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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
29/Apr/2017 3811210000 1. Motor Oil (regulator density detergent) containing oil or oil obtained from bituminous minerals: Additive for motor oil cylinder WOLVER STABILIZER 350ml tin easy-open-300shtPrysadka for motor oil. Means for washing car engine lubrication systems WOLVER ADAPTER 0,350l cylinder 350ml tin easy-open-450shtNomera parties responsible passport number product quality. Manufacturer: Muller Mineralole GmbH & Co KGKrayina production: DE. BRUNEI ***** 250 798 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 3811210000 1. Additives for oils containing oil or oil obtained from bituminous minerals: Means for washing car engine lubrication systems WOLVER EXPRESS 0,350l cylinder 350ml tin easy-open -150shtPartiya №9327 / 161 219/015 / 01Vyrobnyk - Muller Mineralole GmbH & Co KG .Krayina production - Germany GEORGIA ***** 48 120 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8413308000 1. TVP. Set of spare parts for armored personnel carriers BTR-3U and easy multi-tracked tractor carrier MT-LB component according to the number USE roll-16.1-100-K / KE-16/1: pump feeding oil to the engine (pinion type) Sb.20- 01/13/12 - 10 sht.Nasos low pressure 20-32-00-4 - 5. MYANMAR 15 128.5 21880 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8507102090 "1. Batteries lead for starter, new, rated voltage of 12 V, weighing more than 5 kg, designed to start engines and power electrical equipment of cars, trucks and vehicles, working with liquid electrolyte (supplied with the electrolyte) filled with electrolyte and fully charged, TU 27.2-38361919-001: 2015 6ST-45 (0) JIS T99 -108 pieces. rated capacity-45A / h 0 polarity; 6ST-45 (1) JIS T99 -108 pieces ., nominal capacity-45A / h polarity 1; 6ST-74 A (0) T46 -256 pieces. rated capacity-74A / h 0 polarity; 6ST AZ-170 (3) FIRE BALL T42 -336 N. t., the nominal capacity-170A / h polarity 3. Producer LLC "" VESTA KAR Bathery "". " POLAND 808 20274.4 36584.16347 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 4812000000 "1. Parts Fuel filters and air from pulp to the tractor and agricultural tehniky.Komertsiyna title: Cassette air filter, filter element - are cartridges of fuel and air filters for filtering vykorystannya.Pryznacheni single fuel and air in diesel engines and agricultural tractor technology. Made by technical dokumentatsiyi.Vyrobnyk: FOP butler D.S.Krayina production: UA. " KAZAKISTAN ***** 2.1 66.7 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8414801190 "1.Odnostupinchati tractor and combine turbo diesel engines are designed to boost the air without intermediate cooling in diesel engines: -with inlet diameter: 41.5 mm - 70 mm -speed pump (performance): 0,007 cu m. / S - 0,012 m cu. / s -nadlyshkovyy pressure Mpa- 0.140 0.154 MPa. superchargers made zhidnoTU in 29.1-2626611735-001: 2005 Turbo packed in individual cardboard boxes with drawing name of the manufacturer Ltd. "" MZTk. ' "Country of UA." BELARUS 46 566.9 5797.05 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7206100000 "1 - Round ingot F 1015 (MP1110LR5), with profitable and bottom parts without machining, steel, of circular cross-section carbon without martensite-aging steel NL1plavka R355 417 183 (C-0,15%, Si-0 24%, Mn-1,16%, Cr-0,18%, Ni-0,12%, Mo-0,02%, Cu-0,14%, V-0,002%, Al-0,027%, Ti -0,005%, Nb-0,003%); melting 417,170 (C-0,15%, Si-0,26%, Mn-1,23%, Cr-0,10%, Ni-0,13%, Mo- 0,02%, Cu-0,13%, V-0,002%, Al-0,030%, Ti-0,005%, Nb-0,003%). In steelmaking not vykorystovuvalasyaamorfna and nanocrystalline chips. TU 00210602.001-2000. further manufacturing heavy engineering equipment parts. " SPAIN ***** 56150 15292.53823 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8508110000 1.Pylosos with built engine capacity not exceeding 1500 W and pylozbornykom Extent of not more than 20l.Osobysti things used for civilian vykorystannya.Pylosos Car -1sht. GEORGIA 1 1.5 32.6429999 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8205598090 "1. Parts of centrifugal pump to TSNS240-1775-2YMT: montazhuprostavky coupling devices HM05.027.701.00 -2sht., Removing half coupling devices dvyhunaHM05.027.705.00 -1sht., Supplies for centering shafts HM05.027.707.00 -1sht .; TSNS240-1900-2YMT: accessories for mounting spacers coupling HM05.027.701.00 -4sht., half coupling devices for removing engine HM05.027.705.00 -2sht., supplies dlyatsentrovky HM05.027.707.00 -2sht shafts. Material: nodes composite (carbon steel) without the addition of precious stones. " RUSSIA ***** 41.7 695.0873837 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8421990000 "1. Parts of engines to filter devices and accessories" "Belarus b" "andtheir versions: 312 pieces. Vidtsentrovoh filter element filter at 240-1404110 ochyschennyamasla MTZ = 312 pcs. (Polyamide PA-210/311-C OCT 6-06 -76, patch 0.15 nBrOF-TU 74.8-34421440-001: 2007) Products packed in cardboard boxes. " RUSSIA ***** 15 128.8060111 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8708999798 "1.Inshi spare parts for a / m KrAZ (carrying capacity of 10-25 tons) tovarnyhpozytsiy 8701,8704,8705, 250B-2918074-20 bush rear suspension rocker -50sht, 256-1302041 slot -50sht (engine cooling system), 6443 -1800010-10 korobkarozdavalna-1pc, 65055-1302062 body radiator support, 20pcs, 257-1104674 -200sht pad (up fuel tank steel) 260-3513015resyver air A40-280-10sht (brake control mechanism) 65055-1323204- 10 turbokompresorado pipe from cooler -5sht, 260-2304090-10 flange -4sht semi-axis (front axle case tareduktora) 650406-1802091-02 higher gear shaft peredachipromizhnoho -5sht transfer case, gear 650406-1802091-02 vyschoyiperedachi intermediate shaft transfer case -15sht, 6437-1831024 -15sht rod (front drive shaft and transfer case middle bridge). Not nalezhatdo "" component, "" specially designed or modified for military ""using""." RUSSIA ***** 699.16 4707.150368 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 7216611000 "1.Hnutyy profile carbon steel, without further processing, cold-formed, shelf channel, in packs, GOST 11474-76, 8278-83, size 140 * 60 * 5 *** 12000 200 * 80 * 6 *** 12000mm . used in construction and engineering. Packaging and labeling according to GOST 7566-94. Trademark no. Manufacturer PAT "" Zaporizhstal "", UA " RUSSIA ***** 68680 36947.95932 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8409990000 "1.Zapasni parts s / d traktoriv.Novi. Part of diesel engines. Art.240-1007375A pusher-95sht, art.240-1002069 plug-A-64sht, cover art.240-1002065-A2-3sht Carter Art .240-1401015-A2-6sht, cover art.240-1003032-A-18sht, Rack art.240-1007152-B-30sht, Rack art.240-1007151-B-70sht, nipple-B art.240-1002088 -246sht, rod-pusher art.240-1007310 B1-106sht, ring Stubborn art.50-1006253-61sht manufacturers: OAO "" Minsk factory motornыy "" brand MMZKrayina production-BY " CUBA ***** 356.48 3676.6 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8544300098 1. Set the electric wires assembled, equipped with connecting elements. Sample cabling engine compartment of the car, for a maximum voltage of 24V and maximum current strength 25A. Using the company that manufactures automobile cable network. GERMANY ***** 3.85 128.3304346 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8421230090 "1 filter cleaning oil for cars, engines Brand VAZ 2108-21099, ZAZ (M-008) -43 008 pcs., MMZ D-260 (M-022) - 156 sht.TU In 34.3-31822411-001-2004. brand-ing "" GIC "" UA.Torhovelna mark "" PROMBIZNES "". " AZARBAIJAN ***** 17243 32893.56 View Exporter

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