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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
29/Apr/2017 7318156990 1.Bolty steel threaded without nuts and washers, with the head of Allen: 4030-033-00 * 20 M4 screw with flange pivkr. Goal. CB (4.8 kl. M.) 260 5024020 shtVyrobnyk: no data, CN. Trademarks: No data. BELARUS ***** 0.6 13 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 7318158190 1.Bolty steel threaded hexagon bolt, for use in the furniture industry: 4030-009-00 screw M6 * 12 pivkr. Goal. CB with flange (4.8 kl. m) 5026012-2 20,000 sht4030-013-89 Bolt M8 * 120 CB shestyhran. Goal. full thread 56680A2-2 60 shtVyrobnyk: no data, CN. Trademarks: No data. BELARUS ***** 94.52 1006 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 7318159090 1.Hvynty steel bolts and threaded nut and washer on the head: 4030-301-02 AB 8 * 60 M6 anchor bolt and bolt cover with 92F10860-1000 shtVyrobnyk: no data, CN. Trademarks: No data. BELARUS ***** 20.2 100 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 7318159090 1.Hvynty steel bolts and threaded without nuts and washers, with head: 4030-007-24 screw M6 * 20 A / OIE. pl. Ch. vn6hr. CB 750 shtVyrobnyk: no data, PL. Trademarks: No data. BELARUS ***** 4.35 37.5 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 731815 Bolts M16 * 70mm hex heads, stainless steel, alloy steel 150sht PANAMA ***** 12 67.5 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 731815 Bolts M12 * 60mm hex heads, stainless steel, alloy steel 200sht PANAMA ***** 11 46 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8419500000 "1.Rozbirnyy heat exchanger (PTA) type: PTA (GL) -8-P-122-20-1,35-1K 1pc., PTA (GC) -16-R-635-54-7,33-1K 1pc. consists of two steel plates, fixed andmovements between which, by clamping bolts fixed surface heat exchanger consisting of a number of Gough Rowan stainless steel plates CRA okladkamy, civil vykorystannya.Vyrobnyk LTD "" Enterprise "" OPEKS grid " "Country of UA trademarks OPEKS" RUSSIA ***** 202 2606.652359 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8438900000 "1.Komplektuyuchi Parts and dlyaliniy on manufacture of chocolate: Star 1" "30TD O255.5x67 St.50 - 11shtZirochka 1" "30TD O255.5x72 St.50 - 9shtPodviyna star 30TD1" "O255.5x72St50-2shtUtrymuvacha scraper 1367x82x38 A304 - 5shtUtrymuvacha scraper 1667x82x38 A304 - 4shtVal with eccentric O30h9x515 A304 - 1shtVal with eccentric O30h9x515 A304 - 10shtKryshka 8x96x106 A304 - 2shtNizh 6x20x406.5 A304 - 6shtVazhil 138x40x6 A304 - 4shtBichna panel 800x180x10 A304 - 1shtVazhil 164x40x12 A304 - 2shtKorpus O127x256.5 A303 - 1shtRozshyrennya O120x81 A304 - 1shtOsnovnyy axle O69x341.5 A303 - 1shtSharnir O60x76 A303 - 1shtKronshteyn O65x40 A303 - 1shtKriplennya 44,8x40x20 A303 - 1shtTsentruvalnyy flange O254.5x42 A303 - 1shtTsentruvalnyy bolt O20h9x35 A304 - 1shtVerhnya frame O20h9x916 A304 - 1shtVal Frame O20h9x916 A304 - 1shtReyka 900x50x8 A304 - 1shtVal O12h7x63 A304 - 1shtBichna panel 800x180x10 A304 - 1shtPrut O16x985.8 A304 - 1shtVis long O20h9 L = 1,166 A304 - 1shtShpylka M12x1,25 L = 35 A304 - 1shtKronshteyn 194x32x29 A304 " DENMARK ***** 685 15940.88261 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7318158990 "1.Bolty with chopped rizboy hexagon head with mezhoyu tensile strength 500MPa: Bolt tightening ring assembly EPE129 (M24 * 230) -4sht.Material: carbon stal45.Pryznacheni for fixing parts nasosa.Vyrobnyk" "Excellence Pump Industry Co. , Ltd "". Excellence.Krayina trademark production CN. " RUSSIA ***** 3.28 157.5568799 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 1905906000 "1 Bakery, Confectionery products, with the addition of sweetening substances bun" "Mc Donalds" "Hamburger frozen in lotkah- '' regular '' (60 pc. Tray) - 1120 lot. - '' Big Mac "" (30 pc. tray) - 400 lot. - "" Fayv Inch '' (20 pc. tray) - 240 lot., TU 15.8-30720689-003: 2006 Manufacturer: FDI "" East Bolt Ukraine "," Country of UA; brand name: '' Mc Donalds ''. " BELARUS ***** 4790.4 3758.4 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8301401100 "1.Vrizni metal locks, cylindrical door for installation in buildings: Mortise 25 / 92mm., Art.D1001-25-N03 - 10 pieces; Mortise 35 / 92mm., Art.D1001-35-N03 - 10 pieces; Castle -reyka 25 / 92mm with bolt, comb, rab.ot handle art.D1006-25-N03 - 10 pieces; lock-rail 35 / 92mm with bolt, comb, rab.ot handle art.D1006-35-N03 - 10pc ; AXOR trademark. Supplier profile "" Aksor Indastri. ' "Country of UA." RUSSIA ***** 37.11 185.4122399 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7318159090 "1.Bolt bullet head without screws, without washer, iron and Article 45 brand PL2 (not junk), the rocker about Header combine harvesters kombayniv.Komertsiyna Product Name: Bolt the beam axis N.069.02.001, Bolt Ball 60154 N069.02.011 (FSW 01.619) .Vyrobnyk: FOP tributaries V.P.Krayina production UA ​​" MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 9.7 36.6 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7318158990 1. Spare parts for aircraft engines AI-20 M ser.6: Bolts from the legs, with a cross-headed head with a limit of tensile strength of more than 800 MPa: 0200001339-90 Bolt-58s., 0200007018 Bolt-40pcs., RUSSIA ***** 1.386 346.88 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7318169190 1. Spare parts for aircraft engines AI-20 M ser.6: nuts made of ferrous metals with a variety of threads with an internal diameter of no more than 12 mm: 0200005130 Gayka-8 pieces., 0200503015 Corona bolt-32 pieces., 0200810019 Hack-318pcs. RUSSIA ***** 0.994 917.3 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8482990000 1. Spare parts for aircraft engines AI-20 M sir.6: parts of bearings: 0200011092-90 Bearing of roller bearings - 2 units., 0200061099 Ball joint ball bearings-1pcs., 0201006158 Bearing bolt-10pcs., 0201011125Separator-40pcs. RUSSIA ***** 9.872 11362.16 View Exporter

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