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Date HS Code Product Description Destination Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Exporter Name
28/Apr/2017 8483402900 "1 worm gear wheel tractors to dlyasilskohospodarskyh work designed to change the torque and rotational speed: Gearbox PTO-150.41.011-3B 2sht.Torhivelna Brand: HTZVyrobnyk PJSC" "HTZ im.S.Ordzhonikidze" "Country of origin: UA " RUSSIA ***** 170 878.0217451 View Exporter
26/Apr/2017 8483908100 "1.Komplekt details for ARM gear wheel chervyachnoe 2000 (RR.200.00.05) -35 w t Wheel chervyachnoe 4000 (ARMT.303823.004) -26sht. Part worm vyhovlen or steel by 40X and is mechanicalprocessing and sostavnoyu chastinoyu gear ARM, is a worm pair, whereby in derivatives the torque transmitted to the coupling of vihidnu yohozbilshennyam, vikory stovuyutsya at vihotovlenni gas and industrial equipment Volyn NGO yakevstanovlyuyetsya on Industrial and pipelines, compressors tahazorozpodilchyh Stations Yah. Whirlpool. JSC " "SPE" "Teploavtomat" "(Har Kiv) tor hivelnamarka -nemaye data, swirl country obnytstva UA (Ukraine). " RUSSIA ***** 60.1 1384.193059 View Exporter
11/Apr/2017 8708949998 "1.Chastyny ​​steering mechanisms for tractors supplied separately from mehanizmiv.Komertsiyna product name: Distributors of Defense K700 700A.34.22.000-2 gear, with gear distributor (SRB K700) s / o 700.34.22.000, Steering booster MTZ 72 3400015; fry Defense 700A.34.22.025-1 K700, K700 tracking device 700A.34.14.000-2, Defense Sector 700A.34.22.029 K700, K700 700A.34.22.040.Vyrobnyk worm Defense: FOP Zharchynskyy C .S.Vyrobnyk: FOP Stopyna K.V.Krayina production UA. " KAZAKISTAN ***** 4413.2 21102.95 View Exporter
11/Apr/2017 8501510090 1. Electric motors multiphase AC power not exceeding 750Vtdvyhun electric with worm gear 370Vt th, 1.380 1 / min 40 1 / min IP 6050Hts 400V / 01,2A art. -1sht.Torhovelna 106674701 Brand: MULTIVACKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Multivac GERMANY 1 12.86 821.0114604 View Exporter
07/Apr/2017 8438900000 "1.Komplektuyuchi Parts and dlyaliniy on manufacture of chocolate, helical gear m = 2 z = 41 C45 - 5shtKosozuba gear m = 2 z = 41 C45 - 5shtShesternya M1 Z52 O54x20 POM - 1shtShesternya M1 Z56 O58x20 POM - 1shtShesternya M1 Z60 O62x20 POM - 1shtShesternya M1 TD64 O66x20 POM - 1shtZirochka 1 "" 30TD O255.5x30 POM - 1pc worm-gear rack 30TDM2livaO66x26JM3-15-20shtZubchata 25x40x365.7 A304 - 20shtZirochka 20td O175x60,5 SK45 - 1shtMontazhna strip 357x20x10 A304 - 2shtMontazhna strip 393x20x10 A304 - 2shtVYHIDNYY pipe O150x132 St37 - 10shtKRYShKA 210X163X38 A304 - 1shtKRYShKA O120X41 A304 - 1shtKronshteyn for profile hinge 100x40x12 A304 - 2shtKruhlyy steel rod to the plate 204x75x39 A3 04 - 2shtKonsol 210x200x68.5 A304 - 1shtKronsht.1304,8x212x50 AISI 304 - 10shtKronsht.874.8x213x50 A304 - 2shtVal O35x969 CK 45 - 1shtVal O40x1073 CK45 - 1shtKrylchatka 30x106x640 AISI 304 - 1shtShpylka O10.5x710 St.52-3 - 8shtAdapter 3/8 "" 60x40x3 A304 - 1shtNaprvlyayucha 286x50x19 A304 - 10shtHalmovyy shoe 10x18x55 A304 - 2shtK " DENMARK ***** 2190 38076.87376 View Exporter
07/Apr/2017 8483109590 "1. Transmission shafts, in the range: - VAL presenter ZSK-F-15.11.001 - 3 pcs. - VAL lead, HSC-8.09.004 - 3 pcs. - VAL (gearbox) Presenter KYC, KYC-10.012 .003 - 50 pcs. - VAL (gearbox) presenter KYC, KYC-10.012.004 - 60 pcs. - VAL Slot KYC, Cat. №ZSK 10.000.086, - 20 pcs. - TURNING worm gear, ZSK- 10,006,005 - 20 SHT.VSOHO - 156 SHT.VYROBNYK LLC "" TRADING HOUSE OPTAHRO "". Country of origin: UA. TRADEMARK: No data. " BELARUS ***** 202.2 1539.4 View Exporter
04/Apr/2017 8483402500 "1. Reducer worm hloboyd. Kr.11251.44.00 - 4sht.Yavlyaye of a Single reduction worm helical gears. The number of events worm - 1. The maximum torque of 1470 N / m. The gear ratio - 31.5 .Vyrobnyk LLC "" MAGMA "". Country of origin: '' UA '' ' KAZAKISTAN ***** 1760 50800 View Exporter

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