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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
24/Apr/2017 4821101000 "1. Self-adhesive labels with flexo:" "TAPE GORKY GOLDEN PETROLEUM CLEANER CZECHKY 0,5l" "complete: faceted ethics, counter-insert -104000 sets;" "VODKA GOLDEN PETROLEUM SUITE 0.5" "in the set: faceplate, counter-label - 104000 sets; "VOLTAGE OF GOLDEN POWDER PREMIUM 0,5l" "in the complete set: the face label, kontrretk ka - 203600 sets;" "GOST" GOLDEN "" GOLDEN JOKER (GOLDE N JOKER) "" 0,25l "" complete: front etiketka , Counter-tag -204000 sets in; "VODKA" "GOLDEN JOKER" "" 0, 5l "" complete: face plate №1, facial ethics Tissue №2, counter-label - 404400 sets; "" GOST "GOLDEN" "GOLDEN JOKER (GOLDE N JOKER)" "0.5L" "complete: face plate №1, face tag number 2, counter-tabs - 203600 sets;" "NAPITOKKREPKY VISKOVYY "" GOLDEN JOKER "" "0.5l" "in the complete set: whether this label number 1, face tag number 2, counter tag - 252000 sets;" "KONJAYKARMAN 3 zł 0,5l" "complete: face plate, Controller - 103300 " RUSSIA ***** 4676 63526.7856 View Exporter
21/Apr/2017 8708299000 1.Chastyny ​​and devices for bodies, dlyatransportnyh means: PetrolTank additional UAZ - UAZ 1sht.Benzozabornik - 60sht. Bryzkovykhumovyy UAZ - 1kom. Overlay plastmass.dvernoyi handle UAZ - 20pcs. The front radiator metal.ramka UAZ - 1pc. Handles dvereyUAZ - 10kom. logo lattice radiatoraUAZ - 1pc. Turnbuckle UAZ - 1pc. Vstavkametal. rear window VAZ 2101 - 1sht.Obodok metal. Lights VAZ 2101 - 2sht.Ruchka outer door Moskvich - 4 pieces. Upper plate metal. Hood Moskvich 408- 2 pcs. Doors right Moskvitch 408 - 2 pcs. The front metal. apron Moskvich 412 - 1sht.Planka metal. decorative door Moskvich - 1kom. Planck metal. Upholstery dvereyMoskvych - 4 pieces. Crescent metal. lattice Moskvitch 408 - 2 pcs. ZovnishnyaMoskvych door handle - 12p. Arrows metal. Moskvich 407 Body back - 1sht.Krayina production - RUTorhovelna brand - UAZ, AvtoVAZ, MoskvychVyrobnyk - OAO Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, OAO AvtoVAZ, OAO Moskvich (Auto bylnыy plant AZLK) GERMANY ***** 93.6 2877.532522 View Exporter
21/Apr/2017 2201101900 "1. Natural mineral waters, aerated, without the addition of sugar or other sweetening or flavored substances, made in accordance with TU U 11.0-38720623-001: 2016., In box 38 the weight of the product is given without taking into account the primary packaging: -distributed to PET bottles of 1.5 L (in block of 6 plates) -4440plaschok / 740block / 6660l; Trade mark: KRAYNAProducer: LLC "AKACIA 2013" "Country of production: Ukraine. Country of origin: Ukraine." CZECH REPUBLIC 6660 6660 1240.402814 View Exporter
21/Apr/2017 3924100000 "1.Posud plastic tableware, disposable, glass 180ml NEW - 1722000sht. In 615 cardboard boxes, glass 180ml - 280000sht. 100 cardboard boxes, glass 180ml - 147000sht. 60 cardboard boxes, glass 200ml - 350000sht. 100 cardboard boxes; 350ml glass - 80000sht. 50 cardboard boxes, glass 500ml - 160000sht. 100 cardboard boxes, glass 520ml - 80000sht. 50 cardboard boxes; plate 172mm deep - 96000sht. 20 cardboard boxes, shallow dish 172mm -192000sht. 40 cardboard boxes, 205mm deep dish -72000sht. 20 cardboard boxes, shallow dish 205mm -72000sht. 20 cardboard boxes, glass 440ml PET - 20000 v. 20 cardboard boxes, to cover PET 440ml cup with a hole - 20000sht. 20 cardboard boxes; Total - 3291000sht. In 1215 Cardboard korobkah.Torhivelna mark - "" Plastik Grupp Ukraine. ' "producer - LLC" "Plastik Grupp Ukraine "". Country of origin - Ukraine (UA). " MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 7590.9 19226.5 View Exporter
19/Apr/2017 8543900090 "1 PLATE STALYEALYUMINIYEVA YM5.24.901 - 5pcs (NO serial number) - COMPONENT PART OF MECHANISM performing magnetic pulse installation. To sound (with inductors) elastic deformation in the surface that is cleaned OF sticking to it bulk material, in order to CLEANING THIS surface from adhering MATERIAL. TRADEMARK: "" MITEK Magnetic Impulse "". Deposition figurative mark - LOGO TM. MANUFACTURER: SPE "" MITEK '', UA. 1st place: packaged in cardboard boxes THAT wrapped PET film ". KAZAKISTAN ***** 11.5 700 View Exporter
19/Apr/2017 4107991000 1.Shkira cattle - Creuse Horse hydrophobic / napivshkiry / 1,8-2,0 plate without innumber - 735,48kv.m. It is used for the manufacture of shoe uppers. Trademark: no danyh.Vyrobnyk: no danyh.Pakuvannya: Bundles wrapped in plastic film on PET / pallets. BANGLADESH 735,48 1104 21328.92 View Exporter
14/Apr/2017 3925901000 "1.Vyroby construction plastic, assign either for permanent installation nadveryah windows, stairs, walls and other buildings of x: decorative overlay support had lower loop (white) - A4, art.A7007-10-N01-2500sht - Decorative lower support plate pet li long (white) - A4, art.A7008-10-N01-2500sht, decorative plate supports the upper polyethylene Lee (white) -A4, art.A7005-10--3000sht N01 - decorative overlay hinges nozhnychnyy (white) - A4, N01-art.A7004-10 -2500sht, decorative chair cover bottom hinge pocket (white) -A4, art.A7006-10 -2500sht.-N01-hidden middle clamping frame parts 12 / 20- 13-A4, art.A7006- 10 N01-3500shtVyrobnyk: No dannyh.Torhovelna Brand: No dannyh.Krayina production: UA. " AZARBAIJAN ***** 30.75 722.8399957 View Exporter
12/Apr/2017 8537109990 "1.PLATA DISTRIBUTION AND ELECTRIC CURRENT AND ZABEZPECHENNYAZV'YAZKU control signals in electronic control system fuel-column NAPRUHOYUZHYVLENNYA From 220: - a plateau of communication protocols RS485 (FEE №8) (included) - 2 pcs. ZDIYSNYUYEPERETVORENNYA and distribution logic signal data transfer protocol UART VPARAFAZNI DATA SIGNALS IN STANDARD RS485. SOBOYUELEKTRONNI REPRESENT PAYMENT modules consist of electronic components (IC, contacts, connectors) that sealed TO PRINT AND NOT PLATI.PLATY OBLADNANIMIKROKONT Ole ROM and have no memory. ABOVE payments are constituents electronic control system fuel-column "" Shelf "." Designed and manufactured ONLY CALL fuel-ONOK "" Shelf "." VSIPLATY have no inscriptions "" SHELF R. SINCE 1999. WWW. SHELF.UA "". SPEAKERS AND PALYVOROZDAVALNIVSTANOVLYUYUTSYA at the gas station designed for refueling AVT OTRANSPORTNYH ZASOBIVPALYVOM (petrol, diesel). Manufacturer: OOO "" NEC "" Shelf "" " MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 0.06 120 View Exporter
11/Apr/2017 4418208000 "1. Joinery and carpentry construction: - door neshpuntovani the pine frame with naklayenoyu CCF-plate decorated veneered oak and ash, with glazed canvas and filonchatym, ARTICLE: - Door leaf ECU 800 ( '' White Satin", " SPP 024) - 21sht - Door leaf Dukat 800 ( "" Satin white "", Bruno) - 19sht - Door leaf Grande - 800 (R, IN "" Satin white "", RAL 1013) - 21sht - Door leaf St Petersburg - PG 800 (N, t.horih) - 2 pcs - Door leaf St Petersburg - PG 800 (N, SPP 024) - 2 pcs - Door leaf St Petersburg - 800 (R, PO " "white Satin" ", SPP 024) - 3pc - Door leaf St. Pete burg - 800 (R, IN "" White Satin "," t.oreh) - 3pc - Door leaf PG 2800 Ultra (R, RAL 8019, Oak) - 1pc - Door leaf PG 800 Ultra (R, RAL 8019, Oak) - 1pc - Door leaf PG 2800 Ultra (R, SPP 024, ash) - 2 pcs - Door leaf PG 800 Ultra (R, SPP 024, Ash) - 6 pieces; Total: 81sht. " POLAND 81 1885.5 3734.033957 View Exporter

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