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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
28/Apr/2017 8483303290 "1.Korpusy ball or roller bearings pidshypykiv without mounted to the tractor and agricultural tehniky.Komertsiyna title: glass cuttings; glass bearing, clutch casing cuttings - are the metal parts, body obertannya.Sluhuyut bearing supports in the automotive and agricultural machinery. Manufactured according to drawings vyrobnyka.Vyrobnyk: FOP butler D.S.Krayina production: UA.1.Korpusy ball or roller bearings pidshypykiv without mounted to the tractor and agricultural ma ky..Korpus bearing SSH20.21.129 is a metal detail, the body rotation of spherical holes and through-hole. It is used rolling bearing supports transmission valu.Vyhotovleni according kreslen.Krayina production: UA. " KAZAKISTAN ***** 15.26 73.6 View Exporter
28/Apr/2017 8482300000 1. Parts of centrifugal pumps to ATSN1000-180-3: bearings SKF-22320 E 6 pcs., Spherical roller dvuhryadni. Material: steel, prefabricated units. RUSSIA ***** 32.1 2143.080784 View Exporter
27/Apr/2017 8482300000 "1. The spherical roller bearing, 53615AN -2sht; 53626LN -8sht; 3634AN -8sht.Vykoryst. In the mining, metallurgical haluzyah.Vyrobnyk AO 'EPK Stepnogorsk', Kazakhstan. Country of KZ. Epk trademark." MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 719.62 3151.26974 View Exporter
24/Apr/2017 8482300000 1.Chastyny ​​used equipment on flour: the valtsovyhverstativ A1-BZN: spherical roller bearing number 22313 KM - 18sht., Product is not yepodviynoho use. KAZAKISTAN ***** 72 3708 View Exporter
20/Apr/2017 8482300000 1. Bearings, roller, spherical, stretchers of the engine pass, Toyota cars, art.13540-67020 - tensioner of the gear GRM-1 st. Art.13540-67020 - tensioner pasGGM-1 st. Art.16603-28020 - roller of driving pad-1 st. Art.16604-31020 - roller-driven pass-1 st. Art.13505-67042 - roller bearings of the GMM-1 st. Art.13505-67042 -Rake of GMM-1 stamp. Origin of origin - JapanPrice of production - JP Trade mark - ToyotaProducer - Toyota Motor NV / SA MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 2.252 309.97 View Exporter
19/Apr/2017 8482300000 "1 Spherical roller bearings, bearing 3516 (22216SA \ MBW33) -10sht.Torhivelna Brand: GPZ-34Vyrobnyk LLC" "GPP number 34" "Country of origin: RU" GEORGIA ***** 21 282.2 View Exporter
12/Apr/2017 8482300000 "1.Pidshypnyky spherical roller bearings, steel" "0" "accuracy class, ISO15-1981 used in engineering: 22205EJW3 3-38sht. 22206EJW33-65sht.22211EJW33-16sht. 22216KEJW33-9sht." MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 57.6 2900.556584 View Exporter
12/Apr/2017 8482300000 "1.Pidshypnyky spherical roller bearings, steel" "0" "accuracy class, ISO15-1981 used in engineering: 22213EB33 J20M14-8sht." MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 12.24 397.4630378 View Exporter
07/Apr/2017 8482300000 1.Pidshypnyky roller, spherical, a cross Tensioner motor vehicles Toyota, art.16620-0S011 - a cross-tensioner drive 1sht.Krayina origin - SShAKrayina production - USTorhovelna mark - ToyotaVyrobnyk - Toyota Motor NV / SA MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 0.998 64.37 View Exporter
07/Apr/2017 8482300000 "1.Pidshypnyky spherical roller bearings, steel, accuracy class, 0: 53 608 (22 308 CW33) -10sht .; 53612 (22312 CW33) -6sht., For the repair of industrial obladnannya.Torhovelna mark - KGVyrobnyk - KG International EZCO" MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 28.58 170.3 View Exporter
04/Apr/2017 8482300000 "1.Pidshypnyky spherical roller bearings for industrial equipment: 23234 CC / C3W33-10sht.klas accuracy" to "0". "Trademark SKF.Vyrobnyk firm SKF Interrnational AB.Krayina SE production." GERMANY ***** 353.2 6993.616088 View Exporter

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