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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
28/Apr/2017 3808941000 1.Dezinfektsiynyy aqueous based chetvertynnyhamoniyevyh salts used to vydalennyahrybkiv, mosses, algae vidshtukaturennyh, ibetonnyh stone surfaces inside and outside the premises. «TR-25 bio» Bioprotective means «TRIORA» Prof - not in 660sht.Rozfasovanyy aerosol packaging to p / e kanistry.TU in 24.2-21875464-023: 2004Vyrobnyk Ltd. PP "spare parts", Ukraine. RUSSIA ***** 740 290.5886529 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 3808999000 1.Riznomanitna chemicals - cleaning agent: Capatox, 1 LT art.1262 - 10pc. Not in aerosol packaging, a plastic canister capacity 5L and 1L. It is a biocidal aqueous alkyd -i- metil- benzil- ammonium- chloride in liquid form, with fungicidal properties, density of 1.01 g / cm3 Ingredients: water, additives, alkydmetil (CAS-Nr. 68424-85-1) and benzil- ammonium- chloride (CAS-Nr. 270-325-2) at a concentration of> = 1 - <2%. Does not contain ozone-depleting substances. Used as primers for the pretreatment of surfaces exposed to the defeat of algae, mold and fungi and as a cleaning agent for the treatment of external and internal surfaces covered with mold, moss and vodorostyamyna before further coating. RUSSIA ***** 10.1 29.1701228 View Exporter
24/Apr/2017 4821101000 "1.Etyketka of self-adhesive paper rolls drukomv: - art.34308 Эtyketka samoklejushchajasja 95h99 with logo and perforation (1650sht) 1tsv. - 171.6 tys.sht - art.34768 Эtyketka-termochek 60h105mm top" "Mosselprom-carcass" "hub 40 / 120MSPU (450sht) (samoklejushchajasja) 5tsv. - 138.6 thousand. pc - art.34766 Эtyketka-termochek 60h105mm top" "Mosselprom-carcass '' bush 76 / 190MSPU (1500sht) (samoklejushchajasja) 5tsv . - 55.5 thousand. pieces - art.34769 Эtyketka-termochek 60h105mm top "" Mosselprom-razdelka "" hub 76 / 190MSPU (1500sht) (samoklejushchajasja) 5tsv. - 103.5 thousand. pc - art.34771 Эtyketka-termochek 60h105mm top "" Mosselprom-razdelka "" hub 40 / 120MSPU (45 0sht) (samoklejushchajasja) 5tsv. - 33.3 thousand. Pieces - art.34772 Эtyketka samoklejushchajasja top 80h100 "" Kudashka "" bushing 76 (2000sht) 4tsv. - 108 thousand. Units - art.34773 Эtyketka samoklejushchajasja Top 58h100 "" Green horoshek "" bushing 41 (450sht) 1tsv. - 499.95 thousand. units - art.34774 Эtyketka samoklejushchajasja top 58h100 "" Green horoshek "" bushing 76 (2500sht) 1tsv. - 602.5 thousand. units - art.34775 Эtyketka samoklejushchajasja " RUSSIA ***** 3024.86 13528.49499 View Exporter
12/Apr/2017 1211908500 1.Chastyny plants used in medicine dried, crushed, islandskyy moss (Cetraria islandica), Airai root (Acorus Calamus L.) knotweed herb (Herba Polygoni Avicularis), kukuruzni stigmas (Stigma Maydis), a herd of grass (Herba Bidentis), flowers boyaryshnyka (Flores Crataegi) in plastic bags different weight. Originating Ukraine not marked islandskyy moss, 11mists on 40,6-52,1kh, all-504khkorin Airai: 138 seats total weight 8,8-20,7kh-2001khsporysh grass 67mists weight 30-54,1kh all-3251khkukuruzni stigmas: 32mists weight 46,5-79kh all-1801khchereda grass 87mists on 27,9-51,8kh, all-3500khkvity boyaryshnyka: 2mistsya on 55,9-60,1kh, all-116kh Total: 337 bags -11173kh POLAND ***** 11173 14663.15 View Exporter
10/Apr/2017 4821101000 "1.Etyketka of self-adhesive paper rolls drukomv: - art.34295 Эtyketka samoklejushchajasja Top 60x80" "Sыrnoe production - EAS" "(3500sht) 1tsv. - 2075.5 thousand. Pieces - art.34655 Эtyketka samoklejushchajasja TOP58h60" "Address "" bushing 76 (3200 pcs) 1tsv.- 320 thousand. units - art.34665 Эtyketka top-termochek "" Slyubovyu "" 77h52mm (bel.pole) sleeve 76 (2500sht) (samoklejushchajasja) 1tsv. - 1000tys. pc - art.34666 Эtyketka top-termochek "" With love DB "" 87h62mm sleeve 76 (2500sht) (samoklejushchajasja) 1tsv. - 1000 thousand. units - art.33416 Эtyketka-termochek on top "" Mosselprom "" 60h105mm 76/300 MSPK sleeve (3500sht) (samoklejushchajasja) 5tsv. - 1032.5 thousand. pieces - something art.34679 Эtyketka mochek top "" With love "" 77h52 mm (bel.pole) sleeve 40 (3000sht) (samoklejushchajasja) 1tsv. - 2322 thousand. units - art.34807 Эtyketka samoklejushchajasja 129h147 "" towel rolls in 50sht., LUX soft " "(500sht) 5tsv. - 50 thousand. units - art.35120 Эtyketka samoklejushchajasja TOP 65h97" "Halal" "bushing 76 (1500sht) 3tsv. + varnish - 37.5 thousand. pieces - art.35127 Эtyketka samoklejushchajasja Top 67h97 "" Bella bird "" sleeve 76 " RUSSIA ***** 6269.48 32420.1215 View Exporter
07/Apr/2017 4401399000 1. Substrate for orchids, substrate manufactured by mixing the components according to TU 10.3-32532980-001: 2010 ratio: 85% - pine bark, 10% - sphagnum moss, 5% - charcoal, packed in plastic bags 80l capacity . in an amount of 400 bags. 5963.20 kg net weight. MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 5963.2 1075.132811 View Exporter

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