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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
29/Apr/2017 3926300090 1.Kripylni products and accessories for furniture (plastic accessories for furniture store): 2101-900-34 KB NV ZN KK-01 Cap to cover customer nastpnyy KB NP NNK001 RAL 7001 sht2101-900-35 186 KB NV ZN KK-00 Plug to cover a client nastpnyy KB NP NNK001 RAL 7001 189 sht4041-035-00 ploshchadka 19/19 black glutinous sht4041-060-02 Cap 870 gray cable d = 60 mm 350 sht4041-060-10 Cap black cable d = 60 mm 300 shtVyrobnyk: no data, CN. Trademarks: No data. BELARUS ***** 14.07 164.75 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 7326909890 1. Spare parts for aircraft engines AI-20 M ser.6: Products made of ferrous metals: 0200001344 Zapfa rear left-6pcs., 0200001345 Zapfa rear right-2pcs., 0200061055Column seal-16pcs., 0200080056 Cape-15pcs., 0200119334Sheep-8pcs ., 0200506040Capf front-2pcs., 0200507007Blue-3pcs., 0200753106Blue-33pcs., 0201003155Filter thread-11pcs., 0201003162Black-1pc., 0201007799 Adapter-assembled-4pcs., 0201008018 Hoop-5pcs., 0201011040Wire hook-20pcs., 0201011085-93. Sealing ring-10pcs., 0201011088-90 Impeller-lubricating-2pcs., 0201011088-91 Oil-in-tank bushing-2pcs., 0201011088-92Lubricator oil-brush-2pcs., 0201011104 Oil drain plug -13pcs., 0201011829Blue oil sealing rings-3pcs., 0201053001 Ring-28pcs., 0201053085Weight-20pcs., 0201054062 Castle-50pcs., 0201054098-01 Sugar balancing-1pc., 0201055812 Stator-3pc., 0811093002 Clip belt with pads-1pc ., RUSSIA ***** 99.981 101072.57 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 9026102900 "1.Datchyk of fuel for civil use cars and vantazhnyhavtomobiliv model" "Epsilon" "ES2 M - 1 complex (a complex .: vymiryuvalnaES.100 head - 1pc., Probe ES.200 - 1pc., Cable ' yednuvalnyy ES.300 - 1pc., flanetsES.001 - 1pc., cap plugs ES.002- 1pc., self-tapping screw dlyaplombuvannya ES.004 - 1pc., self-tapping screw 9T64219-2 -4sht., prokladka5320-382713 - 1pc., ES.402PS passport - 1pc., Seals indicator KLIPSYL izdrotom - 2 pcs, plastic clips - 15sht., device matching - 1pc.) Trademark: EPSILONKrayina production: UAVyrobnyk: RKS-telemetry " ECUADOR 1 1 144.8769018 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 3925908000 "1.Plastmasova fittings for windows tadverey buildings: art.0626857 Zahlushkado 04 frames-10pc; art.0627800 04 Napravlyayuchadlya connection, 4 pieces, inserts art.0627894 04Komplekt Distance 10pc; art.0628107 04 Plug-1am; art.0629372 04Komplekt plugs-1am; art.0629375 04Komplekt plugs-3pc, art.0696569 04Opora corner 32.1h16.2-40sht; art.069667004-cap 10pcs, art.0698700 04 Reliance glass-20pcs, art.0849086 - head (nose) for two-component adhesive, 20pcs, art.0627717 04, 2 pcs emphasis; art.0627894 04Komplekt inserts distance 10pc; kit plugs art.0629372 04-1am; art.0629375 04 caps Set-1am; art.0698355 04 l Cap va / right-5pcs, art.0627717 04, 2 pcs emphasis; art.0626857 04 to the frame-Cap 10pcs, producers ReynaersAluminium NV; trademark Reynaers Aluminium; Country of BE; " GEORGIA ***** 2.933 156.81563 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 9026108900 "1. Instruments and apparatus for measuring or controlling flow rate, level of liquids: for civilian use: Fuel level sensor" "Epsilon" "ES4-800 M, complete with: measuring head ES.100-1 pc., Probe ES.200 -1 pc ., Cable with "" connecting ES.300-1, plack ES.001-1, plugs cap ES.002 -1 pieces, self-drilling screw for sealing ES.004 -1 pieces, screw self-drilling 9T64219-2 -4pcs. , Gasket 5320-382713- 1pcs., Indicator seal Clipsy with wire-2 pcs., Plastic screws -15 pcs., Device-fixing-1 pc. - 1000 units. Epsilon "" ES4-1200 M "fuel level sensor, complete with head Measuring ES.100 -1 items.Probe ES.200 -1 pieces., Cable "" connecting ES.300-1, plank ES.001-1, plugs cap ES.002 -1 pieces., Self-drilling screw for sealing ES.004 -1 pieces., Self-drilling screw 9T64219-2 -4pcs., Gasket 5320-382713- 1pcs., Seal indicator Clipsy with wire-2pcs., Plastic screws -15pcs., Device-approval-1pcs. -10pcs. Fuel level sensor "" Epsilon "" ES4-1400 M, in whom " SOUTH AFRICA 1030 937.6 35129.92545 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 3923509000 "1.Vyroby polymer materials for transportation tapakuvannya - means for sealing zakuporyuvannyaflakoniv and cans in stock: KB3 cover (White): 21000 pcs. KB2 cover (green): 30000 pcs. KB2 cap (orange): 3000 pcs. KF1 cover (white): 40000 pcs. 2.2a plug-drip-13 (transparent): 40000 pcs. kryshkaKF2-1 (white): 10000 pcs. nahvynchuyemyy cap K4 / NC-18 "Round" (white): 30,000 pcs., cap nahvynchuyemyyK2 / NSH-18 "ball of Gold": 9000 pcs. Total: 183000 pcs., packaged in cardboard boxes and p / e bags, labeling, label producer. trademarks, "" Company Ellipse "". " RUSSIA ***** 404.82 2810.172194 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 8431430000 "1.Uipstok 8 OD (wedge-vidhylyuvach) for non-lined trunk 8 inches ND, yakyydostayetsya and allows zarizku side shafts, processing windows vobsadnyh columns hole in the desired location (angle 3hrad.) Art.S16452-1sht . - uipstok 8 OD (wedge-vidhylyuvach) for a necessary sadzhenoho barrel 8dyuymiv ND, which allows dostayetsya and zarizku Boko Closed shafts, processing windows in the casing wells in the desired position (angle 3hrad.) art.S16433 -1sht. - cutting plugs (adjusting an instrument) V-capture 4-1 / 2IF -1sht., part.nomer WO-15520359; Manufacturer "" Weatherford Oil Tool "" Trademark "" Weatherford "" Country of origin - AE. " GERMANY ***** 1650 1788.6382 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 9026108900 "1.Prylady and apparatus for measuring or checking the flow, level of liquids: for civil use: Fuel level sensor" "Epsilon" "EZ6 -1500, included: head measuring -1sht., Probe -1sht., Flyanets -1sht., laying -1sht., emphasis probe -1sht., screw samosverlyachyy 4,2h19 -4sht mm., screw samosverlyachyy 3,9h16 -2sht mm., screw samosverlyachyy 4,2h19 fillings, stainless steel. with holes for sealing -1sht., Seals indicator -4sht., cable intefeysnyy EZ -1sht., cable ties 200h3,6 -15sht mm., block spark protection BIZ-EZ -1sht., for grounding wire -1sht., string APP -1sht., Fuse 0.5 A 250V 5x 20 mm high-speed -1sht., Investment-fixing scheme yetyketka string -1sht., Automotive fuse 1A plug IEC EN C.100 -1sht., Cap-cap IEC EN.002.0 -1sht., Passport EZ.000 aircraft -1sht ., passport BIZ-EZ.000 aircraft -1sht. - 9kompl., fuel level sensor "" Epsilon "" EZ6 -3300, included: head measuring -1sht., probe -1sht., flyanets -1sht. gasket - 1pc., the focus of the probe -1sht., screw samosverlyachyy 4,2h1 " UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 15 66.2 6978.6842 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 8708999798 1.Inshi spare parts for a / m KrAZ (carrying capacity of 10-25 tons) tovarnyhpozytsiy 8701,8704,8705, 250B-2918020-31 balance back pidvsky - 3pc, 65034-8602010 balance tipping mechanism -2sht, 6505-2918005-02 balansyrzadnoyi Articulated suspension - 1am, 6505-2918005-10 rocker with a coupler - 6 pieces (rear suspension), 250B-2918074-20 plug rocker rear suspension - 22sht, 6505-2401010 casing of the rear axle casing axis - 1am, 6322-1800020korobka rozdavalna- 1pc, 6437-2304040 steering knuckle housing - 3pc (right front axle) 65055-2912412-10 plate spring -4sht, 250B-2918054-10 balance-axle rear suspension - 8 t-250B 2918054-10 viszadnoyi equalizer suspension - 3pc, finger 210-2919028-20 ball -30sht (doreaktyvnoyi bar) 6505-2403070 axis of the rear axle rights - 10pc, 260-2303072-20 axis front axle driving course - 1am, 256B-3501136-03vazhil rehulyuvalnyy- 25sht (front and rear braking mechanism) 6505-3104035-02 stakansalnyka hub -3sht (Be GEORGIA ***** 4929.188 27628.28 View Exporter
25/Apr/2017 3925908000 "1.Plastmasova fittings for windows and doors of buildings: 04 art.1688686 T-connector 240sht; art.0698360 04 Plug-profile threshold 10pc; art.0698373 04 side-Cap 5pcs, 04 art.0698426 holder schitky- 10 pieces, 04 art.0698427 brush-holder 10pcs, art.0698515 04 Plug-profile shtulpovoho 10pc; Manufacturer Reynaers Aluminium NV; trademark Reynaers Aluminium; Country of BE; " UZBEKISTAN ***** 0.726 99.4761616 View Exporter
25/Apr/2017 8205598090 "1.instrumenty manual for beekeeping: chisel -107sht., Chisel for lifting framework -10sht., Chisel cleaning frame -10sht. (Designed to clean the bottom and inner walls of the hive) plug for unsealing cells bent -210sht., Fork unsealing direct -210sht cells. (designed for unsealing honey hundred) for unsealing roller combs "" Åæèêà "" -80sht. (intended for unsealing honeycomb cells by damaging flip-off caps) to spur roller -50sht. (designed to attach to wax frame) wire tensioner "" Wave and "" -2sht. (provysshey used to tension wire box), scraper, shovel -25sht., scraper-blade stainless -25sht. (designed to clean the bottom and inner walls of the hive) Trademark: no danyhVyrobnyk: ACE "" MELYSA -93 "" Country of origin: UA1 " RUSSIA ***** 84.45 654.4298715 View Exporter
24/Apr/2017 3926909730 1. Spare parts for overhaul of aircraft engines TV3-117VMA 02 series, 02 series TV3-117VMA for civil aviation, other plastic products, not letter: 0257101184 Washer opornaya-108sht. 0257101185 Washer hard-96sht. 0257101650Korpus with half-cylinder-12p. The plug-0780141276 4730sht. 0780219049 Zahlushkatransportuvannya-16sht. 0780890024 lid, 6 pcs. 0780899058 Cap M20h1-115sht.0257101185 hard-Washer 4 pieces. 0257101186 Cover-3pc. RUSSIA ***** 14.451 7148.559436 View Exporter
24/Apr/2017 7616999000 1. Spare parts for overhaul of aircraft engines TV3-117VMA 02 series, 02 series TV3-117VMA for civil aviation, aluminum products (not junk): 0780629048 opornaya plug-15sht. 0780629082 Cap-1am. 0780890377Hakladka-92sht. 0252101142 labyrinth plug-5pcs. 0257101058 clamp-3sht.0257101159 spacers, 3pc. 0780141069 thrust plug-20pcs. 0780141071 Vtulkarozpir-10pc. 0780141072 thrust plug-10pc. 0780141073 thrust plug-10sht.0780620041 Ring 3pc. 0780620075 Cover-2 pcs. 0780629048 opornaya plug-12sht.0780840619 cover-3pc. RUSSIA ***** 1.369 1181.812511 View Exporter
21/Apr/2017 4016995790 1.Vyroby of vulkanizovanoyi rubber dlyamototsykliv: cap on the spark plug (nadsvechnyk) Dnepr -200sht. Sparks Dnepr rubber - rubber 100sht.Bryzkovyky Ural (3pc) - 100kom.Valyk rubber feet zavodnoy Dnepr -500sht. Cushion rubber podnozhky Ural -30sht. Rubber shock absorber bushing Dnepr -100sht. Tape rubber tank Ural -56,4metr. A set of rubber products Dnepr -50kom. Vitbiynyk rubber. zadnohomayatnyka Ural - 100 pieces. Elastic pedal switch Dnepr - 200sht. Eraser ohlayadovohovikna Dnepr - 200sht. Ressora rubber seat Dnepr - 50sht. Handle rubber handlebar Dnepr- 50sht. Rubber soother cardan Dnepr - 100sht.Krayina production - UATorhovelna mark - Kyiv Motorcycle Plant, CJSC JV Bilotserkivskiy shynnyyzavodVyrobnyk - OJSC Kyiv Motorcycle Plant, CJSC JV Bilotserkivskiy shynnyyzavod GERMANY ***** 305 1260.861294 View Exporter
21/Apr/2017 8537109990 "1.Pulty, aborozpodilu panel to control the electric current dlyanapruhy not exceeding 1 000 V: -blok control valves with keys = 151sht, article № pm32 / vt / 4b.001, second hand vykorystanniMaye 18 touch keys with a light indication ( 16 function keys and 2 keys adjacent sections), the local emergency switch, 2x4 polsnyh plug-conm and 32 bit controller. Allows you to control the left and right adjacent sections without additional hydraulic. control unit valves used in electrohydraulic control systems Mounting M.-valve rack adapter nipppel of 400l / min = 604sht, article № pm3 / val / lv400v-12a, second hand vykorystanniZastosovuyutsya in hidrostoykah powered supports and serve to supply and circuit piston cavities hidrostiyok in their spacing, unloading piston cavities during hidrostiyok moving sections of powered roof supports. Designed to protect against overload and ensure a given bearing capacity hidrostiyok mechanized " RUSSIA ***** 1751.6 18961.33436 View Exporter

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