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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
28/Apr/2017 8302415090 "1.Furnitura base metal used for installation on forever: Bottom mounting guard wire (art.BE800) -6550sht; Prutokscheplennya coated D (art.KK51D) -100sht, painted Handrail (art.GM120) -200sht." POLAND ***** 743 1700.156249 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8302419000 "1.Furnitura base metal that is used to set naskh di: stair rod wire (art.SH90A) - 4000sht, left Lateral limiter (Art. 14043A0) -500sht, right Lateral limiter (art.14043L0) -500sht; Zaschip pruzhynyotsynko tion left (art.14045A0) -500sht; Zaschip galvanized springs right (art.14045L0) -500sht; cross-dyed 60x (art. 14061A1) -300sht; cross-dyed 70x (art.14061A2) -200sht, painted Handrail (art.SN140 ) -75sht. " POLAND ***** 2573 4423.670549 View Exporter
19/Apr/2017 8903999100 "1.Turystychno civil and pleasure boat" "TUNA 460" "brand aluminum AMH5M, passenger capacity 4 people; vantazhepid. 450kh. Dovže. 4,59m. Width. 1,84m weight (with basic equipment) -280kh -2sht. Year -2017r production. HIN-numbers: UA-UMSDC678C717, UA-UMSDC679D717.Tualetni rooms and cabins available. no furniture. in komlektatsiyu includes: console complete -2sht glass frame with ventilator window and door with lock mizhkonsolnymy -1sht, complete chair -2sht, navigation light red / green -2sht, white stern light -1sht; -1sht control panel, electric socket, 1pc, the layer equip ment with handrails, 1kompl., mooring Knecht -4sht; -1sht pump, beep inclusion pompy- 1pc; -1sht drain fitting; -1sht breaker weight, place for plot -1sht; -1sht steering, battery box for -1sht, nasal -1sht locker with lids, feed locker with two lids -2sht; anther -4sht, anodic protection -1sht housing, mounting plate transdyussera -1sht, zaschipy -4sht, locker with drainage system for anchor-1am; m ' ESTONIA 4 1715 34888.47995 View Exporter
06/Apr/2017 8302419000 "1.Furnitura base metal that is used to set naskh di: Set bar only (art.UD670) -3000sht, taps pruzhynы levыy otsinkovanye (art.UD659) -1750sht, taps pruzhynы pravыy otsinkovanye (art.UD669) -1750sht; Zaschepzamka plated (art.SH103) -5000sht, Ladders plated rod (art.SH90A) -2000sht, Ladders plated rod is short (art.SH90B) -500sht; Sterzhenles tnytsы plated udlynennыy (art.SH90C) -500sht, Handrail lestnytsыkrashenыy (art. SN12A ) -500sht, Handrail Ladders krashenыy (art.SN12D) -1000sht, mounting kit (art.UY170) - 400sht; Dystantsyonnaya plate otsy kovannaya (art.SH482) -1200sht, Corner Mounting Ladders plated (Art. UD550) -400sht, plug dystantsyonnaya Zinced d10 (art.UD116) -200sht; Brachiocephalic le stnytsы levoekrashenoe (art.UD201) -100sht; Brachiocephalic Ladders pravoe krashenoe ( art. UD211) -100sht; levыy krashenыy holder (art.UD156) -100sht, more beautiful Holder pravыy tion (art.UD157) -100sht, more beautiful levыy hitch tion (art.UD180) -100sht, hitch pravыy krashenыy (art.UD18 " RUSSIA ***** 4725 10157.34065 View Exporter

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