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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
29/Apr/2017 8413200000 "1.Nososy hand, no flow, and which does not provide manual control pump vstanovlennyavytratomiriv" "Lilu" "Water is increased - 4080sht; Pomparuchnoho ma ting" "Lilu" "5100sht water, (removed tion for drinking water and 11l izbutyliv 19l) trademark no country of production data UAVyrobnyk LLC "" VIAPLAST "" Ukraine " RUSSIA 9180 3320.1 17646 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8421990000 "1.Komplektuyuchi systems for drinking water, Filter cartridges Ecosoft, code - CRVKEXP, 108 pieces (s) .Filter Ecosoft / Replacement cartridges (set 2 pcs.) For filters Ecosoft, code - CRVK2EXP, 144 pieces (- s) .Zminnyy cartridge (set of 4 pcs.) for filters Ecosoft, code - CRVK4EXP, 72 pieces (s) .artridzh with compressed carbon Ecosoft, code - CHVCB2510ECOUS, 108 pieces (s) .Komplekt cartridges triple water treatment system code - CMV3ECOEXP, 84 pieces (s) .Nabir 1-2-3 Ecosoft cartridges to reverse osmosis code - CPV3ECOEXP, 10 suites (s) .Nabir 4-5 Ecosoft cartridges to reverse osmosis code - CSVRO50ECOEXP, 10 kits (s ) .Vyrobnyk - OOO "" SPA "" ECOSOFT ""; trade mark - Ecosoft, Country of origin - UA. " UNITED STATES ***** 202.3 955.3517996 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8421990000 "1.Komplektuyuchi for drinking water purification systems, cartridge pressed coal Ecosoft 2,5" "x10" ", code - CHVCB2510ECOEXP, 1080 pieces (s) .Nabir kartirdzhey 1-2-3 Ecosoft reverse osmosis system, code - CPV3ECOEXP 80 suites (s) .Nabir kartirdzhey 1-2-3 Ecosoft for reverse osmosis Advanced, code - CHV3ECOEXP, 320 sets (s) .Komplekt cartridges to triple Ecosoft purification system, code - CMV3ECOEXP, 60 suites (s) .Postkarbon for reverse osmosis Ecosoft, code - CHV2010ECO, 1620 pieces (s) .Mineralizator for reverse osmosis Ecosoft, code - PD2010ECO, 120 pieces (s) to remove chlorine .Kartrydzh Ecosoft 2,5 "" x10 "" code - CHV251 0ECOEXP, 1080 pieces (s) .Kartrydzh mitigate Ecosoft 2,5 "" x10 "", code - CMV2510ECOEXP, 200 pieces (s) .Kartrydzh Ecosoft Filter-jug code - CMVKMAXEXP, 1000 pieces (s ) .Kartrydzh Ecosoft Ecozon 2,5 "" x 10 "" code - PSE2510ECOEXP, 60 pieces (s) .Vyrobnyk - OOO "" SPA "" ECOSOFT ""; trade mark - Ecosoft, Country of origin - UA. " RUSSIA ***** 1800.2 8321.754664 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 1902199000 1 Pasta made from wheat flour (durum), wheat flour, drinking water, without eggs, in a polymeric package of 400 g. TUU 15.8-24106105-003. Intended for consumption. UNITED STATES ***** 291 288 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 2008191900 "1.Napovnyuvachi food in mixtures in Packing Kach, net weight over 1kg: -Napovnyuvach" "Poppy" "- 6720kh. Otovlennya adv Date: 20.04.17r. Terminprydatnosti: up to 6 months. Ingredients: Poppy seeds ovoho food, sugar bilyykrystalychnyy, corn syrup, drinking water, starch cookie rudzyanyy, sorbynovakyslota E200 (TU 0,8-34470937-002 1: 2014). not in the primary pakovkah, ukartonnyh boxes lined with polyethy lenovym net weight of 12 kg. It is used in the food industry I f confectionery and culinary vyrobiv.Torhivelna brand: no danyhVyrobnyk PE "" Trading House "" gold Mile "" Ukrayina.Krayina production: UA. " POLAND ***** 6720 8043.235197 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 1901200000 "1. Semi-finished products of pies with cherry filling frozen: art.00077-010- 210kor. (In 1 box-140sht.) Composition: drinking water, cherry 15%, citric acid, cherry juice, sugar, rice oil, beet dye, dough razor , Wheat flour.Producer - "" Bama Europa Sp. Zo.o. "", Poland.Product-PL.Trade Brand - "Bama Europa" "." GEORGIA ***** 2231.25 3496.5 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 2103909000 "1.Products, which are ready-made sauces of semi-rigid consistency for dishes in the packing packing:" Cheese "" art.01884-030-196kor. (1kor.-125шт.х25мл). Ingredients: drinking water, sunflower oil, egg yolk Alcoholic vinegar, thickener, sugars, cheese powder, spices, acidity regulator, dyes, flavor, cosmetics. Producer-PRAT "Chumak", Ukraine. Production of the brand-UA. Trademark - "McDonald's". " GEORGIA ***** 225.79 648.76 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 2007993100 "1.Produkty processing fruits (heterogeneous): Filling food, nesterilizovanyy, fruits and berries", "Cherry" "- 852kh.Sklad: berries (cherry) at least 67%, 28% sugar, drinking water, anti-universal '' Ultra Tex "," flavor ( "" Cherry ""), acidity regulator lemon acid, sorbate preservative kaliyu.TU in 15.3-33370866-001: 2007. used for confectionery, bakery products, fillings and as a filler in products that can be subjected to heat treatment. " BELARUS ***** 852 1686.96 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 220190 Drinking water - 102plyash * 1,5l MALTA ***** 153 24.48 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 220190 "1. Ship supply to the civil ship" ALIOTH "." Water is fresh, drinking-20 tons. "Oil from the barrage" Lyra. "Country of production: UA.Traffic mark: no data." PALAU ***** 20000 350 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 220190 "1. Ship delivery to the civil ship" JIA MAO SHAN "." Water is fresh, 100 tons of drinking water, from the barrage "Lyra." Country of production: UA.Trademark: no data. " HONG KONG ***** 100000 1250 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 220190 "1.Voda drinking soda TM" "Morshyn" "1,5l's 6but, 6up., Weight - 54,00kh, drinking water slightly carbonated, TM" "Morshyn" "1,5lh6sht., 6up., Weight - 54,00kh country of origin Ukraine. " GREECE ***** 108 22.7445842 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 2201101900 "1.Mineralni Natural Medicinal drinking water, aerated in stock: -mineral water" "Morshyn" "slabohazovana PET / bottle to 1,5l -1122sht, -mineral water" "Truskavets" "of highly PET / bottle 1, 5l -720sht, -mineral water "" Mirgorodska "" slabohazovana PET / bottled po1,5l -600sht; " UNITED STATES 3663 3663 877.2 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 2201101900 "1.Mineralni Natural Medicinal drinking water, aerated in stock: -mineral water" "Glade Kvasova" "PET / bottle to 1,5l -780sht, -mineral water" "Svaliava" "PET / bottle to 1,5l -210sht, -mineral water "," Luzhanska "" PET / bottle to 1,5l -210sht, -mineral water "" Kuyalnik "" PET / bottle to 1,5l -180sht; " UNITED STATES 2070 2070 1443 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 8543709000 "1.Komplektuyuchi for drinking water treatment systems. Equipment for UV water disinfection continuous, clean drinking water, no medical use: Ultraviolet znezarazhuvach UV HR60 Ecosoft, code - HR60, 1 set (s) .Vyrobnyk - L & W CO . Ltd.; trade mark - Ecosoft; Country of origin - CN. " MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 1 46 View Exporter

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