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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
27/Apr/2017 7306408090 "1. longitudinal welded pipe with short pope circular cross section, of stainless steel1. 4301, hot, standard EN 10296-2, without thermal insulation: D89h4 mm-12m, D 114,3h3 mm - 5,48m, D114,3h4 -5 mm , 17m, D219,1h2,6 -5,1m mm, mm-D273h4 0,98m, trademark "" PADANA TUBI "", producer Pa dana Tubi & Profilati AcciaioS.R.A., IT. longitudinal welded pipe round poperech tion section, with 1.430 nerzhaviyuchoyistali 7 hot, the standard EN 10217-7, without thermal insulation: D139,7h6,3 -4,05m mm, mm D168,3h3 -5,96m, D219,1h3 mm -2,25m, D219 , 1X4 mm-2,52m, trademark "" MARCE GAGLIA "", vyr.Marcegaglia Spa, IT. True bapryamoshovna welded round at poperechnoh section, stainless iyuchoyi 1.4307 steel, hot-rolled, standard EN 10217-7, without rice is isolation: D139,7h4 mm -15m, trade mark of wah "" ILTA INOX "", vyr.Ilta Inox Sp a., IT.Krayina production: IT. " ITALY ***** 748 2886.827183 View Importer
06/Apr/2017 7318220090 "1. Parts to s / g technology Lemken new: Washers of iron or steel, without thread: 305 6161 Washer 17 / 40x6 7349 200HV Zn - 40 pcs., 305 2230 Washer S25x35x2,0 DIN988 - 10 pcs., 305 6015 washer 21 / 44x8 DIN7349 - 20 pcs., 323 0039 Sealing washer D139,5 / 80x12 - 5 pcs., 32310061 washer D74 / 40,2x8 LI Zn - 2 pcs., 77 pcs.. " GERMANY ***** 6.72 177.6904077 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 8515900000 "1.Komplektuyuchi to welding equipment: Protective sleeve art.002.0050-50sht, Burner 3.00 MB EVO 15 m. KZ-2 art.002.0709.1-50sht, Gus bend 50 MB 25AK hradart.004.0012-2sht, Box M14 / M6 / 51 art.004.D624.5-150sht, Gus burner RF GRAD art.004.D801.1-10sht 2545, Gus welding AT 255 T 45G X160 Y85 M6art.004.D831.1-5sht, Box M12 / M6 / 35 art.006.D719.5-200sht, Gus zvaryuvalnyyAT 155 T 45G X125 Y70 ST0,8-1,0 diam.12 art.006.D820.1-1sht; Hazorozpodilyuvach white art.012.0183-200sht, Torch MB EVO PRO 24 5.00 m. art.012.0373.1-5sht; Hazorozpodilyuvach art.013.0030-60sht; Hazorozpodilyuvach white art.014.0261-1000sht, Burner 3.00 MB EVO 36 m. art.014.0526.1-7sht; burner 5.00 MB EVO 36 3pc, Torch MB EVO PRO 36 4.00 m. Art.014.0530.1-10sht; PalnykMB EVO PRO 36 5.00 m. Art.014.0531.1-10sht, Box M16 / M8 / 52art.014.D745.5- 100 pieces, Box M16 / M6 / 52 art.014.D870-200sht; burner zvaryuvalnyyRF 36 3.00 m GRIP art.014.H221.1-20sht, Gus welding torch AT 305 / 355KTM 45G X185 Y95 M8 art.014.H363 .1-6sht; Goose welding torch AT 305 / 355KTM 45G X185 Y95 M8 art.014.H363.1-2sht; Insert Tr18x4 / M8 / 55 threaded in livustoronu art.016.D114-10sht; Insert Tr18x4 / M10 / 50L threaded into the left storonuart.016.D125-50sht; The transition piece diam.14,2 / 16.5 art.016.D141-20sht; Vstavkadlya trailer Tr18x / M10 / 60 art.016.D156.5-10sht; Goose welding torch RF45 45hr. H200 Y109 M8 art.017.D047.1-4sht; Insert the trailer for M16 M8 L45 M12x1RH MS under the trailer type Bintselya art.018.D139-100sht; Insert the M16 / M6 / 45 dlyakintsevyka art.018.D145-50sht; Clamping piece 3.8 M10h1 art.139.D005-4sht, trailer M6 / 0,8 / D = 6,0 / 25,0 E-CU art.140.0061-300sht; Box for nakin. M8 / M828mm art.142.0020-100sht; Box for nakin. M8 / M10x1 25mm art.142.0022-150sht; connectors for nakin. M10 / M10 / 40 art.142.0032-150sht; Nozzle konich.Vnutr.Diam.12,563,5 art.145.0080-200sht mm; M14 nozzle diameter. 16 art.145.D011-200sht; M14tsylindr nozzle. Dыam. 18 art.145.D014-10sht; M16 art.145.D021-200sht nozzle; M16Kart.145.D022-10sht nozzle; M16 cylindrical nozzle art.145.D024-10sht; M16tsylindrychne art.145.D024-10sht nozzle; M16K nozzle without poryttya art.145.D036-100sht; SoploTR 18x4 / diam.13 art.145.D243-10sht; Nozzle TR 18x4 / diam.19 art.145.D245-100sht, Cable trailer art.175.0022-60sht; MB GRIP handle art.180.0127-5sht; Rychazhokruchky 2-burner floor. The burner MB GRIP art.185.0101-15sht; Palnykzvaryuvalnyy ABITIG-26 4m BIS-52 BCS-00 BLS-000 BHC-01 art.396.6167-30sht, Welding Torch ABITIG-9 4m BIS-52 BCS-22 BLS-000 BHC-01 art.396.6217-1sht, Welding Torch ABITIG -26 12m BIS-52 BCS-00 BLS-000 BHC-01art.396.6222-1sht; Welding Torch ABITIG 450W 4m BIS-52 BCS-01 BLS-000BHC-11 art.396.6226-2sht; Welding Torch ABITIG 450W 8m BIS-52 BCS-01BLS-000 BHC-11 art.396.6227-2sht; Welding Torch ABITIG 450W 12m BIS-52BCS-01 BLS-000 BHC-11 art.396.6228-1sht; The plug during opresovki d15,8 / D17,3 / D18,7L = 30 art.400.0102-50sht; Strohach art.516.D001-6sht 10 K; Strohach K 12art.516.D002-5sht; Strohach T K16 3m art.516.D150-1sht; Corps" GERMANY ***** 606.08 16852.14149 View Importer

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