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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
30/Apr/2017 8528724000 "1.Apparatura color image that contains the device video or movie playback, 16: 9 TVs -ridkokrystalychnyy diahonalyu yekranu model: -28LH451U -20sht .; Specifications: Dimensions diahona ca -28" "(71.12sm.) LED-backlight, roses dilna -1366h768 capacity, availability of Smart TV, spivvidnoshennyastorin: 16: 9, TV-tuner (analog and digital), Wi-Fi-availability; -ridkokrystalychnyy TV diahonalyu yekranu model: -28LH491U -100sht tech .; specifications: size diahona ca -28 "" (71.12sm.), LED-backlight, roses dilna ability -1366h768 on patency Smart TV, spivvidnoshennyastorin: 16: 9, TV-tuner (analog and digital), Wi-Fi-availability; -ridkokrystalychnyy TV diahonalyu yekranu model: = 32LH530V -74sht., rozmirdiahonali (81,28sm.), - technical characteristics : resolution -HD-1920x1080pyks, vidsutnistSmatr TV, no Wi-Fi, 2 TV tuner (digital and analohvyy), color black, LED-light, processor-Triple XD Engine; -ridkokrystalych tion TVs diahonalyu yekranu model: = 32LH570U -100sht., size diagonally (81,28sm.), - technical characteristics: resolution -HD-1366x768pyks, SmatrTV availability, availability of Wi-Fi, 2 TV tuner (Digital and analohvyy) -chornyy color, LED-light, processor-Triple XD Engine; -ridkokrystalychnyy TV diahonalyu yekranu model: = 32LH590U -10sht., Rozmirdiahonali (81,28sm.), - technical characteristics: Resolution -HD- 1366x768pyks, SmatrTV availability, availability of Wi-Fi, range digital tuner: DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T2, 1TV tuner (digital) -chornyy color, LED-backlight, platform-WebOS 3.0, processor-Triple XD Engine; -ridkokrystalychnyy TV diahonalyu yekranu model: = 32LH595U -55sht., rozmirdiahonali (81,28sm.), - technical characteristics: resolution -HD-1366x768pyks, availability SmatrTV, Nye ness Wi-Fi, 1 TV tuner (digital) -chornyy color, LED-lighting, TV -ridkokrystalychnyy diahonalyu yekranu model: = 43LH513V -36sht., rozmirdiahonali (109,22sm.), - technical characteristics: -HD resolution -1920h108pyks, vidsutnistSmatr TV, no Wi-Fi, 2 TV tuner (digital and analohvyy), color black, LED-light, processor-Triple XD Engine; -ridkokrystalychnyy TV diahonalyu yekranu model: = 43LH604V -20sht., rozmirdiahonali ( 81,28sm.), - technical characteristics: resolution -HD-1920x1080pyks, SmatrTV availability, availability of Wi-Fi, range digital tuner: DVB-S2, DVB-C, DV B-T2, 2TV tuner (digital + anal Ogove) -chornyy color, LED-backlight, platform-WebOS3.0 ridkokrystalychnyy TV diahonalyu yekranu model: = 43UH603V -27sht., Rozmirdiahonali (109,22sm.), - technical characteristics : resolution -HD-3840x2160pyks, SmatrTV availability, availability of Wi-Fi, range digital tuner: DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T2, color black, LED-under svitka, -ridkokrystalychnyy TV diahonalyu yekranu model: = 43UH651V -10sht., rozmirdiahonali (109,22sm.), - technical characteristics: resolution -HD-3840x2160pyks, SmatrTV presence, the presence of " RUSSIA 456 2632.78 94154.52442 View Importer
30/Apr/2017 8481409000 1. Spare parts for gas turbines Solar TAURUS 70: -art.1031757-109 VALVE ASSY, BLEED, COMPRESSOR discharge valve bypass air sht.Krayina-2 production - USTorhovelna mark - SolarVyrobnyk - Solar Turbines Inc. . UNITED STATES ***** 190.76 54883.14331 View Importer
30/Apr/2017 709300000 1.Baklazhan fresh net weight - 1090 kg. Harvest 2017 roku.Krayina production: TR.Torhivelna Brand: Orhan.Vyrobnyk: Orhan Meyve. . TURKEY ***** 1090 1417.000041 View Importer
30/Apr/2017 2711139700 "1.Haz liquefied carbon PN-EN 589 + A1: 2012Masova fate components,% -33.9% content of propane, propylene content - 3.3% -62.0% content butane, butylene content - 0.1% Density at 15 ° C -548.4 kg / m3 109.263 1000 l at 15 ° C. " BELARUS ***** 59920 24193.16901 View Importer
30/Apr/2017 4810921000 1.Karton packaging, multilayer, bleached, odnobichnokreydovanyy, white, without drawing, paper masaskladayetsya with 51+ -2% chemically treated cellulose fibers and 49+ - 2% mechanical fiber brand ALASKA PLUS GC2, in rolls, weighing 205h / m2 1050mm format. (10922kh.) - 16ruloniv and in sheets, weighing 255h / m2: 590h810mm format. (2728kh.) - 4palety, 620h950mm format. (1684kh.) - 4palety. Manufacturer: International Paper Kwidzyn SP.Z OOTorhovelna mark: ALASKA PLUSKrayina production: PL. . POLAND ***** 15334 16067.08529 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 4011100090 1.Shyny rubber pneumatic, new, for use on cars poshoseynym roads, type of road tread - the index most dopustymoyishvydkosti over R. art. 95304 - 255 / 55R18 109V XL TL LATITUDE TOUR HP N1 GRNXMI - 4sht. index rate -V, load - 109, Art. 95304 - 255 / 55R18 109V XL TLLATITUDE TOUR HP N1 GRNX MI - 4sht. index rate -V, load - 109 Origin - UhorschynaKrayina production - HUTorhovelna mark - MICHELINVyrobnyk - MFP Michelin. HUNGARY 8 126 743.4361502 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 9503007500 "1.Ihrashky's plastic with built engine, plastic boat on remote control, 228sht, Machine inertia plastic-6420sht, machines for plastic-336sht remote control, inertial plastic tractor with accessories-40sht, inertial plastic trailer with cars-mark 1092sht.Torhova - no danyh.Vyrobnyk "" SHANTOU JINXING PLASTICS CO., LTD "", the country made in China, (CN).. " CHINA ***** 915.51 3681.079902 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 8413910090 1. Part nezanurenyh single-stage centrifugal pumps perekachuvannyaridyn: impeller-23sht front cover 28sht-cap-round 109sht diffuser, fan--21shtkrylchatka 5shtKrayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - no danyhVyrobnyk - ZHEJIANG DAYUAN PUMPS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. CHINA ***** 28.03 57.68008252 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 8708709990 1.Dekoratyvni plastic caps for cars running wheels (included po4 units) in assortment: - 13 "(inches) - 1610 sets - 14" (inches) - 1095 kit - 15 "(inches) - 835 sets - 16 "(inches) - 215 sets. . POLAND ***** 6200 14822.60613 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 7005298090 "1.Sklo sheet mark M1 tovshyna 6.0mm, -Size 2250 * 3210mm - 1097,84m2.HOST 111-2014. Thermally polished glass, sheet, transparent, reinforced, colorless, not tinted, not hlushene without overhead, unpolished, one layer without pohlynalnohoabo reflective layer, without further processing, manufactured float metodom.Sklo not profiled, not bent, not cut, not drilled without enamelled, not combined with other materials, not colored throughout the mass, not matte not clad, but not duplicate , nenakladne, nevidnosytsya to optical glass, rolled or stretched. P yznachene translucent glazing for construction and building products manufacturing, technical and household products, furniture products, interiors, and for glass manufacturing in vikon.Vyrobnyk: JSC "" Saratovstroysteklo. ' "Trademark: JSC" "Saratovstroysteklo.'" Country production: RU.. " RUSSIA 109784 16055.91 3902.189082 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 2711129400 "1.Haz liquefied hydrocarbon fuel, GOST 20448-90, grade LPG, 109,650 kg. (Quantity at 214.296 tys.l-15C) content by mass% chastynkomponentiv passport number 897, the amount of methane, ethane, etylena- 0.13. sumapropana, propylene, 92.20. mass concentration of propane-92.20. amount of butane-butylene 7,67.masova fate butane-7.66. gas Density at 15 C kg / m3 -513. zhidnopasportiv number 899,900: the amount methane, ethane, etylena- 0.15. sumapropana, propylene, 95.15. mass concentration of propane-95.15. amount of butane-butylene 4,70.masova fate butane-4.70. gas Density at 15 C kg / m3 -511.Nalyvom in qi Stern during tyskom.Vyrobnyk: AO "" Novokuybыshevskaya neftehymy- cheskaya company "" Trademark: No danyh.Krayina production: RU (Russia). ". RUSSIA ***** 109650 47423.62499 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 5407615000 1. Plain weave fabric of polyester yarn kompleksnyhneteksturovanyh different koloriv100mas.% Without treatment and without cover, poverhnevoyuschilnistyu 92g / m2 +/- 5%, 1,40m wide-10940mp (15316m2). . TURKEY 15316 1410 4667.100139 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 8481309900 1.Klapany return: valve-28sht. Ball valve (zvorotnyyklapan) -109shtTorhovelna Brand: HPEOKKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: HPEOK. CHINA ***** 112.9 1919.453146 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 6908909100 "1.Plytka of glazed stoneware, polished interior finish, art. S80601 posted. 800 * 800mm - 1094,4M2, Producer - FOSHAN FORTUNE IMPORT & EXPORT TRADE CO., LTDTorhovelna mark CHANG AN TILESKrayina production of CN." CHINA 10944 25935 9756.099977 View Importer
29/Apr/2017 604209000 1. Leaves, branches and other parts of plants suitable for drawing bouquets or for ornamental purposes, fresh, without flowers or buds, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: BRASS CRANE / BRASIKA 70-cm-50sht, CHAMELAUCEIUM / HAMELATSIUM -70sm-225sht, DRAC BAMBOO SPIRAAL / Dracena, 80cm-30sht, EUCALIPT / eucalyptus-70 cm 9sht, HYPPERICUM / hiperikum 70-cm-205sht, LEUCADENDRON / LEUKADENDRON-60cm-80sht, SYMPHORICARPUS / SIMFORIKARPUS 70-cm-10pc, TRAHELIUM / TRAHELIUM-65 cm-10pc, aSPIDISTRA BLAD / aspidistra-60 cm 140sht, BEARGRASS / BERHRAS-60 cm 75sht, CHICO JUMBO ORCA / Chico-55 cm 65sht, LEDERVAREN / Fern-60 cm 25sht, PHOENIX ROEBELEN . BL / PHOENIX-80 cm 160sht, SALAL / Salalah 90-cm-15sht, Total 1099sht. Net weight is 128,92kh Country of manufacturer NL No data. NETHERLANDS ***** 128.92 193.3800007 View Importer

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