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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
29/Apr/2017 8504409000 1.Peretvoryuvachi voltage: - I0530301 - 6 sht.Yavlyaye a static voltage converter, without body, designed to convert 50V DC to 700V DC voltage to power 6,0kVt- RS129041 - 2 sht.Yavlyaye a static voltage converter, OEM, designed to converting DC to 380V DC voltage power supply 280V to 20A - RS800901 - 4 sht.Yavlyaye a static voltage converter, without body, designed to convert DC to 380V DC voltage 72V amperage to 40ANe used in military t vybuhozahyschennomu echnology and equipment. BELARUS ***** 57.6 4978 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 8504408400 1.Peretvoryuvachi voltage: - I0490302 - 1 sht.Yavlyaye a static voltage converter, without body, designed to convert DC to 220V single phase 220V 50Hz power supply to 0,5A- I0361101 - 6 sht.Yavlyaye a static voltage converter, OEM, designed to convert DC to 350V single phase change 220V 50 Hz power to 5000VA- I0570301 - 1 sht.Yavlyaye a static voltage converter, without body, designed to convert DC 27V to 36V voltage three-phase change s Toto capacity up to 400 Hz 125VtNe used in military technology and equipment vybuhozahyschennomu. BELARUS ***** 24.5 3308.5 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8538909900 "1. The camera switches to arc PSA-206, made by drawing AS229-80-000-00 -15 sets. This is part of PSA switch-206-4000 / 10, which is designed exclusively for use with this switch. Used to protect and communication electrical energy into the dc traction substations and Linear prystryyiv underground traction power supply nominal voltage of 825V, rated current 4000A.Prystroyi in the form of two parallel nonarcing yzolyatsiynyh sheets, between which are installed plate glass high duhostiykosti.U and no camera modules and programmable electronic moduli.Mizh plates are raised duhostiykosti auxiliary horns are arc block and block iskrohasylnyh plates. The design meets the arc chamber drawings and specifications to the drawings. Not for military pryznachennya.Torhivelna Brand: No danyhVyrobnyk LLC " "DAK-ENERGY" "Country of origin: Ukraine." RUSSIA ***** 450 4739.232162 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8504408200 "1.Peretvoryuvachi static (rectifiers): APG-CCI-100 / 12-0100-UHL4 -6sht, zav.№№ 04.17.410.006-02 / 1; 04.17.410.006-02 / 2; 04.17.410.006-02 / 3 ; 04.17.410.006-02 / 4; 04.17.410.006-02 / 5; 04.17.410.006-02 / 6.Vyhotovlenyy according AYAE.651410.006-02Peretvoryuvachi designed to supply galvanic baths stabilized DC output from parametramytok load - 100A, voltage - 12V , with a power output not exceeding 1.2kVt.Vyrobnyk: LTD "" Enterprise "" MIKONT "" Country of -UA packed in a box with OSB. " RUSSIA ***** 66 7056.190108 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8504408200 "1.Peretvoryuvachi static (rectifiers): APG-CCI-50 / 24-0100-UHL4 -5sht, zav.№№ 04.17.321.118-00 / 1; 04.17.321.118-00 / 2; 04.17.321.118-00 / 3 ; 04.17.321.118-00 / 4; 04.17.321.118-00 / 5, produced according AYAE.435321.118PN-CCI-1600 / 12-0100-UHL4 - 1am, zav.№ 04.17.337.063-09 / 1, produced according AYAE .436337.063-09Peretvoryuvachi designed to supply galvanic baths stabilized direct current of output parameters: current load - 50A, 1600; voltage - 24V, 12V, with output power not exceeding 1.2kVt; 19.2kVt.Vyrobnyk: LTD "" Enterprise "" MIKONT "" Country of -UA Packed in boxes of OSB. " RUSSIA ***** 75 6911.204709 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8504403000 "1.Adaptery supply of equipment used for communication in a wireless local network called" "connection. -part.№AP-AC-UN, 12VDC UNIVERSAL AC POWER ADAPTER-1pc, voltage 18W; -part.№PD-3501 -AC, 1 PORT FE 802.3AF MIDSPAN voltage 15,4Vt -1sht.-part.№PD-3501G-AC, 1 PORT GE 802.3AF MIDSPAN voltage 15,4Vt -5sht; -part.№PSU-600-AC ARUBA PSU , 600W, AC voltages 600Vt- 2 pcs. " NETHERLANDS 9 9 373.25 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8413702900 "1.Elektronasosy domestic submerged centrifugal multistage (bezvytratomira): BTSPЭ 0.5-16U * - 70 pcs. (Powerful. 400 W) BTSPЭ 0.5-25U * - 100 pieces. (Powerful. 550 W) BTSPЭ 0.5-32U * - 250 pieces . (powerful. 650 W) BTSPЭ 0.5-40U * - 250sht. (powerful. 720 W) BTSPЭ 0.5-50U * - 150 pcs. (powerful. 970 W) BTSPЭ 0.5-63U * - 100 pieces. (powerful. 1270 W) BTSPЭ 0.5-80U * - 70 pcs. (powerful. 1630 W) * BTSPЭ 0.5-100U -50sht. (powerful. 2050 W) (nominal volume water flow of 1.8 m3 / h, voltage 220V-50Hz) BTSPЭ 1.2-25U * - 30 pcs. (powerful. 900 W) (nominal volume supply vody4,3 m3 / hour, voltage 220 V, 50 Hz) brand: "" Promelectro "" Country of origin: UAVyrobnyk LLC "" Promelectro Kharkiv "" Ukraine" RUSSIA 1070 14340 104879.7343 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8512200090 "1.Lihtar art.SLTs-77z -10sht.Zastosovuyetsya for supplying light signal of components and systems on vehicles. 28V voltage, power 4,8Vt.Lihtar art.FM-1z -25sht plastmasovi.Vykorystovuyetsya with incandescent type MN. Zastovuyutsya visual alarms on vehicles. Manufacturer: CIT "" Sejm "". Country of origin: UA. " POLAND ***** 0.304 56.25 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8504403000 1. The power supply (adapter) to mashynavtomatychnoho treatment of information, the power of 290 watts PWR SPLY, 290W, EPA, BESTEC, BRZ, HCTRF-1pc., Manufacturer - DELL. NETHERLANDS 1 1.025 29 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8529909200 "1.Ridynno-krystaleva panel diahonalyu48" "(122 cm) without electronic power supply komponentivta 16: 9 2073600 dlyatelevizora: 996590023247 - 1sht.Ridynno-krystaleva panel diagonal 32" "(81 cm) without power electronic components tabloku 16: 9 , 2073600 dlyatelevizora: 996595105279 - 1sht.Ridynno-krystaleva panel diagonal of 40 '' (102cm) without power electronic components tabloku 16: 9 TV 2073600: 996596102584 - 1pc. Trademark: Philips. Manufacturer: Philips. Country of origin CN " POLAND ***** 21.4 639.4191082 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8517180000 "1. Digital telephone sets, for wired communication, with wire harness. DP720 DECT Grandstream DP720, Wireless DECT Phone, 5 Phones per BS, Color Display, With cgarger and Power Supply - 48 pcs. DP750 DECT Grandstream DP750 Telephone , Wireless DECT Base Statiom, 5 SIP accounts per BS, 5 DECT phones per BS, including charger, PoE - 16 pcs. " AZARBAIJAN ***** 12 2144 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8471607000 1-Optical reader-scanner for reading the barcode from paper labels, does not contain retention devices, ser. Nom. E15G31690, model MG112041-001-4128, Magellan 1100i type, power supply 4. 5VDC. Used by Manufacturer Datalogic. - 1 pc MACEDONIA,THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF 1 0.46 148.0467649 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8504408200 "1.Vypryamlyachi converting alternating current into direct current: Power zhyvlennyaBP02B-D1-24 -124sht, PSU-BP120B D9-24S -6sht, PSU-BP30B D3-24S-20pcs, designed to supply a constant stabilized voltage with a unified strumudatchykiv current signal to industry notused of telecommunications equipment, machinery and avtomatychnohoobroblennya media and their units. Common pryznachennya.Torhivelna brand: OVEN.Vyrobnyk LLC "" iN OVEN "". Country of origin: UA. " RUSSIA ***** 13.72 2463.717473 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8536411090 "1.Rele electromagnetic general purpose, intended for switchinglectric circuits of direct and alternating current (operating voltage up to 60 V, power supply to 2 A): RES9 РС4.529.029-00.01 (operating voltage-27,5 V, current-0,055 A) -1000 pcs., TU РС0.452.045Торговая марка: отсутствует dataCerea production: UAВробечник: ДП "Завод" "Радиореле" "" KYRGHYSTAN ***** 20 13602.47646 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 8537109990 "1.TTP. Spare and components for maintenance and repair of installation of electron-beam deposition of materials from the vapor phase" "PWP200" "- complete set of control systems for the installation of PWP200.00.00.000, the PLC PWP200.51.00.000-1. Allen-Bradley 1756-L72 ControlLogix, 85-265 VAC (10AMP @ 5V) -2ct, -controller Allen-Bradley 1756-L72 ControlLogix 5572, with Allen-Bradley 1756-A10 on 10 slots ControlLogix-2pcs, power supply and Allen-Bradley 1756-PA72 ControlLogix, 85-265 VAC (10AMP @ 5V) With Allen-Bradley 1756-RIO ControlLogix RIO-1pcs, Allen-Bradley 1756-EN3TR EtherNet Two-Port 10-100M-1pc, Allen-Bradley Switch Units, with Memory Capacity 4Mbayt-1pcs, -Allen-Bradley 1756-RIO Scanner / Adapter Module. 1783-US16T Stratix 2000 , 16 copper-1pcs, - panel mounting PWP200.51.00.099- 2pcs. Trademark: PATON TURBINE TEKNOLODZHIZKraina of production: UAWe producer: LLC "" PATON TURBINE TEKNOLODZhIZ "" " SINGAPORE ***** 13.8 24970 View Exporter

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