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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
26/Apr/2017 8536301090 1.Elektrychna apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits for a voltage of 1000V notmore that contain transmitters and receivers, the fuses polimernidlya current strength not exceeding 16A (current 350m) art. SR035-06 -70sht.Torhovelna Brand: ECEKrayina production: TWVyrobnyk: ECE-Use in civil ARE electrical engineering. . TAIWAN ***** 0.002 6.584976955 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8536201000 "1.Avtomatychnyy switch series Multi9 type NG125 (32A / 415V) art.18636-1sht, typuGV2 (1.6-2.5A / 690V) art.GV2ME07-30sht (2.5-4A / 220) art.GV2ME08-10sht (20-25 / 690V) art.GV2P22-2sht (24-32A / 690V) art.GV2P32-1sht (33.5A / 400V) art.GV2P07-2sht (51A / 400V), art. GV2P08-4sht (9-14 / 690V) art.GV2ME16-15sht, such iC60 (10A / 230V), al t.A9F79110-48sht (10A / 400V) art.A9F79310-24sht (16A / 230V) art.A9F79216-24sht, art. A9F79116-48sht, such iC60 (16A / 400V) art.A9F79416-6sht, (1A / 400V) art.A9F74301-2sht, (20A / 230V) art.A9F79120-36sht, (2A / 400V) art.A9F84302-2sht, (32A / 230V) art.A9F8410 2-2sht, (32A / 400V) art.A9F79332-16sht, (40A /400V),art.A9F79340-4sht, (4A / 230V ) art. A9F74204-3sht, art.A9F74104-24sht (4A / 400) art.A9F75304-4sht (50A / 400V) art.A9F8 9350-5sht (63A / 400V) art.A9F79363-24sht (1A / 230V) art.A9F74201-6sht, art.A9F74201-6sht, (6A / 230V) art.A9F89206-6sht (6A / 23 0V) art.A9F79106-24sht (not mistytradiov yprominyuvalnyh means) .Krayina production - FR.Torhovelna mark - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.Vyrobnyk- "" SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTR IES SAS "". " FRANCE ***** 112 1973.588974 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8536201000 "1.Avtomatychnyy Easy9 switch type (16A / 400V) art.EZ9F34316-48sht (25A / 230V) art.EZ9F34125-432sht (32A / 400V) art.EZ9F34332-48sht, typuiK60 (10A / 230V) art.A9K24110-80sht, (16A / 230V) art.A9K24116-264sht (not mistytradiovyprominyuvalnyh means) .Krayina production - TH.Torhovelna mark - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.Vyrobnyk- "" SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES SAS "".. " THAILAND ***** 82 1121.843965 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8536201000 "1.Avtomatychnyy switch series EASYPACT you pu TVS (17-23 / 690V) art.GZ1E21-1sht (2,5-4 / 690V) art.GZ1E08-10sht (4-6,3A / 690V) art.GZ1E10-12sht series Multi9 typuC60H-DC (25A / 250V) art.A9N615 33-2sht, (16A / 500B), art.A9N61531-12sht, (1A / 500B), art.A9N61521-1sht, (20A / 500B) art.A9N61532-2sht, (2A / 250B), art.A9N61502-14sht, (6A / 250B), art.A9N61504-5sht, such Easy9 (0.03-25A / 230V) art.EZ9R34225-39sht, art.EZ9R34225-39sht, art.EZ9R34225-39sht, art.EZ9R34225-39sht, art.EZ9R34225-39sht, art.EZ9R34225-39sht, art.EZ9R34225-78sht, (16A-30mA / 230V) art.EZ9D34616-72sht, art.EZ9D34616-72sht (contains radiovypromin yuvalnyh means) .Krayina vyrobnytstva- CN.Torhovelna mark - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.Vyrobnyk- "" SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES SAS "".. " CHINA ***** 202 2730.423502 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8536508000 "1.Vymykach series '' PRIMA '' (16A / 250V) art.WDE001015-10sht, art.WDE001050-10sht, switches -separates type Interpact INV (250A / 690V) art.31162-1sht (not mistytradiovyprominyuvalnyh means) .Krayina production - PL.Torhovelna mark - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.Vyrobnyk- "" SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES SAS "".. " POLAND ***** 3 74.34449121 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8536209000 "1.Avtomatychnyy switch series Multi9 DPNN type of unit Vigi (6kA, 10A / 230B) art.A9D08610-13sht (6kA, 16A / 230B), art.A9D32616-12sht (6kA-40A / 230B), art.A9D31640 -6sht (does not contain radio-emitting facilities) .Krayina production - ES.Torhovelna mark - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.Vyrobnyk- "" SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES SAS "".. " SPAIN ***** 25 635.3145364 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8536201000 "1.Avtomatychnyy switch type iK60 (10A / 400V) art.A9K24310-6sht (40A / 400V) art.A9K24332-12sht, type VA63 (16A / 400V) art.11223-48sht (32A / 400V) , art.11216-144sht (40A / 400V) art.11217-72sht, typuiK60 (2A / 230V) art.A9K24102-12sht (6A / 230V) art.A9K24106-48sht (not mistytradiovyprominyuvalnyh means) .Krayina production - BG.Torhovelna mark - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.Vyrobnyk- "" SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES SAS "".. " BULGARIA ***** 66 812.5704608 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8536508000 "1.The switch series" "Unica" "(16A / 230V) art.MGU3.105.18-2st, art.MGU3.105.12-5h, art.MGU3.103.18S-2pcs, art.MGU3.101.18-30h t, art .MGU3.101.12-6s, art.MGU3.105.18-6pcs, art.MGU3.103.25-50s, art.MGU3.101.18-30s, art.MGU3.213.25-30s, art.MGU3.211.18-120s, art.MGU3 .206.18-11s, art.MGU3.201.25-120s, art.MGU3.201.18-120s, art.MGU3.213.12-1s (does not contain radio-emission equipment). The production is -ES. The trade mark - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC. Producer - "" SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES SAS "". " SPAIN ***** 31 468.4274067 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8536201000 1.AVTOMATYCHNYY switch, 400V, 2 pole, 16A, TYPE C Art. 5SL6216-7-2sht. Circuit breakers 30mA, 4.5KA, 1 + N-pole, 6A art. 5SU1353-1KK06-3sht. Differential circuit breaker 30mA, 25A, 400V art. 5SU1353-1KK25-1sht. Producer SIEMENS AGKrayina production ROTorhovelna brand SIEMENS. ROMANIA ***** 1.577 78.53684268 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8536201000 1.AVTOMATYCHNYY SWITCH 3-pole I nom = 16A, U nom = 400V Type D art. 5SY4316-8-2sht. Circuit breakers 1 pole 6A nom = I, U nom = 400V, Type D art. 5SY4106-8-2sht. Circuit breakers 1 pole I = 13A nom nom U = 400V, Type C Art. 5SY4113-7-2sht. Circuit breakers 2-pole I = 3A nom nom U = 400V, Type C Art. 5SY4203-7-1sht. Circuit breakers 3-pole I = 2A nom nom U = 400V, Type C Art. 5SY4302-7-3sht. Circuit breakers 3-pole I = 3A nom nom U = 400V, Type C Art. 5SY4303-7-2sht. Circuit breakers 3-pole I = 4A nom nom U = 400V, Type C Art. 5SY4304-7-3sht. Circuit breakers 3-pole I = 6A nom nom U = 400V, Type C Art. 5SY4306-7-3sht. Circuit breakers 3-pole I = 10A nom nom U = 400V, Type C Art. 5SY4310-7-3sht. Circuit breakers 3-pole I = 16A nom nom U = 400V, Type C Art. 5SY4316-7-1sht. Circuit breakers 3-pole I = 20A nom nom U = 400V, Type C Art. 5SY4320-7-1sht. Circuit breakers 3-pole I = 25A nom nom U = 400V, Type C Art. 5SY4325-7-2sht. Circuit breakers 3-pole I = 50A nom nom U = 400V, Type C Art. 5SY4350-7-1sht. Circuit breakers 1 pole I = 1A nom nom U = 230 / 400V AC, Type C Art. 5SY5101-7-5sht. Circuit breakers 1 pole I = 2A U nom nom = DC220V / AS230 / 400V, Type C Art. 5SY5102-7-6sht. Circuit breakers 1 pole I = 4A nom nom U = 230 / 400V, Type C Art. 5SY5104-7-3sht. Circuit breakers 1 = 20AU POLYUSNYYI Nom nom = 400V art. 5SY5120-7-1sht. Producer SIEMENS AGKrayina production DETorhovelna brand SIEMENS GERMANY ***** 13.307 589.6349902 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 8483908990 1.Vymykach automatic Tem Din3 10A 101298-120sht. The switch automatic Tem Din3MCB 2P 10kA D-25A 102127-12sht. The switch automatic Tem Din 20A 3 101625-12sht.Vymykach automatic Tem Din3 10A 100642-35sht. The switch automatic Tem Din3 16A100659-6sht. The switch automatic Tem Din 3 100901-12sht 6A. Switch avtomatychnyyTem Din3 2A 101267-120sht. The switch automatic Tem Din 3 101281-96sht 6A. Vymykachavtomatychnyy Tem Din3 1A 101908-94sht. The switch automatic Tem Din3 10A100376-180sht. The switch automatic Tem Din3 16A 100383-60sht. Vymykachavtomatychnyy Tem Din3 20A 100390-48sht. The switch automatic Tem Din3 6A100369-180sht. The switch automatic Tem Din 3 101496-72sht 10A. Vymykachavtomatychnyy Tem Din3 10A 100550-24sht. The switch automatic Tem Din3 10A101601-60sht. The switch automatic Tem Din3 10A 100642-25sht. Switch avtomatychnyyTem Din3 32A 100680-149sht. The switch automatic Tem Din3 MCB 3P 6kA C-50A100703-12sht. The switch automatic Tem Din3 6A 100635-6sht.Krayina origin - European Union (EU) T orhovelna mark - TerasakiVyrobnyk - Terasaki Electric Co. Ltd. CHINA ***** 5.883 294.9801072 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 8536419090 1.Elektrychna abozahystu apparatus for switching electrical circuits, relays, napruhane more than 5V, current 16A: HF7520 relye -250sht.Torhovelna Brand: ICKKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: ICK Internation (HK) Co., Limited. CHINA ***** 0.5 37.49986363 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 9107000000 "1 of clockwork switches that operate within the set time Art. 600030 Relay flatter. ELPA 6 plus for din-rail 16A / 230V abide. Vremeny.20m - 3 pcs, Art. 160 1600001 SYN a mechanical relay to DIN -reyku 35mm - 5 pcs, art. 1,610,011 Syn 161d analog relay - 3 pcs, art. 180 1800001 SUL and mechanical timers 17.5 mm - 10 pieces, art. 602 6020001 SIMPLEXA digital timer - 2 sht.Torhovelna mark ThebenVyrobnyk Theben AGKrayina production: DE. " GERMANY 23 3.071 364.8054486 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 8536201000 1.Elektroustanovna component hardware-breakers / switches, automatic dlyasyly current not exceeding 63A (06-63A) voltage 230V / 50Hz, plastic and metaluartykuly: LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 1H-6A 180sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA ( type C) 1H-10A 540sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 1H-16A 4500sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 1H-20A 540sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 1H-25A 3240sht. , LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 1P 32A-540sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 1H-40A 540sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 1H-50A 180sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C ) 1P 63A-180sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 2P 06A-90sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 2P 10A-180sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 2P 16A-450sht., LCB45 /4.5KA (type C) 2p20A-90sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 2P 25A-450sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 2P 32A-180sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 2P 40A -180sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 2P 50A-90sht., LCB45 / 4 .5KA (type C) 2P 63A-90sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 3p 10A-120sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 3p16A-180sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 3p 20A- 180sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 3p25A-600sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 3p 32A-360sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 3p40A-180sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C ) 3p 50A-180sht., LCB45 / 4.5KA (type C) 3p63A-180sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 1H-10A 180sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 1p16A-1800sht., LCB60 / 6.0 KA (type C) 1H-20A 180sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 1p25A-1440sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 1H-32A 360sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 1p40A-360sht. , LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 1H-50A 180sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 1p63A-180sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 2P 06A-90sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 10A-2P 90sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 2P 16A-270sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 2P 20A-90sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 2P 25A-360sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 2P 32A-180sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 2p40A-180sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA ( type C) 2P 50A-90sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 2P 63A-90sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 3p 10A-60sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 3p 16A-120sht. , LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 3p 20A-120sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 3p 25A-360sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 3p32A-180sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 3p 40A-180sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 3p50A-180sht., LCB60 / 6.0KA (type C) 3p 63A-180sht. LCB60 / 6KA 2P 25A 30mA typAC-200sht., LCB60 / 6KA 2P 40A 30mA type AC-100 pieces., LCB60 / 6KA 2P 63A 30mA typAC-100 pieces., LCB60 / 6KA 4P 25A 30mA type AC-100 pieces., LCB60 / 6KA 4P 40A 30mA typAC-250sht., LCB60 / 6KA 4P 63A 30mA type AC-50sht. Torhiv.marka- LEMANSO.Vyrobnyk-NINGBO SELLWELL IMP. & EXP.CO., LTD.Krayina production-CN CHINA ***** 3373 12718.8001 View Importer
25/Apr/2017 8536490090 "1.Elektrychna abozahystu apparatus for switching electrical circuits, voltage 220 -250V: Relay channels 10 and 12 art.HDL-M / R12.10.1-7sht. 16A Relay 12 channels Art. HDL-M / R12.16.1 -5sht. Relay 16 channels 10 and art. HDL-M / R16.10.1 -7sht. relay 16 16 Aart channels. HDL-M / R16.16.1 -1sht. relay, 8 channels 10A art.HDL-MR0810.432 -2sht. Perekydnerele management 2 shutters motor art. HDL-MW02.431 -2sht.Chastyny ​​access to systems and automatic light control ielektronavantazh th ennyam HDL "" smart house "" for use in cars shemahprotyavariynoyi omatyky and relaying electrical machines, transformers and l It electro eredach with short circuit and overload, do not contain sobiv for radio electronic devices and emitters thatcan vykorystovuvatsya the territory Englis Raina in the bands zahalnohokorystu tion.. " CHINA ***** 13 3486.000085 View Importer

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