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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
27/Apr/2017 4016930090 1.Vyroby of vulcanized rubber, and gaskets, seals, designed dlyamotorn s vehicles (for passenger tomobiliv): Top nabirprokladok art.209203CB00-1 pieces. Construction klapannaya art. 2244123800-20sht. Construction klapannaya art. 22441250 02 -10sht. Construction klapannaya art.22441 26020-3sht. Construction klapannaya art. 2244127001 -2sht. Construction klapannayaart. 2244127400 -10sht. Construction klapannaya art. 224412A102 -4sht. Prokladkaklapannaya art. 224412B002-10sht. Construction klapannaya art. 224412G100 -4sht. Construction klapannaya art.224414A400 -10sht. Valve cover gasket art. 224412G000 -6sht. Prokladkaklapannoyi cover art. 2244139810 -10sht. Construction klapannoy krыshky pravoy art.224413E021 -4sht. Rem. complex. rul. Rails (c g / y) art. 577904AA00 -2sht.Uplotnytelnыe RING art. 224432A100 -40sht. Ushilnyuyuche kryshkyart valve ring. -10sht.Torhovelna 2244323001 Brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBIS. KOREA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 8.22 146.6752487 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 4016930090 1.Vyroby of vulcanized rubber: gaskets, seals, gaskets, are designedto motor vehicles (cars for Le hkovyh): Top nabirprokladok art. 209203CB00 -1sht. Cuff art. 5811433000-2sht. Construction of the water pump art. 251242B000 -10sht. Construction klapannaya art.2244123800 -3sht. Construction klapannaya art. 2244125002 -5sht. Construction klapannayaart. 2244126020-2sht. Construction klapannaya art. 2244127001 -2sht. Construction klapannaya art.2244127400 -1sht. Construction klapannaya art. 224412A102 -1sht. Construction klapannayaart. 224412B002-2sht. Construction klapannaya art. 224412G100 -2sht. Construction klapannaya art.224414A400 -1sht. Valve cover gasket art. 224412G000 -1sht. Prokladkaklapannoyi cover art. 2244139810 -2sht. Valve cover gasket art.224533C710 -1sht. Construction klapannoy krыshky art. 2244122012 -1sht. Prokladkaklapannoy krыshky art. 2244142902 -1sht. Construction klapannoy krыshky engine art.224432F000 -4sht. Construction klapannoy krыshky art took hold. 224413E011 -1sht.Prokladka klapannoy krыshky pravoy art. 224413E021 -1sht. Olyvyart pump gasket. 282474A150-2sht. Gasket thermostat art. 2512642060 -1sht. Gasket thermostat art.2563323010 -2sht. Rem. complex. rul. Rails (c g / y) art. 577904AA00 -2sht.Uplotnytelnыe RING art. 224432A100-8sht. Ushilnyuyuche ring valve cover art. -18sht.Torhovelna 2244323001 Brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBIS KOREA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 2.778 64.3035832 View Importer
13/Apr/2017 4016995290 "1. Parts Co. Ltd.-metal cuffs. Pos. From 8701 to 8705: Fenders art.546261M000, 2 pcs., Fenders art.8219129000, 1pc., Fenders art.8219128010, 7sht., Stabilizer bushing art.54813C1100, 8 pieces.; Damping sleeve art.563803W000FFF, 1pc., art.2816527400 ring seal, 1 pc., windshield moldings art.861501G050, 1pc., Napravlyucha slide art.581611H000, 1pc., Rip art.244312B000, 3pc., Rip art.2443125001, 2 pcs. ; Rip art.2447125052 chain, Reliance 1pc .; shock art.546101M000, 2 pcs .; shock art.546111P000 Reliance, Reliance 10pcs .; shock art.546102P500, 6 pcs .; art.374904Z200 nipple, nipple 1pc .; art.0K65B13895, 1pc .; nipple tips ATOR art.254112Y000, 1pc .; art.254112F160 nipple Radiator, Engine pillow 1pc .; art.219102F050, 1pc .; Lining art.0PN1113H54, 4pcs .; Gasket water pump art.2513025002, 1pc .; Gasket water pump art.251242B000 , 4pcs .; Gasket muffler art.287513S100, 2 pcs .; drain plug gasket art.2151323001, 600sht .; Gasket valve cover art.2244125002 term, 1pc .; Valve cover gasket art.2244123800, 10pcs .; Valve cover gasket art.224412A700, 1pc .; Valve cover gasket art.224412B002, 4pcs .; Valve cover gasket art.224412G000, 2 pcs .; Valve cover gasket art.224412F000, 1pc .; Valve cover gasket art.224412B000, 5pcs .; Construction of the fuel atomizers art.3381442001, 20pcs .; Gasket thermostat art.256422G500, 2 pcs .; Construction of the turbine art.282852A700, 1pc .; Construction of the turbine art.282422A701, 1pc .; Construction of the turbine art.282862A700, 1pc .; Gaskets for motor-kt art.0K65A10270F, 1pc .; Art.551303F000 silent blocks, 4 pieces .; Art.545843F600 silent blocks, 2 pcs .; Art.551303U000 silent blocks, 6 pcs .; Silent blocks the rear transverse arm art.552561H000, 6 pcs .; Silentblocks rear beam art.552532S000, 15sht .; Silentblocks rear beam art.552582P000, 14sht .; Silentblocks front lever art.545512S000, 22sht .; Silentblocks front lever art.545803E200, 7sht .; Silentblocks front lever art.545842H000, 20pcs .; Silentblocks front lever art.545512Y000, 20pcs .; Sayletblok lever front art.545842F000, 6 pcs .; Sayletblok lever front art.54584A6000, 20pcs .; Sayletblok rear beam art.551601M000, 4pcs .; Sayletblok rear beam art.551602K301, 10pcs .; Sayletblok art.552742S800 longitudinal traction, 5pcs .; Sayletblok art.555432G000 longitudinal traction, 16sht .; Seal art.452453B600, 8 pieces .; Seal art.452453B610, 3pc .; Seal art.4745239000, 5pcs .; Seal art.4311939020, 6 pcs .; Seal art.535502J350, 1pc .; Seal art.473513B200, 1pc .; Seal art.581131G000, 1pc .; Seal art.2142125002, 3pc .; Seal art.5305039100, 1pc .; Seal art.4330024300, 1pc .; Seal art.2142123020, 3pc .; Seal art.431434A001, 1pc .; Seal art.4735239300, 10pcs .; Seal art.452453B700, 4pcs .; Seal art.5823228300, 6 pcs .; Seal art.213612A200, 3pc .; Seal art.4734949600, 1pc .; The hose assembly art.310361Y100QQK, 9sht .; Brake hose art.587382B010, 1pc .; Art.54813C1100 stabilizer bushing, 6 pcs .; Seal ar " KOREA,REPUBLIC OF ***** 122.093 2880.72882 View Importer

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