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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
01/Sep/2017 3405400000 "HOTMELT CLEANER Q 1924" - CLEANER FOR hot melt adhesives - 1-BAG KG__1.0__ 25 (composition: 25-45% polyolefin, 5-45% UGLEVODOR Resins, waxes 18-28% refractory material (STEREO-ISOMERS OF PHENOL DERIVATIVES). & amp; lt; 0,3%, FOSFITDERIVAT & amp; lt; 0,3%, LA ABSENT GERMANY *** *** 25 89,25 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 3405400000 "HOTMELT CLEANER Q 1924" - CLEANER FOR hot melt adhesives, __ 1.0__ COMPOSITION: 25-45% polyolefin, 5-45% hydrocarbon resins, waxes 18-28% refractory material (STEREO-PHENOL DERIVATIVES ISOMERS) & amp; lt; 0 , 3%, FOSFITDERIVAT & amp; lt; 0,3%, LAKTONDERIVAT & amp; l HOTMELT GERMANY *** *** 50 178,23 View Importer
11/Sep/2017 3405400000 "CLEANER Q 1924 (HOTMELT CLEANER Q 1924)" - cleaning agent for hot melt adhesives - 3 bags of 25 KG__1.0__ (composition - 25-45% polyolefin, 5-45% hydrocarbon resins, waxes 18-28% refractory material (STEREO PHENOL DERIVATIVES -isomer) & amp; lt; 0,3%, FOS ABSENT GERMANY *** *** 75 271,37 View Importer
06/Sep/2017 9011209000 Stereoscopic microscope with possibility of photomicrography. Used 2010 2013. : INSPECTION stereomicroscope. YEAR 2013. INSPECTION stereomicroscope. YEAR 2010. INSPECTION stereomicroscopes LEICA light source *** UNITED STATES 50,5 *** 50.5 13795,31 View Importer
06/Sep/2017 9011109000 Stereoscopic microscope. Used 1995. : OLYMPUS CORPORATION OLYMPUS OLYMPUS OLYM1 BH2-MJLT 1 *** UNITED STATES 23 *** 23 1236,24 View Importer
14/Sep/2017 9013803000 POLARIZATION SYSTEM FOR STEREO-film screenings (passive polarized 3D MODULATOR) IS ELEKTROPICHESKY LIQUID CRYSTAL MODULATOR Z-SCREEN FOR alternately POLYARIZIROVANIYA frame when creating 3D images on the screen; SYSTEM: The KO *** CHINA 25,2 *** 25.2 4873,43 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 9011109000 Stereoscopic microscope Model NIKON SMZ1270, NOT outfitted specially designed for handling and transport of semiconductor wafers or photomasks, is designed to study microstructure TEL, cracks and stereoscopic *** JAPAN 12 *** 12 7489,65 View Importer
25/Sep/2017 9011800000 BIOLOGICAL optical microscopes, stereoscopic NOT for medical purposes. CLASSIFICATION CODE: 3510 44, OKPD2 CODE: MICROSCOPE FOR LABORATORY AXIO IMAGER with tripod A2, complete with accessories: State 1 PCS, the turret lens 1 PCS, FOTOT *** GERMANY 51,28 *** 51.28 52427,08 View Importer
12/Sep/2017 9004909000 Stereo glasses 3D GLASSES TO SEE stereoscopic image VOLFONI LTD VOLFONI 503-0320-00 4 VOLFONI LTD VOLFONI 503-0321-00 60 *** NORWAY 6,4 *** 6.4 2515,48 View Importer
29/Sep/2017 9011909000 ACCESSORIES OPERATING Biological microscopes LEICA M220: INCLINED STEREOPRISPOSOBLENIE binocular tube for the second observer LEICA INSTRUMENTS (SINGAPORE) PTE LTD. LEICA ABSENT ABSENT 10448597 1 LEICA INSTRUMENTS (SINGAPORE) PTE L *** SINGAPORE 1,68 *** 1.68 8442,25 View Importer
26/Sep/2017 9011109000 Compound optical microscopes stereoscopic: MODEL Stereomicroscope MZ70 TRINO, MZ55, MZ70, MZ45, SZM45, MZ45 TRINO, MZ65 TRINO (COMPLETE) SM. ATTACHMENT (NOT A high-frequency electronic devices is not contained in its composition: COM *** CHINA 501 *** 501 31807 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 9011109000 OTHER Stereoscopic microscope, "CHINA videocolposcopy OPTICAL DIGITAL with accessories VOLTAGE 220V, 50 Hz, COMPOSITION binocular eyepieces of ASSEMBLED-1 PCS, video-1 PCS, the rocker arm (BRACKET) - 1, cold light source *** CHINA 116 *** 116 22512,69 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 9004901000 Passive polarized stereoscopic 3D GLASSES "XPAND" with plastic inserts in the plastic frame (stereo effect is ensured by different polarization for the left eye and right eye). . MODEL "PG50POL" (Adults) -400SHT MODEL "PG501POL" (BABY) -200SHT:: *** CHINA 9 *** 9 942,76 View Importer
11/Sep/2017 9004909000 3D liquid-crystal STEREOCHKI "HI-SHOCK" The plastic frame. INSERTION (LCD) of plastic. POWER OF LITHIUM BATTERIES. MODEL H (Adult) -100SHT MODEL K (CHILDREN) -150SHT. For stereoscopic viewing three-dimensional images (3D). ALL-250SHT. NOT:: The *** CHINA 16,3 *** 16.3 3565,24 View Importer
07/Sep/2017 9004909000 Glasses for 3D systems, circular polarization, mounted in a polymeric material, including CHILDREN TO CREATE stereoscopic effect while watching VIDEO.TOLSCHINA LENSES 0,23-0,4 MM AND 0.74 MM.NE designed to correct vision. TOTAL:. 5200 PCS /: 3D *** CHINA 96,4 *** 96.4 1828,93 View Importer

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