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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
12/Apr/2017 8507102090 "1.Akumulyatory lead to run piston engines that run on ridkomuelektroliti (sulfuric acid solution in distilled water materialelektrodu (plates) - Lead Calcium: 77Ah / 12V Galaxy Gold right (yemnist77A, net weight 12,6kh) -102sht. ; 82Ah / 12V Galaxy Gold (82A capacity, mass netto13,6kh) -102sht .; 200Ah / 12V Galaxy Plus Lewy (200A capacity, mass netto32,6kh) -42sht .; 98Ah / 12V Lewy Plus (container 98A, net weight 15 , 0kg) -36sht.; 135Ah / 12V Galaxy Plus Lewy z progiem (135A capacity, net weight 20,5kh) -48sht.; 185Ah / 12V Galaxy Plus Lewy (185A capacity, net weight 29,6kh) -21sht .; 110Ah / 12VGalaxy Silver (110A capacity, net weight 16,3kh) -36sht .; 66Ah / 12V Galaxy PlusPrawy (capacity 66A, ma and net 10,1kh) -60sht .; 85Ah / 12V Galaxy Silver sc (yemnist85A, net weight 13,0kh) -51sht .; 85Ah / 12V Galaxy Silver sb (85A capacity, masanetto 13,2kh) -42sht .; 55Ah / 12V Galaxy Plus Prawy L1 (55A capacity, mass netto8,6kh) -72sht .; 55Ah / 12V Galaxy Plus Lewy L1 (55A capacity, mass netto8,6kh) -72sht .; 102Ah / 12V Galaxy Gol d right (102A capacity, weight netto16,4kh) -36sht .; 45Ah / 12V JIS left (container 45A, net weight 8,2kh) -40sht .; 215Ah / 6VGalaxy Plus Lewy (capacity of 215A, net weight 16,1kh) -36sht .; 230Ah / 12V Lewy Plus (container 230A, net weight 38,0kh) -18sht .; 150Ah / 12V Galaxy Plus Lewy (yemnist150A, net weight 22,4kh) -24sht .; 48Ah / 12V Galaxy Plus Lewy (capacity 48A, masanetto 8,1kh) -72sht .; 75Ah / 12V Galaxy Silver sb (capacity 75A, mass netto12,0kh) -102sht .; 75Ah / 12V Plus (container 75A, net weight 12,0kh) -102sht .; 88Ah / 12VGalaxy Plus Lewy (capacity 88A, net weight 13,0kh) -102sht .; 92Ah / 12V Galaxy PlusPrawy (capacity 92A, net weight 14,0kh) -98sht .; 98Ah / 12V Galaxy Plus Prawy (capacity 98A, net weight 15,0kh) -72sht .; 100Ah / 12V Galaxy Gold right (yemnist100A, net weight 15,2kh) -72sht .; 125Ah / 12V Galaxy Plus Prawy (capacity of 125A, masanetto 17,0kh) -72sht. " POLAND 1530 21683 66086.96656 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 8507208090 "1.Akumulyatorni battery sealed, rectangular, new to zhyvlennyaaparatury not used in potentially explosive site: Rechargeable batareyaSUNLIGHT POWER 12V-40AH, art.0112204, powerful .: 40 A / h. (Weight 1pc / 13,8kh) -50sht, battery pack SUNLIGHT POWER 12V-33AH, art.0119579, powerful .: 33A / hr. (weight 1pc / 10,2kh) - 75sht, battery pack SUNLIGHT POWER 12V-120AH, art.0112209, powerful .: 120 A / hr. (weight 1pc / 38kh) - 8 pieces; batareyaSUNLIGHT Rechargeable POWER 12V-100AH, art.0112208, powerful .: 100 A / h. (1pc weight / 32 kg) -24sht, battery pack SUNLIGHT POWER 12V-150AH , art.0112210, powerful .: 150A / hr. (weight 1pc / 47kh) - 16sht; Rechargeable bath Her SUNLIGHT POWER 12V-55AH, art.0119527, powerful .: 55 A / h. (weight 1pc / 18,5kh) - 21sht; batareyaSUNLIGHT Rechargeable POWER 12V-200AH, art.0112211, powerful .: 200 A / h. (weight 1pc / 65kg) -12sht, battery pack SUNLIGHT POWER 12V-55AH, art.0119527, powerful .: 55A / hr. (weight 1pc / 18kh) - 7sht, Country of origin - VNTorhovelna mark - SUNLIGHTVyrobnyk - SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT SA " VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF 213 4573.5 15966.83174 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 8511500098 "1.Zapasni parts for combines, current generators and ACcurrent Generator (Electronic System combine) BOSCH 14V 150AH art.0007984930-1sht; Producer: CLAASTorhovelna Brand: CLAASKrayina production: ES." SPAIN ***** 7 872.8329428 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 8507208090 1. Storage Electric rectangular lead to telekomunikatsiynohoobladnannya general use: SOLENAPOWER 150Ah 6-D 150 XFM -5112sht.Torhovelna brand-Solena Power.Vyrobnyk-FENGFAN CO., LTD.Krayina production-CN. . CHINA 5112 232596 690120 View Importer

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