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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
27/Apr/2017 7326909890 "1." "Filtering elements" "- 90SHT. (Symbol: 577-99.2918-02; Stainless steel is a metal grid, which is part of filters for hydraulics SYSTEMS FGS-16, which is designed to clean the working fluid in the ship's hydraulic system , manufactured by OST5.5314-76, general technical purposes DISC FOR VESSELS civilian use) by the manufacturer - no data, TRADEMARK - no, the country of production - no data, goods packaged in a wooden box. DISC names and labels " INDIA ***** 39 32148 View Exporter
25/Apr/2017 8421990000 "1.Parents to the equipment for filtering and cleaning of oils: - filter elements FE 16 (5 μm) - 44 pcs; - filtracells FE 17 (25 μm) - 44 pcs.For specified equipment for filtration and lubrication cleaning (in particular for Complete sets of oil mobile mobile smelter stations), working fluids for hydraulic systems of machines and equipment, technical water in sewage treatment plants and industrial equipment. " RUSSIA ***** 100 4346.679292 View Exporter
21/Apr/2017 8421290000 1.Inshe equipment for filtering or purifying liquids: -Filtr with shutoff valve DN20, 25 micron filtration fineness = 102sht.artykul №pm3 / val / fix20.25abuvshyy in vykorystanniMahistralnyy filter is designed for installation in a pressure line as the main filter section mechanical fasteners. It is used for water filtration and hydraulic fluids. Pressure 350 bar.Mahistralnyy filter commonly used in hydraulic systems of mining promyslovosti.Ne relates to: equipment and specially designed components and accessories for it, are specifically designed to rozroblennyabud any equipment telecommunications transmission or switching obladnannya.Obladnannya specially designed for the production UAVs and associated systemObladnannya cross flow filtration in designed for continuous separation of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, toxins or of cell cultures without the risk of aerozoliv.Hazovi centrifuges and assemblies and components gas tsentryfuhah.Z RUSSIA ***** 244.8 2492.674956 View Exporter
21/Apr/2017 8421290000 1.Obladnannya for filtering or purifying liquids for seeders Great Plains: Filter Hydraulic art.507-018V 3 pcs trademark-Great Plains.Krayina vyrobnytstva- US.Vyrobnyk-Great Plains Mfg., Inc. UNITED STATES ***** 2.84 195.67 View Exporter
21/Apr/2017 8481101900 1.klapan reduction of steel for pressure regulation system maslyannoy combine harvesters is not united with filters or devices lubricants, hydraulic pressure control valve, art.810-197C-1 units, reducing valves, art.810-301C 3 pcs Trading brand-Great Plains.Krayina vyrobnytstva- US.Vyrobnyk-Great Plains Mfg., Inc. UNITED STATES ***** 6.474 750.69 View Exporter
20/Apr/2017 8421230090 1. Complete replacement filters, schoskladayutsya with protective casing element ifiltruvalnoho designed dlyafiltruvannya fuels and lubricants in internal combustion engines, to agricultural machinery: 84469093 Hydraulic Filter, Fuel Filter 1sht.84348882-1sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk CNHI International SATorhovelna mark CNHKrayina production CN MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 1.97 105.98 View Exporter
14/Apr/2017 8421290000 "1.TVP. Equipment (spare parts, machines, accessories) for aircrafts Su-30 MKI according to the catalog of parts and assembly units such aircraft Su-30 and the addition of a form the plane part 4" "Options plane" ": - Filters Hydraulics 8D2.966.512-03 -7 pcs. Included in the brake system of the aircraft SU-30 and is used for filtering liquids. " ALGERIA ***** 14 35308 View Exporter
14/Apr/2017 8412292000 1. hydraulic drive volume. THAT WITH UKRAINE 5786106.010-93. (Hydraulic in disassembled). SPARE PARTS FOR TRACTORS AND C / D MASHYNV HST90 sales package includes: pump axially PORSHNEVYYNP VT 90-1, hydraulic axial-piston MFS 90-1 VT Filter suction FS10 / A1B11N -1 VT NAPIVFLANETS HST90-00.001 - 8 pieces. HST90-1 supplied includes: TANDEM PUMPS (PVH 90 / MH1 L1D1AC1E16 AD) + (GP2.5K32L-A333A N -1 PCS, hydraulic axial-piston MFS 90-1 VT Filter suction FS10 / A1B11N -1 VT NAPIVFLANETS HST90-00.001-8 pieces. RUSSIA ***** 5408 45909.86016 View Exporter
14/Apr/2017 8412292000 1. hydraulic drive surround HST90L.TU FROM UKRAINE 5786106.010-93 (hydraulic in disassembled ACCORDING TO INFORMATION Acquisition) .ZAPASNI parts for tractors and C / HMASHYN.V HST90 sales package includes: pump axially PORSHNEVYYPVS90 / MH RD1A1A1BN = 1pc, hydraulic axial-piston MFS90 / C1A35N = 1pc, filter FS10 / A1B1N3 = 1pc, 1pc = CCA301CD1 filter elements, Rings, sealing HST90-00.003 = 8 pieces, NAPIVFLANETS FLH-25-61 = 8 pieces, bolts HST90-00.002 = 16SHT, washers 10.65 G = 16SHT. RUSSIA ***** 132.4 916.0532885 View Exporter
11/Apr/2017 8421290000 1. TVP. 8D5-886-110-02-4 pieces of filter elements. Hydraulic filters have a bypass valve and valve cut-off function hydraulic fluid filtration. Part of the hydraulic system of the aircraft. INDIA ***** 3.2 3960 View Exporter
07/Apr/2017 8421230090 1. Filters C / B D-144 (T-25 40.T) centrifugal - designed for cleaning oil in hydraulic systems traktora.Komertsiyna Product Name: Oil Filter P / B D-144 (T 40.T- 25) Manufacturer: FOP UA production Stopyna K.V.Krayina KAZAKISTAN ***** 9 40.86 View Exporter
07/Apr/2017 8421290000 1. Spare parts for mining machinery KOMATSU (not road transportnymzasobom): Filter hydraulic system art.4240256M -10sht.Krayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - KOMATSUVyrobnyk - KOMATSU Corporation BELGIUM ***** 9 349.1 View Exporter

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