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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
29/Apr/2017 6404191000 "1.Vzuttya slippers (shoes room) for adults, top textile materialiv.Pidoshva polyurethane, the heel of the insole 30mm.Dovzhyna up to 230-265mm size 36-41-length insoles 265-290mm, rozmir- 41-45-4680par.Vaha pairs within 0,26-0,3kh.Pidoshva PVC in the heel of the insole 30mm.Dovzhyna up to 235-265mm size 37-41-length insoles 265-290mm size -41-45-3780par.Vaha pairs within 0,29-0,37kh. " BELARUS 8460 2558.7 16434 View Exporter
29/Apr/2017 6402995000 1.Vzuttya slippers (shoes room) adult top shkiry.Pidoshva synthetic polyurethane in the heel of up to 30mm- 900par. BELARUS 900 289.5 2070 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 6403999100 "1.Vzuttya soles of rubber, plastmasyz top with leather soles with a length of less than 24cm (240 mm): Summer shoes for toddlers, 6 pairs art.7V98ch75, mod.2540, rozm.20-25, summer shoes pre-12 pairs art.7V932ch75, mod.0932, rozm.26-31; malodytyachi shoes 5 pairs art.7V231ch75, mod.1411, rozm.145-165; malodytyachi shoes 5 pairs art.7V233ch75 for work .1413, rozm.145-165, shoes pre-7 couples art.7V234ch75, mod.0619, rozm.170-200, shoes pre-7 couples art.7V621ch75, mod.0621, rozm.170-200, shoes for school girls 8 pairs art.7V751ch75, mod.0751, rozm.32-35, girls shoes 5 pairs art.7V777ch75, mod.0777, rozm.36-37, shoes for toddlers, 6 pairs of art .7V24 7ch75, mod.2620, rozm.20-25.Vsoho: 61 pair. " CZECH REPUBLIC 61 25.21 1137.010095 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 6404191000 "1.Vzuttya home on the soles of microporous rubber uppers of textile materials: shoes for toddlers home, 14 pairs art.7V100ch75 / 7 mod.1025 size 110-140; malodytyachi home shoes, 20 pairs, art.7V55ch75 /9,mod.0130,rozm.145-165;tufli home malodytyachi 20 pairs art.7V55ch75 / 10 mod.0131, rozm.145-165, shoes, home pre-20 pairs art.7V688ch75, mod.0228 , rozm.170-200, shoes, home pre-24 couples art.7V53ch75 / 9, mod.0230, rozm.170-200, preschool shoes home 10 pairs art.7V53ch75 / 10 mod.0231, rozm.170 -200, shoes, home pre-20 pairs art.7V66ch75, mod.0233, rozm.170-200.Vsoho 128 pairs. " CZECH REPUBLIC 128 17.89 359.5300018 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 6403999300 1.Vzuttya soles of rubber and plastmasyz top with leather insole with a length of more than 24cm (240mm), which can not be identified as male or female, girl's shoes, 17 pairs art.7V777ch75, mod.0777, rozm.38- 40. CZECH REPUBLIC 17 10.28 436.3607428 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 6406209000 "1. The sole for shoes made of polymeric materials - 16,728 parKabluky shoe polymer materials - 885 parKrayina production - UAVyrobnyk - PE" "KYROL" "No trade mark" RUSSIA ***** 7248.8 17974.59114 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 6406209000 "1. The sole for shoes made of polymeric materials - 2173 paryKabluky shoe polymer materials - 161 paraKrayina production - UAVyrobnyk - PE" "KYROL" "No trade mark" MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 698 3216.554171 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8308100000 "1. Accessories of the shoe upper, hinges, hachkydlya shoes with metal nedorohotsiynoho TSAM - 78.8 khKrayina production UAVyrobnyk - PE" "KYROL" "Trademark no." RUSSIA ***** 78.8 622.4191572 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8308900000 "1. Accessories for upper shoes, buckles, Blocks, holnyten of nedorohotsiynoho metal TSAM- 135.2 khKrayina production UAVyrobnyk - PE" "KYROL" "Trademark no." RUSSIA ***** 135.2 1067.90698 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8480790000 "1. Molds for metal casting soles for shoes with rubber nevulkanizovanoyi inzhektsionno-molding machine (metal TSAM) - 6 shtKrayina production - UA UkrayinaVidomosti Trademark vidsutniVyrobnyk - OOO" "Athanasius" "Ukraine" RUSSIA ***** 167 2148.451913 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 6402200000 "1. sportyvne.Zverhu shoes with straps that are attached to the base shtiftamy.Osobysti things used for civilian vykorystannya.Botynky for snowboarding, visited 1para-use.; Footwear for skiing, visited 1para-use." GEORGIA 2 3 87.0479999 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 6309000010 1. Shoes that visited vykorystanni.Tufli and Footwear - 44 couples. GEORGIA ***** 30.8 250.2629999 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 6112120000 "1.Kostyumy sports shoes (consisting of leggings and tops), knitted izsyntetychnyh fibers (90% polyamide, 10% - Spandex), various articles and sizes: -art. 02 100 1 (S) - 5pcs; -art. 02100 2 (M) - 5pcs; -art. 3 02100 (L) - 7sht; -art. 02 100 4 (XL) - 4 pieces, designed for sports-fitnesom.Vyrobnyk: FOP hamsters V.M.Torhovelna mark: NVOLVED FIT APPARELKrayina production: UA " UNITED STATES 21 5.7 147 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 9403601000 "1. Wooden (DSP) for the living room, shelves for shoes. According to the contract specifications 96 14/16 of 02/26/2016 year. Producer: JSC" "SM - Ukraine". "Brand:" 'World of Furniture "". " GERMANY ***** 6400.8 9916.943397 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 9403609000 "1. Hanger" "B-1" "-40sht, Hallway" "Julia" "-20sht, Computer table" "Comfort-5" "-10sht, Computer table" "Pi-Pi-1" " -40sht, computer table "" SCM-7 "" -10sht, computer table "" SCM -12 "" -10sht, computer table "" SCM Mini -13 '' -30sht, Stand shoes " "tO-8" "-20sht designed for office or home, unassembled. GOST 16371-93. Manufacturer: FOP Andrey Tokarev. Country of origin: UA." LATVIA ***** 4731 3485 View Exporter

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