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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
18/Sep/2017 3403199000 Semisynthetic motor multigrade oils, for diesel and gasoline A / m, non-aerosol packages containing petroleum fraction obtained from bituminous (MAS.65%): MOD. FANFARO MULTIFARM STOU 10W-40, Art. FANFARO MULTIFARM STOU 10W-40, tanks FANFARO LITHUANIA *** *** 417.6 583,15 View Importer
01/Sep/2017 3824400000 Ready-made additives for drilling CT, clog, in liquid form, CLASS "GASBLOCK LT D500", is difficult to make, not aerosols in containers of 271 gallons, HAZARD CLASS 3, for oil and gas SEKTORA- 542 gallons (2 tanks) .net ALCOHOL, NOT for veterinary medicine, Medica GASBLOCK LT D500 *** *** *** 2055.8 6157,12 View Importer
20/Sep/2017 9027908000 OXYGEN SENSOR MARK O2-A2- ACCESSORY gas analyzers, radioactive source is not available, identification number (SERIAL SERIAL NUMBER): 32697229, Reference: 1215329 for use on sea-going tankers "SHTURMAN OVTSIN", 1 pc. : BUVECO *** KOREA REPUBLIC OF 0,04 *** 0.04 30,7 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 9026204000 Instruments for measuring pressure GAS, with spirals, not electrons, without a radioactive source used in the tank reducer, flow control valve and the system of gas GAS, NOT MILITARY. GAUGE acetylene, within the measuring 0-0.4 *** CHINA 114,9 *** 114.9 183,4 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 9026808000 MEASURING GAS FLOW, non-electronic, without a radioactive source used in the tank GAS FLOW CONTROL, NOT MILITARY. FLOW (Rotameters) for flow control valve U30-AR40 / AR40-2 / AR40P. NINGBO UNITED TOOLS CO., LTD *** CHINA 36,83 *** 36.83 188 View Importer
06/Sep/2017 9026208000 FLOAT-level gauges for gas tanks, TYPE 487 - 258 pieces in 6 boxes on 1 pallet. : SRG SCHULZ + RACKOW GASTECHNIK GMBH ABSENT ABSENT SRG 487-913-1035 150 SRG SCHULZ + RACKOW GASTECHNIK GMBH ABSENT ABSENT 50 SRG 487-913-1039 SRG SCHULZ + R *** GERMANY 162,8 *** 162.8 8598,25 View Importer
04/Sep/2017 9026102900 MEASURING AND CONTROL URAVNEMERY levels-TYPE FRANKLIN FUELING SYSTEMS explosion proof explosion-proof marking With probe 0EXIALLAT4,: ELECTRONIC MEASURING AND CONTROL OF STATE FOR FUEL TANK gas station (MA-level gauges *** UNITED STATES 1,94 *** 1.94 500,45 View Importer
28/Sep/2017 9026102900 MEASURING AND CONTROL URAVNEMERY levels-TYPE FRANKLIN FUELING SYSTEMS explosion proof explosion-proof marking With probe 0EXIALLAT4,: ELECTRONIC MEASURING AND CONTROL OF STATE FOR FUEL TANK gas station (level gauges MAG *** UNITED STATES 6,48 *** 6.48 1999,83 View Importer
27/Sep/2017 9026108900 SPARE PARTS FOR CARS-FUEL LEVEL SENSOR IS NEELEKTRONNYY.PREDSTAVLYAET rheostat MECHANISM AND float that As the amount of gasoline in the fuel tank changes its position and change the resistance of the rheostat, passing SENSOR *** CHINA 8,5 *** 8.5 240 View Importer
11/Sep/2017 9026108900 DEVICE FOR MEASURING FLUID LEVEL: FUEL GAUGE BR2800-50SHT. Designed to measure the fuel level in the gas tank generator. : HUAHE HEAVY INDUSTRIES CO, LTD.. None None None 50 *** CHINA 1,35 *** 1.35 1,55 View Importer
26/Sep/2017 9017801000 PROBE MEASURING OIL LEVEL IN TANK hydraulic units of gas turbines. It is a metal rod with a handle, in the top part has a notch that indicates the maximum and minimum ACCEPTABLE LEVEL OIL TANK. The import for their own needs Ltd: "With *** GERMANY 0,02 *** 0.02 661,97 View Importer
14/Sep/2017 9026900000 PARTS AND ACCESSORIES OF INSTRUMENTS FOR MEASURING OR CONTROL flow, level, pressure or other variables of liquids or gases - FLOAT ARTICLE 4440179-1SHT, characteristics- FLOAT LEVEL SENSOR FUEL TANK EXCAVATOR: HITACHI HI *** JAPAN 0,5 *** 0.5 37,44 View Importer
08/Sep/2017 9026108900 Components and spare parts for repair and service of A / M IVECO: MECHANICAL FUEL LEVEL SENSOR MEASUREMENT, equipped with a float in the gas tank fixing (contains radioactive source) MOD. 41299331 ART. 41299331 - 2 MECHANICAL *** GERMANY 3,37 *** 3.37 154,78 View Importer
15/Sep/2017 9026108900 MEASURING FLUID LEVEL / for "HONDA" and "ACURA" (DOES NOT CONTAIN sources of ionizing radiation): FUEL GAUGE, is designed to monitor the fuel level in the gas tank (equipped with floats, residing on the fuel surface *** UNITED STATES 2,32 *** 2.32 281,63 View Importer
13/Sep/2017 9026202000 DEVICES FOR PRESSURE CONTROL, ELECTRONIC: electronic sensors to regulate and monitor PRESSURE LIQUID non-corrosive, vapor and gases in industrial tanks, the principle is based on the change-over contact: 2 for voltage *** GERMANY 1 *** 1 389,84 View Importer

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