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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
25/Sep/2017 2202999100 SOFT DRINKS NOT CONTAIN GMO WITH DRY MILK CONTAINING MILK FAT at most 0.2 wt%, in retail packages TOTAL 4979 CARTONS range:. DRINK COFFEE MOCHA (WATER 90.12% SUGAR 7 2% skimmed MO *** KOREA REPUBLIC OF 43066,16 KG 43066.16 22454,66 View Importer
20/Sep/2017 0901210009 Coffee natural fried, ground, caffeinated, packaged in plastic bags and cardboard boxes for retail sale, NET WEIGHT With the Primary Packaging: 97,02KG "SPECIAL BLEND" - COFFEE Drip PACKAGE, a pack of 8 pcs. ON 8 grams - 210PACHEK, "MOCHA BLEND" AGF *** *** *** 97.02 1756,54 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 0901210001 FRIED COFFEE BEANS with caffeine 100% Arabica TRADEMARK COFFEE MAME, packed in consumer packages with packaging NET WEIGHT 400g COFFEE 4 LUXURICH COFFEE IN BOX 15 PCS COFFEE LUXURICH SM. MOCHA BLEND SUPPLEMENT 3 boxes of 15 pieces, COFFEE LU COFFEE MAME *** *** *** 66 792 View Importer
02/Oct/2017 2203000100 "ROGUE MOCHA PORTER" - dark beer filtered pasteurized, containing alcohol NOT LESS THAN 5.3% OF, in glass bottles of 0.355 L., 24 BOTTLES IN THE PACKAGE.. ROGUE UNITED STATES 596,4 L 1041.6 2178,37 View Importer
09/Oct/2017 3926200000 ACCESSORIES FOR CLOTHING OF PLASTICS, BABY SEAT (increase to 164 SM, SM OBH.GRUDI to 88, 36 to OBH.SHEI SM) /-FREE ozone NOT FIRE RESCUE NOT SPETS.ZASCHITNYE /: BELT CHILDREN, COLOR MOCHA-701 , 80 cm length, composition: 100% polyuria *** CHINA 51,00 KG 51 1250,69 View Importer
12/Oct/2017 5801100000 VORSOVAYA fabrics of 100% wool TAPIS GENEVE MOCHA P / H GVFR1540 - 1 RULON 30 POGONNYH METROV (42m2), TAPIS GENEVA SASH 1403 P / N GVFR1403 - 1 Ruhl *** UNITED STATES 126 M2 81.9 6456,92 View Importer
20/Nov/2017 2203001000 BEER malty dark Filtered Unpasteurized, SOD. JV. 8.1% W, in disposable plastic kegs KEY-KEG EMK. 30 A (NOT yavl consumer packaging.): "STONE XOCOVEZA MOCHA STOUT" ( "STONE CHOKOVESA MOKKA Stout") - 34 pcs, Art. 006723 STONE GERMANY 1020 L 1020 3500,73 View Importer
20/Nov/2017 2203000900 Beer made from malt TEMOE filtered, pasteurized, SOD. JV. 8.1% W, in MET / BANKS EMK. 0.33 A: "STONE XOCOVEZA MOCHA STOUT" ( "STONE CHOKOVESA MOKKA Stout ') - PCS 4224 (176 TRAY Shrink film X 24 PCS) ART: 011124 STONE GERMANY 1393,92 L 1430 5005,42 View Importer
20/Nov/2017 4202125009 ROAD SUITCASES with outer surface of molded plastic, on wheels, with retractable handles to move, designed for extended use MOCHASE HARDWARE CHINA 100 PC 384.2 9179,58 View Importer
20/Nov/2017 4202310000 COVER FOR PHONE with outer surface of genuine leather with logo "HEINEKEN" MOCHASE HARDWARE CHINA *** *** 3.15 426,09 View Importer
20/Nov/2017 2202999100 BEVERAGE soft drinks, non-carbonated labeled (CAFFE LATTE, CAFFE MOCHA, CAPPUCCINO, DOUBLE SHOT, CARAMEL MACCHIATO) BASED CLEARED. DRINKING WATER WITH ADDED. SUGAR, degrease. Milk, whole milk contains. FAT less than 0.2 wt.% D PACKAGES OKF KOREA REPUBLIC OF 3770 L 3918.8 4224,43 View Importer
22/Nov/2017 0901210001 Arabica coffee (COFFEA ARABICA) roasted caffeinated beans GRADE: "MOCHA ARABICA", labeled "CAFE KINGDOM", packed in plastic bag. PACKAGING 1/500 grams NET. TOTAL: 240UPAK / 10KOROBOK.. NOT INSTALLED *** *** *** 120 960 View Importer
12/Oct/2017 5801100000 VORSOVAYA fabrics of 100% wool TAPIS GENEVE MOCHA P / H GVFR1540 - 1 RULON 30 POGONNYH METROV (42m2), TAPIS GENEVA SASH 1403 P / N GVFR1403 - 1 Ruhl *** UNITED STATES 126 M2 81.9 6456,92 View Importer
13/Oct/2017 9403601009 Wooden furniture for dining and living rooms (particle board), unassembled, RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 2017 0871 WALNUT CLIFTON WARDROBE LION 6572 Sonoma Sonoma SHELF 5592 LP 5592 LP CABINET COFFEE MOCHA Sonoma Sonoma SHELF CABINET 5594 5596 P Sonoma GLASS SHELF 6520 N OAK *** *** 8800,66 KG 8800.66 28045,94 View Importer
21/Oct/2017 9403601009 Wooden furniture for dining and living rooms (chipboard, fiberboard) unassembled, OCTOBER 2017 ISSUE DATE GUARANTEED 24 months 0031 OAK DAIRY CABINET HOUSING 5595 Sonoma MOCHA PL 0217 OAK CABINET OF DAIRY CABINETS HOUSING 0408 H2 CEDAR BODY OF CHOCOLATE *** *** 9910,17 KG 9910.17 25345,7 View Importer

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