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Date HS Code Product Description Trademark Origin Country Quantity Unit Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
22/Sep/2017 3402909000 Based cleaners Surfactant: __ 1.0__ "BONDERITE C-AK 1250 BR" -SCHELOCHNOY CLEANER for steel, zinc and aluminum, COMPOSITION: (WATER 4-24%, 32-38% sodium phosphate, sodium tetraborate 25-30 %, sodium hydroxide 10-20%, 2-3% of sodium metasilicate, FAT BOI BONDERITE *** *** *** 14173 33718,28 View Importer
22/Sep/2017 3105400000 AMMONIUM phosphate (ammonium monophosphate), are not used as fertilizer applied in promotional TI AS A COMPONENT flux when brazing tin, bronze, copper, zinc. As powders WITH MAIN B-BA 98.6% ON PALLETS 8 80 kg, CAS 7783 ABSENT *** *** *** 8000 10320 View Importer
20/Sep/2017 3403990000 PERLUBE 500 - GREASE crystallizer semicontinuous casting ingots PROTECTION mold surface and improve the ingot surface (COMPOSITION: NATURAL TRIGLYCERIDES - 97%, 0.5-1.5% POLIMETILAKRILAD AND ZINC PHOSPHATE -1%). 35 BOCHE ABSENT BELGIUM *** *** 1925 18857,25 View Importer
16/Oct/2017 2835299000 Zinc phosphate corrosion inhibiting pigments, used as an additive in the production of paints: Does not contain ethyl alcohol precursors prohibited for import, not for retail sale __1.0__ APPEARANCE: POWDER. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: SNCZ *** *** *** 3000 9481,29 View Importer
24/Oct/2017 2835299000 Zinc phosphate corrosion inhibiting pigments, used as an additive in the production of paints: ART. "P101" - 2000kg NOT CONTAIN ETHANOL, precursors prohibited for import, not for retail sale, are used as ADD SNCZ *** *** *** 2000 6327,69 View Importer
16/Oct/2017 2835299000 Zinc phosphate ZP 10 / PZ 20 700 565 INDEX = 5000 CG components for paints and varnishes, as a crystalline powder, TRITSINK-bis (zinc orthophosphate) 50 -. 100% ZINC OXIDE 1,0-2,99%, packed in BAGS ON 25 KG__1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer -SNCZ b ABSENT *** *** *** 5000 14545,97 View Importer
17/Oct/2017 2834292000 Chemical products for industry automotive applications, additives for NEHLORATNO accelerate the process of increasing the concentration of zinc phosphate of nickel. As a liquid green. DOES NOT CONTAIN ethanol. VESBRUTTO with uch GARDOBOND *** *** *** 125 371,28 View Importer
07/Oct/2017 2835299000 RAW MATERIAL BASED PHOSPHATES FOR LAKOKRASOCHNYH coatings: zinc phosphate ZINC PHOSPHATE PZ20, as a crystalline powder, non-aerosol, without the ethanol content (GROSS WEIGHT WITH REGARD TO PALLET 2170,500 KG) __ 1.0__ zinc phosphate SNCZ *** *** *** 2126.5 5893,97 View Importer
27/Oct/2017 2835299000 PHOSPHATE TSINKA__1.0__: zinc phosphate (orthophosphate hydrate ZINC), rust-preventive pigment in the form of a white powder without smell, is used in paint industry for use in protective coatings, paper bags, non-wastes HEUBACH *** *** *** 503 1458,94 View Importer
09/Oct/2017 3911909900 Hardener CONTAINS TWO-COMPONENT HARDENER ethyl alcohol thick-zinc-phosphate polyurethane paint. APPLY FOR POKRYKIYA underwater hull ice and LEDOKOLOV.SODERZHIT-crystal SILICA 28% of bisphenol A 22%, carbon *** POLAND 520,00 KG 520 2106,95 View Importer
11/Oct/2017 2835299000 Zinc phosphate, used as anti-corrosive pigments (Corrosion Inhibitor), the IMO 9 UN 3077, in powder form, in bags of 25kg .__ 1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer -SOCIETE NOUVELLE DES COULEURS ZINCIQUES brand -no mark -SNCZ model -PZ20 ap ABSENT FRANCE *** *** 6000 16517,5 View Importer
11/Oct/2017 2835390000 Polyphosphates BASED zinc phosphate, used in chemical industry (TRAILER WSM00000003147812, WSM00000003147772) __ 1.0__: 1 BARREL __1.1__ manufacturer -QUAKER ITALIA SRL brand -OTSUTSVUET brand -DEXBOND P 3000 PREP count = 240 kg, __ 2.0__: 2 Lack of ITALY *** *** 2840 6662,21 View Importer
24/Oct/2017 2834100000 ADDITIVE 969009-0S CHEMFOS ADDITIVE LIQUID ART. № A-F709009-CF - 2400 kg, BASED nitrite solution NATRIYA.PRIMENYAETSYA FOR PREPARATION The surfaces bodywork, A / M MARKS "GAS" used as an additive in a zinc phosphate solution for workers. PPG ITALY *** *** 2400 3033,08 View Importer
19/Oct/2017 2835299000 Zinc phosphate (orthophosphate), white powder, odorless, used as raw material for the production of coatings: ZINC PHOSPHATE ZP 10 S2 - orthophosphate - & amp; gt; = 80% CAS: 7779-90-0, OKSIDTSINKA & amp; lt; = 3% CAS: 1314-13-2, CHEMICAL FORMULA: ZN3 (PO4) 2; PARTY 928 087; AT ABSENT *** *** *** 20000 58205,88 View Importer
14/Nov/2017 3824999609 "BONDERITE M-ZN 952 A" - TREHKATIONNY nitrite phosphating accelerator PREPARATION C (WATER 70-80%, 10-15% zinc phosphate, phosphoric acid, 5-10%, 1-5% magnesium phosphate, phosphate, 1-5% nickel, Ferrous sulfate <0.5% hydrofluoric acid <0.5%, BONDERITE *** *** *** 440 873,65 View Importer

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