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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
05/Sep/2017 3402909000 Defoamers KEBOSPUM KIS free from silicone and mineral oils, EFFICIENCY IS surfactant consisting of alkoxylates of polyols IN COMBINATION WITH esters of fatty acids used for their own needs PLANT POPERERABOTKE KEBOSPUM KIS THE EUROPEAN UNION *** *** 1000 5590,18 View Importer
22/Sep/2017 3402901008 "BONDERITE L-AD 42" - surface active agent - silicone emulsions, NOT SOD. ETHYL. ALCOHOL is used as defoamers IN the manufacture of adhesives, in printing, IN WASTEWATER TREATMENT AND OTHER chemical-engineering processes BONDERITE *** *** *** 416.4 1845,68 View Importer
20/Sep/2017 3402901008 Defoamers SY-4026, based on silicon, DOES NOT CONTAIN ethanol. INTENDED FOR USE IN THE PROCESS OF TISSUE IN THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY. RASTAREN CONTAINER OOLU6775950. ABSENT *** *** *** 400 1680 View Importer
21/Sep/2017 3402901009 DOW CORNING ANTIFOAM GP 4420-15200 kg., Powdered anti-foaming agents (defoamers) are intended for use as a feedstock in the manufacture SMS, DOES NOT CONTAIN ETHANOL. COMPOSITION methyl alkyl polysiloxane (silicone-POLYMER ABSENT *** *** *** 15200 45858,92 View Importer
10/Oct/2017 3910000008 Silicones in primary forms, liquid without ethanol content: "SILSOFT AX-E", "VELVESIL 125" - used as raw material in the cosmetic industry, "COATOSIL 7500" - is used in industry as defoamers COATOSIL 7500 RASF. *** ITALY 533,64 KG 533.64 8007,76 View Importer
05/Oct/2017 3910000008 Detergents, silicon-based, not foam rinseability, defoamers MARKS RM FOAMSTOP CITRUS, FOR USE IN WASHING MACHINES High pressure water in plastic tanks of 0.125 L (ALCOHOL, DRUGS OF OZONE AND NOT BEING *** GERMANY 14,28 KG 14.28 385,95 View Importer
09/Oct/2017 3402202000 Surfactants based on mixtures of polyesters: defoamer ANTIFOAM A, CONCENTRATE (aqueous emulsions of silicone polymers), Cat. 100g, ART. A6582-100G-13 units to be used as laboratory reagents IN SCIENTIFIC SIGMA-ALDRICH *** *** *** 3.471 956,47 View Importer
11/Oct/2017 3910000008 Detergents, silicon-based, not foam rinseability, defoamers MARKS RM FOAMSTOP FRUITY FOR USE IN WASHING MACHINES High pressure water in plastic tanks of 0.125 L (ALCOHOL, DRUGS OF OZONE AND NOT BEING M *** ITALY 241,92 KG 241.92 6557,13 View Importer
17/Oct/2017 3910000008 Detergents, silicon-based, not foam rinseability, defoamers BRANDS FOAMSTOP, FOR USE IN WASHING MACHINES High pressure water in plastic tanks of 0.125 L (ALCOHOL, DRUGS AND OZONE IS FREE. NOT sredst *** ITALY 29,40 KG 29.4 580,18 View Importer
30/Oct/2017 3910000008 Silicone oils (polydimethylsiloxane 100%) IMEYUSCH.FORMULU (H3C) 3SIO [SIO (CH3) 2] NSI (CH3) 3, CAS # 63148-62-9, products used INDUSTRY QUALITY LUBRICATING BE, GIDRAVLICH.ZHIDKOSTI; IN THE MANUFACTURE defoamers, hydrophobising liquids, coolant, sealants, silicone *** CHINA 32000,00 KG 32000 155130,91 View Importer
20/Oct/2017 3910000008 Silicone (polydimethylsiloxane), in primary forms, in liquid form intended for use in the chemical industry as defoamers, in the pulp and paper industry, does not contain. Ethyl alcohol, GROSS WEIGHT with pallets 21393. WACKER * AK1 *** GERMANY 19200,00 KG 19200 64494,07 View Importer
09/Oct/2017 3910000008 SILICONES IN PRIMARY FORMS ARE FREE ethyl alcohol: solvent-free defoamers DEFOAMER 100, is used to suppress foaming aqueous adhesive and heat-sealing, coating, liquid light yellow color Composition: Modified POLICY *** ITALY 5,00 KG 5 141,05 View Importer
27/Oct/2017 3910000008 BRB silicone fluid, raw material for use in the cosmetic industry. WITHOUT ethanol content. (Polydimethylsiloxane), silicone oils USED AS releasing agents, defoamers, GREASE plastic and elastomeric *** NETHERLANDS 200,00 KG 200 1129,66 View Importer
03/Oct/2017 3910000008 Defoamers / Deaerators "BIM AF 4130" silicone agent, an aqueous solution for the process of pulp production (dimethyl siloxane 10-15%, water 85-90%) without containing ethyl alcohol used in the pulp and paper industry to prevent foaming, an improved washing and: ON *** FINLAND 19000,00 KG 19000 47089,7 View Importer
26/Oct/2017 3910000008 Additives for printing inks (defoamers), colorless. INTENDED FOR USE IN PRINTING INDUSTRY STRUCTURE: binder (silicone resin) - 47.6%, Additives - 5.1%, the solvent (water - 47.3%). ARE FREE OF ETHANOL, *** GERMANY 25,00 KG 25 576,68 View Importer

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