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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
28/Apr/2017 3926909790 "1.Vyroby plastic, crevice nozzle (plastic) for vacuum cleaner brands tonernoho Aeroton-10 pieces, hose (plastic) for vacuum cleaner brands tonernoho Aeroton-30sht -plastmasovi tonernyh elements for vacuum cleaners." RUSSIA ***** 15.82 88.6411941 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 3917400090 "1.Z'yednannya for pipes (fittings) fro aces, solid, not reinforced, with an internal circular cross-section, designated I f watering the garden and outfitting: Adapter soed.-9800sht. -35100sht external adapter 1/2. Adapter 1 / 2 internal external -1600sht -18000sht.Adapter 3/4. 3/4 internal -1600sht adapter. The adapter 1 / 2-3 / 4 of Threaded -7200sht. -5600sht 1/2 connector. connector 1/2 feet -560sht. konektor3 / 4 -14060sht. -2220sht connector 3/4 feet. soed.16 Tsang / 16 -600sht. Tsanhasoed.20 / 20 -600sht. soed.20 Tsang / 16 -1080sht. Coupling collet 1 / 2-5 / 8- 450sht. Coupling collet 3 / 4-5 / 8 -5100sht. bayonetnoe Connections d14-d17-d20; d20-d17-d14 -10000sht. com I bayonetnoe d20, d20 -1600sht. Z'yednannyabayonetnoe d14-d17-d20; 1/2 nar.rez. -750sht. bayonetnoe Connection 1/2 nar.rez., 1/2 nar.rez. -1050sht. With connection bayonetnoe d20; 1/2 nar.rez.-750sht. Nozzle folding 1 / 2-3 / 4 -1300sht. Nozzle 3/4 folding -1500sht.Z'yednannya for the drain hose washing-3000sht. soed.5 tube / 8 -4000sht. Tube Ser. -15600sht 3/4 " RUSSIA ***** 4863.54 12766.49094 View Exporter
21/Apr/2017 7307991090 1.Z'yednuvalni elements made of carbon steel with image RI zboyu to combine harvesters: Adapter, art.403-549D-16 units, clipping Adapter (polypropylene) art.830-042C-1 units, hydraulic hose nozzle, art .811-856C-125 units, flow nipple, art.502-059H-1 units, adapters, art.830-083C 4 pcs Adapter, art.830-159C 2 pcs Adapter, art.830-085C- 10 pieces, adapters, art.273-078-1 pieces, adapters, art.830-237C 20 pcs Adapter corner, art.830-034C 5 pcs Adapter corner, art.830-177C 2 pcs Adapter fittings, art.811-919C-40 pieces, tees, art.830-028C-19 pieces, fittings 1 1/4, art.830-129C 4 pieces, fittings hydraulic art.811-914C 2 t, fittings corner, art.830-047C-1 units, fittings transitional art.830-281C 2 pieces, fittings Trojno supply of fertilizers art.830-029C 20 pieces, fittings, hydraulic, art.548-002S 4 piece, quick-detachable connection art.811-913C 2-piece, quick-detachable connection art.811-826C 2 pieces, union, art.404-088D 2 pcs, union , art.811-840C-13 units, hydraulic union, art.253-037-1 units, choke valves, art. UNITED STATES ***** 30.154 2668.68 View Exporter
21/Apr/2017 8424200090 1.Ustanovka Typhoon -2sht.Pryznachena for coating the surface dovilnoyikonfihuratsiyi by applying pneumatic fiber materials, for example, basalt wool, rock wool, cellulose, wool, fiberglass and other insulation space -1sht toto. Includes: hose blown, Pul tdystantsiynoho management nozzle jets, scraper. Power -1.9 kW Power -220V / 50Hz. Dimensions: 650h1100h140mm. LITHUANIA ***** 250 6447.000071 View Exporter
14/Apr/2017 3922900000 "1.Vyroby sanitary purpose plastic, flexible hoses for release toilets, plastic art.A97 = 1400sht, flexible connections 6/4" "/ = 50/40 art.A78 400sht, gutter drainage APZ9- 550 Art .APZ9-550m = 3pc, Knee toilet art.A90-22 = 22 ° 60sht, toilet accessories kit with extended details. Set optional accessories AlcaPlast M9000 is designed to connect to water and sewage hung toilet, plastic. art.M9000 = 1pc , toilet ekstsentrychena cuff - plastic art.A990 = 40sht, toilet nozzle 150. plastic. art.A91-150 = 40sht, toilet nozzle 250. plastic. art.A91-250 = 40sht, toilet nozzle 400. plastic. Art.A91-400 = 40sht; Sifon bath, plastic, chrome grille drain art.A501 = 300sht; Sifon for shower trays (KollerPool), plastic shower chromate grid art.A49CR (KP ) = 192sht, trap drain 105x105 / 50mm with Boc. brings. with water seal SMART, plastic with metal grille art.APV31 = 200sht, trap drain 105x105 / 50mm with direct sums., with a water seal SMA " POLAND ***** 1347.67 12955.47187 View Exporter
05/Apr/2017 6306220000 1.Pnevmokarkasnyy tent TENTER AFT-18 zPVH materials with komlektom stake, internal insulation, wiring with sockets and lighting, electric pump, mechanical pump, repair kit, a lamp with a switch size 6000h3000h3400 mm- 1am. in kompleti: - pnevmokarkas (gray) -1sht-bottom (gray) - 1pc awning (khaki) - 1pc inner-tent (textile, pale gray) - 1pc-floor for easy cleaning -1sht- bag 1,7h0,7h0,7m 6ruchkamy of storage for transporting 1sht--220V electric pump with a plastic hose and nozzle valve-1pc mechanical pump 5L with plastic hose and nozzle valve-1pc Wiring-double sockets (4 pieces) - 1 shtSvitlodiodni ceiling of 12 watts with an electric plug-pc-1 tube of repair kits, cutting fabric and color curtain Ma mokarkasu, polyurethane adhesive 1sht- 5m rope (tied to the rings on the tent) for stretching the tent of devices natyahuvalnymy-8 pieces and metal pins in chohli- 12p-2kg hammer ( ITALY ***** 122 2788.431815 View Exporter

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