Russia Trade Statistics of Spare Part Imports from Ukraine

Check Russia trade statistics of spare part imports from Ukraine. Find trade data analysis of Russia imports of spare part

Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
16/Sep/2017 9028909000 SPARE PARTS intended solely for repair and maintenance Water meter Universal (hot and cold water), CYCLOIDAL, Mark "TRITON-ULTRA", the possibility of exploitation DATA product separately from the meter of water is not poss Wings *** UKRAINE 747 *** 747 5250,77 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 9031908500 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES, SPARE PARTS FOR FLAW MD-12 PS: magnetization device for examination of the MD-12, PS, is designed as a solenoid, is bent in the form of a saddle. Working bore diameter magnetizer FLAW MD-12 SS - 270 M *** UKRAINE 48,6 *** 48.6 2119,73 View Importer
05/Sep/2017 9031809800 Spare parts and accessories for the care and the forklifts "JUNGHEINRICH": TOUCH SENSOR WITH CONTROL SYSTEMS SOEDINIT.KABELEM lifting mechanism SENSOR NON-STOCK OPERATOR JUNGHEINRICH AG JUNGHEINRICH AG JUNGHEINRICH 51247208 *** UKRAINE 0,13 *** 0.13 60,65 View Importer
05/Sep/2017 9026108900 Spare parts and accessories for the care and the forklifts "JUNGHEINRICH": FUEL GAUGE 12V JUNGHEINRICH AG JUNGHEINRICH AG JUNGHEINRICH 52041092 NO 2 *** UKRAINE 0,26 *** 0.26 43,66 View Importer
26/Sep/2017 9029100009 Spare parts for seeders GRAINS SPM (NEW): MONITORING SYSTEM OF SEEDING SLE-6V - 1 UNIT CONTROL SYSTEM OF SEEDING In the minimum configuration consists of a remote control with graphic LCD display, as enshrined in the cab and the sensor plating on CEM: PL *** UKRAINE 11 *** 11 2650,55 View Importer
12/Sep/2017 9031908500 SPARE PARTS FOR asphalt mixing plants DS-185 DS-1856 SENSOR 2006880, is part of the PILOT Units top. It serves to control the flame in the igniter. THIS USED SPARE PARTS FOR AMS DS-185. PJSC "Kremenchug plant of road machines" *** UKRAINE 2 *** 2 119,63 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 7320202009 Coil springs of iron or steel treated with a hot method, works in compression for the device in asphalt mixing plants DS-185 / DS-168 and their modifications, not military purposes using. As spare parts for Kredmash UKRAINE *** *** 7 54,61 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 7326909807 SPARE PARTS OF IRON OR STEEL FOR headers: ABSENT UKRAINE *** *** 1.26 40,39 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 7326909807 SPARE PARTS OF IRON OR STEEL FOR headers: ABSENT UKRAINE *** *** 0.1 3,28 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 7318210009 WASHERS OF IRON OR STEEL: Spare parts for pump type CN, LOCK WASHER WITHOUT THREAD IS INTENDED for urging the stuffing box to ensure proper operation pump seals. WITHOUT KEY UKRAINE *** *** 0.16 25,08 View Importer
05/Sep/2017 7326191000 Metals and metal products. Spare parts for the combine. PRESSED. Untreated. (STEEL 45 GOST 1050-88) GOST 8479-70.NOVYE. FREE FOR IMPLEMENTATION. RZT UKRAINE *** *** 1736 2749,35 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 7320909008 SPRINGS, OF IRON OR STEEL, for use as spare parts for steam turbines LMZ, logon SEALS turbine and serve to reduce LEAKS vapor between stages of steam turbines. PMZ UKRAINE *** *** 11.27 333,19 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 7318169900 NUTS OTHER with an internal diameter greater than 12 mm, threaded, supplied as spares TURBINE PRODUCTION LMZ installed in the steam turbine flowing part, PMZ UKRAINE *** *** 110.88 3895,86 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 7318153009 STUD headless of stainless steel M56H4-6GX265 PN-485-65, steel grade 20H1M1F1TR GOST 20072-74, PCS 10, DETAILS supplied as spare parts for turbines manufactured PAROAVM LMZ, PMZ UKRAINE *** *** 43.5 1140,74 View Importer
05/Sep/2017 7326909807 Machine parts and mechanisms for metallurgical equipment (spare parts for tube mills), non-military, unshod, unbaked, NESHTAMPOVANNYE. ABSENT UKRAINE *** *** 472.5 2241,68 View Importer

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