industry HANS VON MANGOLDT GERMANY 60 PC 5180 34674,32 View Importer
31/Oct/2017 9405602009 SIGNS LIGHT, NOT FOR RETAIL: Signboards light Electrical outdoor MODEL OF MANGO, SIZE 2800 mm, composition: 50% methacrylate, 20% LED Strip, 30% of aluminum IDEAL LUX, SL IDEAL LUX 1 053307001 *** GERMANY 15,40 KG 15.4 4384,5 View Importer

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