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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
25/Apr/2017 5806321000 1.Out fabrics made of synthetic fibers (100% nylon) with a woven spring: Packaging tape art.DP / OT / PCSU-BG-7pcs. . AUSTRIA ***** 0.294 79.35307955 View Importer
24/Apr/2017 2004109990 1.Vuzki fabrics of synthetic fibers (nylon 100%) with woven selvedge: Packaging tape art.DP / OT / PCSU-BG-7sht. . NETHERLANDS ***** 18900 16701.27761 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 6307909800 1.Inshi made up textile articles. Both systems fabrics made by interlacing of warp and utku with integrated synthetic nylon yarns of 100%, the fabric is woven frequency voltages away, does not apply to the pile, no treatment and coverage that would seen with the naked eye cover for frames, different articles, according to the invoice. Deviation from the size of +/- 3%. Used for the manufacture of lingerie. . CHINA ***** 57.3 1456.132954 View Importer
10/Apr/2017 6005329000 "1. Tobago cloth, color 16 Silver, 100% polyester, top-essential dyed knit fabric made of synthetic polyester fibers, bottom-nonwoven fabric made of polyester fiber, doped, width 142 (+/- 1.5%) cm. , The method of painting: the top-canvas knitted, the bottom-non-woven fabric, the method of manufacturing-knitted fabric, non-woven fabric. Total: 93 m., 2 rooli; Tobago cloth, color 17 Anthracite, 100% polyester, top-essential dyed knitted Canvas of synthetic polyester fibers, Low-nonwoven fabric made of polyester fiber, doped, Shi Rin 142 (+/- 1.5%) cm, the way of painting: the upper canvas knitted, the bottom-nonwoven fabric, the method of manufacturing-knitted fabric, non-woven fabric. Total: 121.7 m., 3 rubles; Tobago cloth, Color 15 Dk.Brown, 100% polyester, top-the main colored knit fabric made of synthetic polyester fibers, bottom-nylon polyester fiber webbing, doped, width 142 (+/- 1.5%) see, coloring method: Top-knitted cloth but, bottom, nonwoven fabric, method of manufacture, knitted fabric, nonwoven polotno.Vsoho: 3021,6m.poh., 65ruloniv, canvas Tobago, color 12 Lt.Brown , 100% polyester, top - the main dyed knitted fabric of synthetic polyester fibers, bottom-nonwoven fabric made of polyester fiber, doped, width 142 (+/- 1,5%) see, painting method: knitted upper knit fabric, Bottom-non-woven fabric, fabrication method-knitted fabric, non-woven fabric. Total: 44mm, 1uron; Amore 32 Anthracite cloth, Anthracite 32 color, 100% polyester, two-layer textile material, the top of which consists of an essential painted knit fabric From polyester fibers, the bottom is a cloth cloth overlay spare yarn of polyester, duplicating, width 142 (+/- 1.5%) cm., intended for upholstery mebliv.Vsoho: 50,5m.poh., 1 roll. " CHINA ***** 1419.34 10496.13934 View Importer
05/Apr/2017 5806329000 "1.Zalyshky formed as a result of processing goods. Dressing materials that are painted plain weave narrow fabrics in the form of a tape made of polyester yarn integrated 100%, with false (non-woven) overlap. - BOR046 braid nylon type 300 w. .: 4 mm black - 13,691.7 m / p.Pryznachena to strengthen parts vzuttya.Torhovelna top grade - "" PIDIGI "". Producer - "" PIDIGI "" SpA, Italy.. " ITALY ***** 4.8 145.3208758 View Importer

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