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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
26/Oct/2017 8483908909 SATELLITES BLOCK TRANSMISSION LOADER ASSEMBLY ART. 05/903835 - 1 pc; STEEL GEAR, TRANSMISSION LOADER, carved ART. 445/38602 - 1 pc; FRONT SECTION GEAR HOUSING WITH INNER Wheel of gears ART. 05/903821 - 3 PCS JCB *** *** *** 46.63 3054,25 View Importer
05/Oct/2017 8483908100 OF MECHANISMS OF STEEL: Satellite, DRAWING 3660.58.06.201, steel products 38CRNI3MOV + nitriding, is an integral part of rotating mechanism EXCAVATOR ESH-10/70 and is designed for torque transmission in the gear rotating mechanism, TOTAL ABSENT CHINA *** *** 420 10100,1 View Importer
11/Oct/2017 8483908100 SPARE PARTS FOR BULLDOZER ALLOY STEEL MOD. D85: carrier satellite gears T.M.ITR-10pc; DISC-MEZHFRIKTSIONNY 417SHT (T.M.CARRARO-392SHT; T.M.ETP- 20pcs; T.M.ITR-5 pieces) GEAR rear axle T. M. CARRARO-1pc; GEAR TRANSMISSION, T.M.ITR- "ITR", "CARRARO", "ETP" *** *** *** 1032.1 6217,86 View Importer
31/Oct/2017 8483908909 Planetary GEAR TRANSMISSION EXCAVATOR MOTTROL with satellites ASSEMBLY - 1 PCS. MOTTROL CHINA *** *** 44.5 222,5 View Importer
11/Oct/2017 8483908100 OF ROAD CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY MARKS SHANTUI. ELEMENTS OF TRANSMISSION: gears, satellites, wreaths, AXIS, CASE. Manufactured by casting. SHANTUI CHINA *** *** 265.95 940,47 View Importer
25/Oct/2017 8483109500 OF ROAD CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY MARKS SHANTUI. Transmission shafts: SATELLITE (pinion shaft) the final drives. SHANTUI CHINA 1 PC 8 50,19 View Importer
25/Oct/2017 8483908100 OF ROAD CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY MARKS SHANTUI. Transmission components: the carrier, pistons, hubs, covers, SATELLITES, GEAR. SHANTUI CHINA *** *** 506.5 1981,23 View Importer
03/Oct/2017 8483908909 SPARE PARTS FOR dump truck BELAZ: SATELLITE BOARD. IS THE GEAR. INTENDED FOR THE WHEEL AND TRANSFER UCHUVSTVUET The mechanism of transmission of torque. TOTAL: 20 PIECES. GVB CHINA *** *** 158.4 677,87 View Importer
08/Oct/2017 8483908100 PARTS FOR LOADING A / M, NEW: VG1560050052 camshaft sprocket - 2 PCS, 20 199 012 320 010 SATELLITE DIFFERENTSIALA- PCS, 19726 GEAR Transmission DELITELYA- 5 PCS, WAYTEKO CHINA *** *** 44.19 67,85 View Importer
08/Oct/2017 8483908100 PARTS FOR LOADING A / M, NEW: 18869 GEAR PCS Transmission DELITELYA- 4, 19726 GEAR Transmission divider - 2 units, TRIP GEAR REDUCER 199 012 340 005 SOLAR - 2 PCS, 199,012,320,010 SATELLITE DIFFERENTIAL - 10 pcs, 61560050053 camshaft sprocket P WAYTEKO CHINA *** *** 100.2 153,75 View Importer
10/Oct/2017 8483402900 Gear transmission - UNIT PART 2047920-2SHT SATELLITES, DATA-COMPONENT GEAR EXCAVATOR HITACHI. HITACHI *** 2 PC 9.56 224,57 View Importer
18/Oct/2017 8483908100 PARTS FOR LOADING A / M, NEW: 18869 GEAR Transmission divisor Z = 30 - 4 pcs, 61560050053 camshaft sprocket C. INTERMEDIATE 2 VTULKOY- PCS, 199 012 340 005 SUN GEAR REDUCER SHIPBORNE - 2 PCS, 199,012,320,010 SATELLITE DIFFERENTIAL - 40 pcs, WAYTEKO CHINA *** *** 144.04 220,8 View Importer
27/Oct/2017 8483908909 SPARE PARTS FORKLIFT. NEW. BLOCK satellite dish (GEAR) ASSEMBLY final drive-gear transmission PART OF IRON OR STEEL, obtained by machining and assembly. SDLG CHINA *** *** 816 1678,39 View Importer
03/Oct/2017 8483908909 NEW spare parts for road-building equipment: gear wheels, chain sprockets and other elements of transmission: SATELLITE (KAT.№0100801-HXM) -50SHT, GEAR (KAT.№0100940-HXM) fittings-10 units, PLANETARY GEAR (Cat... №0101101-HXM) fittings-10 units., carrier ASSEMBLY WITH C HXMACHINERY CHINA *** *** 135 2734,57 View Importer
21/Nov/2017 8517620009 Satellite equipment (calibration station, modem). Product is a plate of a dielectric C kit electronic components. Goods are intended for signal transmission from a satellite ground station to the satellite. OF THE GOODS INCLUDED TIMETECH GERMANY 2 PC 30 115610 View Importer

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