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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
29/Apr/2017 4811590000 1.Vyroby paper, coated, impregnated, with color, with decorated floor: 4005-050-45 Edge Cyanotriamide - 39015 black smooth 28mm with glue 200 mVyrobnyk: no data, CZ. Trademarks: No data. BELARUS ***** 2.58 30 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 4418908000 "1.Vyroby joinery without holes and grooves, beech, Fagus silvatika breed: -meblevyy panels with glued in width blades, Ground size: 25h300h385-770mm - 1,328m3 / 304sht.Torhivelna Brand: No data. Manufacturer: PE" " SIO "". Country of origin: Ukraine, UA. origin: Ukraine, UA. " CZECH REPUBLIC ***** 1200 885.7786857 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 4418901000 "1-Shield Furniture joinery (glued) in size: -of oak spliced ​​18-40 * 80-960 * 2000-4000 mm (grade A / B) - oak split 40 * 1240 * 3000 mm (grade A / B) ; - from oak split 18-40 * 80-960 * 2000-4000mm (grade B / C); - oak split 40 * 1240 * 3000mm (grade B / C); - ash sprouting 50 * 450 * 2400mm A / B); - from ash a whole 40 * 620 * 3000mm (grade A / B). " UNITED KINGDOM ***** 22000 38714.38037 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 4418908000 "1. Joinery: - glued beams of coniferous species, planed, dry, 14,984 m. Cub., Roses 400-2123mm x 35mm x 36-37mm; - shield glued of coniferous species, 2,285 m.cub., Roses. 2135mm x 12mm x 1205mm. The content is less than 20%. The load is tangled in polyethylene and tied with plastic tape, placed on wooden masonry. " ITALY ***** 6775 6456.361039 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 4418908000 1. Joiner's products: shield glued of coniferous species, 16.097 cubic meters, roses.2200-2590mm 42-62mm x 86-220mm. Humidity less than 20%. The load is covered in polyethylene and tied with a plastic tape, placed on wooden masonry. ITALY ***** 6975 7006.058278 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 4418908000 Glue single layer solid wood shingles - beech used in joinery and furniture production, made by gluing in a press of lamellae (made of solid wood): a shield whole-sized in size (t * w * d): 18mm-25mm * 380mm-710mm * 610mm -1110mm - 430pieces (5.3471m3) split shield size (t * w * d): 18mm-25mm * 710mm * 2220mm - 114pcs (3.8522m3) Origin of Ukraine, UA ROMANIA ***** 6899.5 6356.212315 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 350610 "Glue" "Laktayd-401 '' in not aeroz. Packing. (1h200h) 2 pcs" PANAMA ***** 0.4 38.8 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 350610 "Glue" "Loktayd-270 '' in not aeroz. Packing. (1h500h) 3pc" PANAMA ***** 1.5 133.5 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 4418790000 "1. Collected panels for the floor, in the form of a shield of molded glued oak, in the amount of 29,548 m3 (812.04 m2). Dimensions: 18 - 40 x 80 - 960 x 2000 - 4000 mm. The shield is made of wooden slats, joined in length And glued together, dry, quality, according to the supplement, manufacturer "Agrofirma" Ltd. "Golden Kolos" Ltd. "Country of production UA." UNITED KINGDOM 812,04 21550 35845.80058 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 3920999000 1.Material packing label (dual layer of glue on the basis of polyethylene and polyethylene terephtalate films) brand SOLAN SW 350.Vykorystovuyetsya for food packaging. BELARUS ***** 943.8 3080.846339 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 4418901000 "1.Sharuvatokleyena wood, panel (beam) glued oak thickness 40 mm, width 700 mm, length 2000 mmVsoho: 0,280m.kubVyrobnyk: DP" "Erroumeyn Ukraine" "Country of origin: UA.Markuvannya:" "Dacha Oak Range" " " UNITED KINGDOM ***** 201.32 126 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 3506910090 "1.Kley prepared: - adhesive PVC fabric (" "Professional", "tyubik) 35 ml / Glue for PVC fabric (Professional, tube) 35ml, polyurethane one-component, contains precursors and drugs packaged in 35 ml tyubiky. - 80 units. - glue for PVC fabric (bank) 0,54l / glue for PVC fabric (jar) 0,54L, polyurethane one-component, contains precursors and drugs, packed in banks to 0.54 liters - 15sht .. contains drug precursors and rechovyn.Vyrobnyk LLC "" chemical-Plus "" Trademark: chemical-production PlyusKrayina: UA " LITHUANIA ***** 9 101.1932999 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 4408909500 "1 of glued plywood sheets (plywood shelled dry) zvilhy and birch in number - 31,587m3, including dimensions: - 2600mm x 1350mm x 1,50mm - 18,558m3 - 1350mm x 1300mm x 1,50mm - 9,279m3; - 1300mm x 1350mm x 1,50mm - 3,750m3.Zhidno: HOST99-96. " TURKEY 31,587 21281 7148.914927 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 4421909800 "1. Shield glued pine (single layer panel from sawn planks glued on width) (FC-COC-804242) FSC 100% size mm 14,0h154h460 .Vsoho: 39.984 m3 40,320 units." POLAND ***** 20400 18426.32063 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 3506910090 "1.Tovar" "Glue for EPS" "Zebra" "- 720sht.yavlyaye a product that contains in its skladistyrol-acrylic copolymer, water, carbonate kaltsiyu.Vykorystovuyetsya as glue dlyanakleyuvannya pinopolisterolu.Rozfasovanyy ready to aerosol packaging is not in point / p tuby.TU In 24.6-21875464-074: 2010Vyrobnyk LLC PE "" ZIP "" Ukraine. " RUSSIA ***** 248.4 398.4746401 View Exporter

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