Russia Trade Statistics of Plastic Tray Imports from Japan

Check Russia trade statistics of plastic tray imports from Japan. Find trade data analysis of Russia imports of plastic tray

Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
05/Oct/2017 3926909709 Other articles of plastics and articles of other materials of headings 3901 - 3914, for printing equipment: a sector gear - plastic (polyurethane) COMB GEAR TRAY LIFT collating towers. HORIZON INTERNATIONAL, HORIZO *** JAPAN 0,30 KG 0.3 19,24 View Importer
20/Oct/2017 3926909709 Plastic products for photocopiers RICOH: PART OF FRAME DEVICE, plastic parts ART. M0121050- 1 PCS; HANDLE side guides BYPASS TRAY PAPER, PLASTIC ART. D1292726- 1 PCS; The bottom plate backstop The SBO *** JAPAN 1,16 KG 1.16 85,6 View Importer
26/Oct/2017 3926909706 TRAY WITH DOOR disposable towels in the toilet PASSENGER AIRCRAFT CABIN, ASSEMBLY, PARTY NUMBER BS061260-041WH2: made of plastic (polyvinyl chloride), METHOD OF MANUFACTURE - injection molding. INTENDED FOR hidden items *** JAPAN 1,80 KG 1.8 4304,39 View Importer
09/Oct/2017 3926909709 PRODUCTS FROM PLASTIC of heading 3901 - 3914: the plastic mortar-pushers for grinder plastic tray for grinder PLASTIC mortar-pushers for grinder PANASONIC CORPORATION PANASONIC PANASONIC AME04-107-K0 1 NO PANASONIC CORPOR *** JAPAN 0,40 KG 0.4 26,12 View Importer
13/Oct/2017 3926909709 Products from plastic, NOT FOR VETERINARY NOT contain ozone depleting chemicals MOD. "ARK_97355_STRIP TRAY", ART. "AM956267" - guides. Plastic products, complex shapes. INTENDED for guiding the movement of the test strip inside the analyzer *** JAPAN 1,16 KG 1.16 368,98 View Importer
23/Oct/2017 3926909709 ARTICLES OF PLASTICS / NOT contain ozone depleting chemicals / NOT sheeting for the repair and maintenance equipment Company SONY: plastic tray PAPER professional printer NOT sheet material, SONY CORPORATION SONY A1273205C UP-21M *** JAPAN 0,20 KG 0.2 31,71 View Importer
09/Oct/2017 3920431009 PVC film in rolls PERFORIROVANNAYA, printed or without (oilcloth economic), thickness 0.25 mm, 28% by weight of plasticizers, with untreated edges NOT FOR CONTACT WITH FOOD-1580 pcs; 15 of cargo space (1 UPPER TRAY TOWA JAPAN *** *** 11429.46 39775,56 View Importer
02/Oct/2017 3926909709 ARTICLES OF PLASTIC FOR ASSEMBLING A / M Volkswagen Tiguan, POLO, valves CLASSIFICATION CODE 229137: HOLDER PROVIDED ELEKRORAZEMOV product multiturn TAPE, metal trays, plastic trays, 15,272 WEIGHT KG. VOLKSWAGEN AG VOLKSWAGEN 1K5971830 9 *** JAPAN 18,40 KG 18.4 336,55 View Importer
25/Oct/2017 3926300000 FASTENERS AND ACCESSORIES FOR ASSEMBLY OF PLASTIC A / M Volkswagen Tiguan, POLO, valves: RETENTION LATCH sunshield product PROVIDED multiturn TAPE, metal trays, plastic trays, 3.769 WEIGHT KG CLASSIFICATION CODE: 45 *** JAPAN 12,00 KG 12 201,04 View Importer
25/Oct/2017 3917290009 PLASTIC TUBE ASSEMBLY FOR A / M Volkswagen Tiguan, POLO, valves: PIPE CONNECTION WITH HARD polyamide TURN FITTINGS product PROVIDED multiturn TAPE metal trays, plastic trays, 1.134 WEIGHT KG CLASSIFICATION CODE: 459 *** JAPAN 3,60 KG 3.6 152,89 View Importer
17/Oct/2017 4016995701 Vulcanite goods for the promo. ASSEMBLING A / M SHKODA RAPID CLASSIFICATION CODE 253220: PROTECTIVE CAP of vulcanized rubber product PROVIDED multiturn TAPE, metal trays, plastic trays, 1.940 WEIGHT KG SHKODA AS AUTO S *** JAPAN 1,80 KG 1.8 28,31 View Importer
20/Oct/2017 3917400009 CONNECTION FITTING ASSEMBLY FOR PLASTIC A / M SHKODA RAPID, 229,147 CLASSIFICATION CODE: DOUBLE nipple FITTING polyamide product PROVIDED multiturn TAPE, metal trays, plastic trays, 91,772 WEIGHT KG. ŠKODA AUTO AS SKODA 6Q0121 *** JAPAN 53,10 KG 53.1 309,63 View Importer
09/Oct/2017 3926909200 Plastic products, made of sheet material by punching, for use in laboratory equipment: TAG with the number TRAY reagents Polypropylene SHIMADZU CORPORATION SHIMADZU SHIMADZU 228-56222-01 MISSING *** JAPAN 0,00 KG **** 0,15 View Importer
24/Oct/2017 3926909709 PARTS for the industrial assembly of A / M "NISSAN MURANO / QASHQAI / X-TRAIL", 1847 pcs .: TOTAL: SOUNDPROOF PAD POLYURETHANE irregular shape with a layer of glue COVER electrics PLASTIC TRAY BATTERY PLASTIC COVER *** JAPAN 51,07 KG 51.07 1838,37 View Importer

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