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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
12/Sep/2017 4812000000 The filter element (cartridge) of cylindrical form of paper pulp, worktop nanofiber membrane FOR AIR CLEANING FOR PAINTING PLANTS WITH THE USE spray guns, ARTICLE P191523-016-436 LG TD "ULTRA ABSENT *** *** *** 5 1150 View Importer
11/Sep/2017 3004900002 MEDICINES NOT SOD. Alkaloids, antibiotics, vitamins, hormones, iodine or its compounds, packagi. FOR discord. SALES .: EVKAZOLIN AQUA (xylometazoline) NASAL SPRAY, 1mg / T (vial with metering pump from the spray gun) 10 F 1 N (BUNDLES EVKAZOLIN *** *** *** 4790.15 126012,36 View Importer
03/Sep/2017 3303009000 Eau de Toilette MEN "ZARA FOR HIM EAU DE TOILETTE" 100 ml in vials C spray gun for civilian use, OKP- CODE, SIZE 99: ZARA *** *** *** 188.242 4623,14 View Importer
03/Sep/2017 3303001000 WOMEN Eau de parfum "ZARA NUIT EAU DE PARFUM" 100 ml in vials C spray gun for civilian use, OKP- CODE, SIZE 99: ZARA *** *** *** 14.8 229,65 View Importer
03/Sep/2017 3303009000 Eau de Toilette MEN "ZARA MAN LIMITED EAU DE TOILETTE NATURAL SPRAY." 30 ml in vials C spray gun for civilian use, OKP- CODE, SIZE 99: ZARA *** *** *** 2042.092 35939,37 View Importer
17/Sep/2017 9032890000 AUTOMATIC CONTROL DEVICES: ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER, compares the measured value with the desired value and controls the switching on and off spray guns: CONTROL UNIT spray guns "TITAN PL 2850", TITAN TOOL INC TITAN № 0295451 1 *** UNITED STATES 0,3 *** 0.3 81,65 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 9026208000 Instruments and apparatus for measuring or checking PRESSURE AND OTHER,, TAIWAN (CHINA) FCV-31 AIR REGULATOR (GAUGE). PRESSURE REGULATOR WITH PRESSURE GAUGE IMPACT CONTROLLER-2 (W2012920700) is installed before the spray gun to adjust your entering *** ITALY 4,16 *** 4.16 833,43 View Importer
24/Sep/2017 9025900008 Part of the device temperature measurement. SENSOR (SENSOR) TEMPERATURE - PART OF THE AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL FOR SPRAY GUN PAINT TYPE HOT MELT. : GRACO INC. GRACO GRACO C32255 NO 1 *** UNITED STATES 0,03 *** 0.03 139,82 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 7326909807 KIT FOR PNEUMATIC spray nozzles spray gun, 2.5 MM FB SB 150 200 MANUFACTURING METHOD: METABO *** *** *** 0.06 5,52 View Importer
12/Oct/2017 4016999109 RUBBER: Molcho -PORSHEN DN12 (perfluorinated rubber, vulcanized rubber magnet), with a diameter of 12.3 mm, a length of 19.0 MW, is used for the spray gun, when changing PAINT provides an opportunity to the washing process with the least POTE *** GERMANY 0,32 KG 0.32 2002,9 View Importer
12/Oct/2017 4016930005 Rubber, for spray guns, of vulcanized rubber. NOT APPLY TO military products. MODELS FOR SEALING RING 94934701 LPH / W 94971010 SEALING RING FOR LPH-80/50, RG-3L-1/2/3: ANEST IWATA CORPORATION AKITA *** JAPAN 0,40 KG 0.4 138,65 View Importer
12/Oct/2017 3917320009 Polyurethane without fittings, not reinforced, not be combined. To supply air to spray guns. NOT APPLY TO military products. PHU-6100 HOSE urethane paint 100M EXTERNAL AND INTERNAL DIAMETER 9.3MM 6,5MM- PHF-620 urethane HOSE 2 *** JAPAN 10,20 KG 10.2 381,44 View Importer
11/Oct/2017 3923301090 Detergent dispenser, made of plastic, INTENDED FOR BREEDING car shampoo and foam solutions used With spray gun, designed to be installed in the washing machine type RE 88, the STIHL STAMPS, imported as spare reserves *** CHINA 0,18 KG 0.18 7,18 View Importer
11/Oct/2017 4016930005 SEALS (PEM SETS.), For spray guns AIR DISTRIBUTION RING (3X) FOR SATAMINIJET 3000 / Rubber FOR KR-TOV SATAminijet 3000 PACKAGE - 3 pcs. PAINT NEEDLE PACKING FOR SATAMINIJET 3000 / REM. KIT FOR NEEDLES KR-TA SATAJET MINI3000 (TOY *** NETHERLANDS 0,37 KG 0.37 241,34 View Importer
12/Oct/2017 4009420000 Hoses of vulcanised rubber other than hard rubber, reinforced with fittings for the connection of the spray gun in a spray equipment. : GRACO GRACO INK GRACO INK 826,079 FLEXPRO 3300PSI 3 *** UNITED STATES 4,68 KG 4.68 162,79 View Importer

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