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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
30/Apr/2017 602909900 1. Ornamental plants are not flowering, no bud for greenhouses, vkljuchaja cacti in pots with fresh torfohruntom in assortment, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: ADIANTHUM / maidenhair-35cm-40sht, AGLAO MIX / AHLAONEMA- 35cm-34sht, ASPLE ANTIQUUM / Asplenioum-30cm-24sht, CACTUS MIX / Cactus 15cm-404sht, CALAT GEMENGD / Calathea-45-120sm-50sht, CHAMAED ELEG BR BL / SHAMEDOREYA-45-180sm-72sht, COD GR PETRA / KODIUM-40-180sm-20pcs, COFFEA ARABICA / coffee-35-180sm 108sht, CRASS MIX / KRASSULA-20-120sm-140sht, CTENANTHE / KTENANTE-45-160sm-11sht, CUPRESSUS WILMA / KUPRESSUS-45-180sm-60sht , CYCAS / TSYKAS-45-140sm-26sht, DAVALIA / DAVALIYA-27cm-24sht, dRACAENA OVERIG / Dracena, 45-240sm-231sh t, ECHEVERIA / EHVYYERIYA-15cm-580sht, FIC BE MIX / Ficus benjamina-25-300sm-549sht, FITT GEM 3 KL / FITTONIYA-12cm-189sht, HEBE VARIEGATA / 24cm-Hebei-108sht, HED HE OV GROEN / HEDERA- 15-110sm-292sht, HOWEA FORST KENTIA / HOVEYA-90-300sm-5pcs, NEPHR EX GREEN LADY / NEFROLEPIS-25-70sm-66sht, PEP C SCHUMI RED / Peperomiya-15cm-72sht, PTERIS / PTERIS-25-70sm- 64sht, SOLEIL / 15cm-SOLEIL-50sht, TRAD GEMENGDE KAR / Tradescantia-17cm-80sht, YUCCA ENKEL STAM / Jukka-45-180sm-24sht, ZAMIOCULCAS ZAMIIFOL / ZAMIOKULKAS-35-120sm-295sht, Total weight is 3618sht.Chysta 1208,32kh Country of manufacturer NL no data NETHERLANDS ***** 1590.62 637.9639562 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3926909790 Remains of processing that have not been used during processing. 1. Plastic caps are made by casting, intended for the production of automotive art cable networks. 492197541-31sht, plastic cable channel, made by casting, intended to place it in the automotive cabling and protection from mechanical influences art.: P00163986-231sht. . GERMANY ***** 1.419 66.6242258 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3304100000 "1.Zasoby makeup lips (not aerosol package it in plastic containers): Lipstick, lip liner AVON True Colour, PLUM PERFECT, 3 g art.F9506300-231sht. (1 Cor.) Country of origin - DETorhovelna mark - AVONVyrobnyk - Schwan-Stabilo Cosmetics Gmbh & Co.KG. " GERMANY ***** 4.67 281.0141354 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3401300000 "Cleanser for oily skin, 75 ml art.F1197100-700sht. (10kor.) The cleansing gel for face series AVON True Nutra Effects, 150 ml art.F2358400-648sht. (12kor.) A comprehensive tool for hair skin tilaAktyvizuysya 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, 250 ml art.F2457300-600sht. (20kor.) shampoo and shower gel for men series AVONMesmerize Red for Him, 250 ml art.F2545700-210sht. ( 7kor.) shower gel instant freshness tomen series AVON Senses, 250 ml art.F3286200-1650sht. (55kor.) Moisturizing shower gel Aroma Secrets, 250 ml art.F3406100-1350sht. (45kor.) Moisturizing shower gel Marine lagoons A series of Senses, 700 ml art.F3488500-4704sht. (392kor.) Cream-gel Nizhnekohannya in Paris, 250 ml art.F4066700-6600sht. (220kor.) cream gel dushuChuttyeva romantic 250 ml art.F4268300-1650sht. (55kor.) means for shkiryoblychchya 3-in-1 with aloe and ginger Comprehensive care series AVON care, 200 ml art.F4785000-200sht. (5kor.) The cleansing gel at blychchya ohirkai extracts from green tea series AVON Care, 200 ml art.F5008300-550sht. (11kor.) Moisturizing cream-gel amazing tale series AVON Senses, 250ml, art.F5137300-30sht. (1 Cor.) Shampoo and shower gel for men series AVON Man, 250 ml art.F5161300-1500sht. (50kor.) Moisturizing shower gel Rayskyysad series Senses, 700 ml art.F5430000-192sht. (16kor.) Cleaner for oblychchyaproty Black dots series Clearskin, 125 ml art.F5626100-380sht. (5kor.) Examination Cleanser Facial moisturizing Myake with oats and ekstraktomromashky series AVON Care, 200 ml art.F6609900-240sht. (6kor.) Zvolozhuvalnyykrem-Gel Cream fantasy series AVON Senses, 500 ml art.F6906800-63sht. (3kor.) Shower gel for men instant freshness seriyiAVON Senses, 500 ml art.F7249600-42sht. (2 Cor.) Moisturizing Gel dushuChudovyy garden, 250 ml art.F7361000-30sht. (1 Cor.) Moisturizing Gel dushuTsytrusovyy charge AVON Senses series, 700 ml art.F8737500-60sht. (5kor.) Moisturizing cream-gel picturesque Tuscany, AVON Senses series, 500 ml art.F8775600-21sht. (1 Cor.) Cleanser Facial Cleansing pore seriyiAvon Clearskin, 125ml, art.F8801200-108sht. (2 Cor.) Moisturizing Cream Gel dlyadushu Sweet dream series AVON Senses, 500 ml art.F9501100-231sht. (11kor.) Moisturizing cream-gel Sweet Dream 250 ml art.F9659600-1170sht. (39kor.) Shampoo and shower gel for men with deodorizing effect Enerhiyaokeanu series Senses, 250 ml art.F9967400-1650sht. (55kor.) Origin - PolschaKrayina production - PLTorhovelna mark - AVONVyrobnyk - Avon Operations Polska Sp.zoo " POLAND ***** 9474.31 14078.767 View Importer
17/Apr/2017 602904900 1. Living plants dlyavidkrytoho soil with roots korenevasystema is situated in pots vtorfohrunti not plodonosyaschi, unvaccinated no edible fruit, nepryznachynymy for consumption vikombilshe 2 years without loader, flowering and non flowering, bahatorichniroslyny, Latin / Ukrainian title length in cm: ACER / MAPLE-40-400sm-31sht, BERBERIS / barberry-25cm-180sht, BOUGAINVILIA / BUHENVILIYA-25cm-7sht, BUXUS / BUKSUS-25-250sm-175sht, CONIFEER MIX / KONIFEREN-15cm-90sht, CORYLUS / KORILUS-60-300sm-14sht, COTONEASTER / KOTONEASTER-40-350sm-72sht, CRATAEGUS / KRATEHUS-40-350sm-15sht, ERICA / Eric 22cm-120sht, EUONIMUS / E NIMUS-80-100sm-231sht, FALLOPIA / fallopian-65cm-40sht, GINKGO / Ginkgo 50-300sm-11sht, JUNIPERUS / YUNIPERUS-40-300sm-234sht, LAVANDULA / Lavender-15cm-210sht, LEWISIA / LEVIZIYA-15sm- 50sht, MAGNOLIA / Magnolia 50-450sm-103sht, mALUS / malus-50-300sm-12p, PELLARGONIUM / pelargonium-30cm-56sht, pERENNIALS / perennials (Fallopia) -10sm-84sht, PETUNIA MIX / Petunia Mix 15cm-12sh t, PICEA / PITSEYA-40-300sm-86sht, PINUS / PINUS-40-300sm-27sht, SALIX / SALIKS-40-300sm-35 pcs, SEMPERVIRUM / SEMPERVIRUM-17cm-200sht, SPIRAEA / spirea-30-50sm-84sht, TAXUS / TAXUS-50-350sm-36sht, tHUJA MIX / Tui-50-350sm-102sht, tHYMUS / thymus-15cm-24sht, VERBENA / Verbena-15cm-48sht, VIOLA / violet-10cm-432sht, Total weight is 2821shtChysta 2259,97kh K ayina NL Manufacturer no production data NETHERLANDS ***** 2973.4 625.6607072 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 3304100000 "1.Zasoby makeup lips (not aerosol package it in plastic containers): Ultra Lip Pencil, PINK CASHMERE, 0.28h, art.F4022800-720sht. (3kor.) Ultra Gloss Pencil, Clear, 0.28h , art.F4041400-240sht. (1 Cor.) Pencil dlyahub Ultra, SIMPLY SPICE, 0.28h, art.F4068100-720sht. (3kor.) Pencil hubUltra, PINK BOUQUET, 0.28h, art.F4069300-1197sht. ( 5kor.) Pencil hubUltra, MYSTERY MAUVE, 0.28h, art.F4069600-960sht. (4kor.) Lipstick, lip Pencil dlyadlya accuracy and color AVON Ultra Colour, Risque Rose, art.F7675100-231sht. (1 Cor.) , Country of origin - DETorhovelna mark - AVONVyrobnyk - Schwan-Stabilo Cosmetics Gmbh & Co.KG. " GERMANY ***** 35.83 2473.547239 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 3401300000 "1.Zasoby for washing the skin (not an aerosol package it in plastic containers): Moisturizing shower gel Sea lagoon Senses series, 700 ml art.F1666400-120sht. (10kor.) A refreshing shower gel AVON Senses Brazilian kokteylseriyi , 500 ml, art.F2360000-231sht. (11kor.) Shampoo gel dushudlya men series AVON Mesmerize Red for Him, 250 ml art.F2545700-60sht. (2 Cor.) Facial wash Cleaning series AVON True Nutra Effects, 150 ml art.F2691200-800sht. (25kor.) Moisturizing shower gel Citrus charge Senses series, 500 ml art.F5008200-840sht. (40kor.) Moisturizing gel Anti-stress dushuAromoterapiya series AVON Se nses, 250 ml art.F5126800-570sht. (19kor.) Moisturizing shower gel Garden of Eden, a series of Senses, 500ml, art.F5143900-252sht. (12kor.) Kids shower gel, a series of Hello Kitty, 200 ml , art.F5224900-400sht. (10kor.) gel for deep cleaning pores Clearskin series, 125 ml art.F5392300-760sht. (10kor.) Moisturizing shower gel garden of Eden, Senses series, 700 ml, art. F5430000-60sht. (5kor.) Moisturizing Gel dushuProholodnyy oasis of vitamins series AVON Senses, 250 ml art.F7367700-900sht. (30kor.) Refreshing Shower Gel Brazilian cocktail series AVON Senses, 250 ml art.F7446800-420sht. (14kor.) Moisturizing Shower heldlya wonderful garden with a vitamin complex series AVON Senses, 500 ml art.F7503200-147sht. (7kor.) Shampoo and shower gel series Black Suede Sport, 250ml, art.F8985800-60sht. (2 Cor.) Moisturizing cream-gel Nebesnaharmoniya series AVON Senses, 250 ml art.F9780900-60sht. (2 Cor.) Zvolozhuvalnyyhel shower Sea lagoon Senses series, 500 ml art.F9962200-210sht. (10kor.) Country of origin - PLTorhovelna mark - AVONVyrobnyk - Avon Operations Polska Sp.zoo " POLAND ***** 2042.53 3173.114086 View Importer
14/Apr/2017 3304990000 "1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers), multi-day cream SPF 20 Full update AVONAnew Series, 50 ml art.F0367700-120sht. (3kor.) Facial cream enerhiyi.Doskonalist charge. without delay equalization. series AVON Anew, 30 ml art.F0832400-297sht. (3kor.) Toning mousse for feet with a cooling effect of aloe juice, seriyiAVON Foot Works, 150 ml, art.F1159600-48sht. (1 Cor.) Cream under ochymaEhinatseya and white tea series Naturals, 25 ml art.F1209200-260sht. (2 Cor.) body Lotion 7-in-1 Glow effect of flicker SPF 15 series skin So Soft, 200 ml, art .F1724900- 257sht. (6kor.) SPA mask film for the face of efektommerehtinnya with the scent of wood iSyayuche TS Gold Series AVON Planet Spa, 50 ml art.F1785900-1190sht. (7kor.) Lotion Spray Body oil and oil zhozhobaZvolozhennya power series AVON Skin So Soft, 150 ml art.F2057900-450sht. (10kor.) Night cream energy. Perfection. series AVONAnew, 50 ml, art .F2362500-480sht. (12kor.) Night cream Zaryadenerhiyi. Perfection SPF25 UVAUVB series AVON Anew, 50 ml art.F2362800-343sht. (9kor.) Serum-wrinkle corrector series AVON Anew, 2 ml art.F2397800-2376sht. (3kor.) Corrective Facial syvoratka Even tone and strengthen AVONAnew series, like, 2 ml art.F2489800-792sht. (1 Cor.) OblychchyaOnovlennya Night Cream, Anew series Reversalist, 50 ml art.F2522700-200sht. (5kor.) Dennyykrem Face SPF25 updates, series Anew Reversalist, 50 ml art.F2522800-480sht. (12kor.) System Eye Updates SPF25, series Anew Reversalist, 15 ml art.F2522900-216sht. (2 Cor.) Eye Mask dlyaoblychchya Protection and Restoration series AVON Anew, like, 2 ml art.F2628800-1584sht. (2 Cor.) Scent Body Lotion series Luck for Her, 150 ml art.F2663300-378sht. (7kor.) Restorative Cleansing lotion for normal skin isuhoyi series AVON True Nutra Effects, art.F2695900-350sht. (10kor.) Velvet Facial tone series ColorTrend, Nearly Nude, 30 ml art.F2751100-270sht. (1 Cor.) Velvet Facial tone series ColorTrend, Natural, 30 ml art.F2751400-270sht. (1 Cor.) Professional korehuyuschyy dlyaoblychchya lotion for daily use series Clearskin, 50 ml art.F2778100-160sht. (2 Cor.) Recovery Cream Eye series AVON True NutraEffects, 15 ml art.F2806700-252sht. (2 Cor.) Tone cream LUXE SPF20, NATURAL GLAMOUR, 30 g art.F2990100-231sht. (3kor.) Tone Cream SPF 20 dlyaoblychchya LUXE, PORCELAIN, 30 g art.F3000900-154sht. (2 Cor.) Modelyuyuchyykrem sculpted bust series AVON Solutions, 150 ml art.F3163400-53sht. (1 Cor.) Lotion-correction of rostyazhok series AVON Solutions, 150 ml art.F3176900-53sht. (1 Cor.) Perfumed Body Spray Perceive series, 100 ml art.F3215100-540sht. (9kor.) Thermo-active anti-cellulite gel with L-carnitine complex series AVONSolutions, 150 ml art.F3278200-215sht. (4kor.) Mask for face gommazh zmineralamy Dead Sea perfect cleaning series Planet S " POLAND ***** 3123.42 21976.57262 View Importer
13/Apr/2017 7306402090 1.Truby of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, welded, circular cross-section Cold without fitting length 6m, new seam TIG, tovschynastinky-diameter, mm: - 6x1.0 (204sht. 1224m.) - 146kh.- 10x1.0 (66sht . 396m.) - 81kh.- 8x1.0 (501sht. 3006m.) - 493kh.- 12x1.0 (61sht. 366m.) - 95kh.- 12x1.5 (50sht. 300m.) - 111kh.- 14x1.5 (50sht. 300m.) - 131kh.- 18x1.0 (50sht. 300m.) - 121kh.- 18x1.5 (50sht. 300m.) - 175kh. surface: matt steel grade: AISI 304 nickel masovachastka: 8.018-8.019% Trademark: VINMAY- 14x1.5 (283sht. 1698m.) - 731kh. surface: matt steel grade: AISI 201 masovachastka Ni: 1.190% - 10x1.0 (304sht. 1824m.) - 376kh.- 12x1.0 (501sht. 3006m.) - 754kh.- 12x1.5 (231sht. 1386m.) - 504kh.- 14x1.5 (668sht. 4008m.) - 1721kh. Area: polыrovana steel grade: AISI 201masova proportion of nickel: 1.189-1.190% Trademark: VINMAYVyrobnyk: FOSHAN VINMAY STAINLESS STEEL CO., LTDKrayina production: CN. CHINA ***** 5439 11901.29988 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 6115290000 "1. Children tights with cotton, with pictures," "CONTE KIDS" ", 14C-123SP BRAVO (r.116-122 (18), 128-134 (20)) -340sht; 14C-123SP BRAVO (r.104 -110 (16)) -200sht; 14C-123SP BRAVO (r.140-146 (22)) -240sht; 7C-31SP CLASS (r.104-110 (16), 92-98 (14)) -544sht; 7C-31SP CLASS (r.116-122 (18)) -400sht; 7C-80SP MISS (r.128-134 (20)) -208sht; 7C-80SP MISS (r.140-146 (22), 150 152 (22)) -320sht; 4C-03 SPTIP-TOP (r.104-110 (16)) - 520sht; 4C-05 SP TIP-TOP (r.128-134 (20)) - 352sht; 4C-06SP TIP-TOP (r.140-146 (22)) - 384sht, 5C-07 SP TIP-TOP (r.150-152 (22)) - 192sht; 4C-04 SP TIP-TOP (r.116-122 ( 18)) - 960sht; 4C-02 SP TIP-TOP (r.92-98 (14)) -576sht; 7C-78 SP TIP-TOP (r.116-122 (18)) - 200sht; 7C-78 SP TIP-TOP (r.104-110 (16)) - 60sht, 79SP-14C TIP-TOP (r.104-110 (16), 92-98 (14)) -546sht, 79SP-14C TIP-TOP (p .116-122 (18), 128-134 (20)) -360sht; 16C-34SP MALЫSHARYKY (r.92-98 (14)) -231sht, Thor ivelna mark "" CONTE KIDS "" Manufacturer "" Conte Spa "," Belarus.. " BELARUS 6633 529.655 9833.982833 View Importer
12/Apr/2017 6302210000 1. Products for home and home, finished textiles, decorative products and accessories: art. 10001105001 / duvet with cotton 160X220 cm BLUE composition (100% cotton) 10001105002 / blanket cotton 200x220 cm BLUE composition (100% cotton) 10001106001 / pillowcase cotton 50x70 cm BLUE composition (100% cotton) 10001336001 / AMBER sheets of cotton 160x240 cm PINK composition (100% cotton) 10002066003 / BEAUTIFUL ROSE blanket of cotton and satin 160X220 cm PINK composition (100% cotton) 10002155001 / BERRY GARDEN quilt of cotton and satin beige 160X220 cm composition (100% cotton) 10002529001 / duvet with cotton 160X220 cm BLUE composition (100% cotton) 10002529002 / blanket cotton 200x220 cm BLUE composition (100% cotton) 10002530001 / pillowcase cotton 50x70 cm BLUE composition (100% cotton) 10003674001 / CITY CHILDREN duvet with cotton 160X220 cm BLUE composition (100% cotton) 10003675001 / CITY pillowcases for children's cotton pillow 50x70 cm BLUE composition (100% cotton) 10003772001/0 pillowcases for children's cotton pillow 35x45 cm BLUE composition (100% cotton) 10003772002/0 pillowcases for children's pillow 35x45 cm cotton PINK composition (100% cotton) 10003895001/0 duvet with cotton 160X220 cm PINK composition (100% cotton) 10003895002/0 duvet with cotton 200x220 cm PINK composition (100% cotton) 10004569001/0 SET baby bedding cotton 0 BLUE composition (100% cotton) 10004836007 / sheets with elastic cotton 100x200 cm KIRIK WHITE composition (100% cotton) 10004840006 / sheets with elastic cotton 180x200 cm PINK composition (100% cotton) 10004840021 / sheets with elastic cotton 100x200 cm pale pink composition (100% cotton) 10004849021 / DUZ sheets of cotton 160x240 cm WHITE composition (100% cotton) 10004857011 / DUZ duvet with cotton 160X220 cm WHITE composition (100% cotton) 10004859039 / DUZ PIKE cotton 150x230 cm M YATNYY composition (100% cotton) 10004859040 / DUZ PIKE cotton 200x230 cm M YATNYY composition (100% cotton) 10004859043 / DUZ PIKE cotton 150x230 cm YELLOW composition (100% cotton) 10004859044 / DUZ PIKE cotton 200x230 cm YELLOW composition (100% cotton) 10004859049 / DUZ PIKE cotton 150x230 cm WHITE composition (100% cotton) 10004859050 / DUZ PIKE cotton 200x230 cm WHITE composition (100% cotton) 10004957001 / SET ELEPHANT baby bedding cotton 0 GREEN composition (100% cotton) 10005223001 / EYWA blanket of cotton and satin 160X220 cm composition (100% cotton) 10005769001/0 pillowcases cotton 50x70 cm PINK composition (100% cotton) 10006250001 / HEARTS FOR CHILDREN duvet with cotton 0 PINK composition (100% cotton) 10006322001/0 cotton duvet TURKEY ***** 3447.0522 21907.56154 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 3924100000 "1. tableware, kitchenware plastic, reusable, trade markaTUPPERWARE: base kompaktusa oval (1,1l) art.11006964-192sht a cover dlyakompaktusa oval art.11044528-480sht; Solonka and perechnytsyaart.11056759-231sht," "Umnaya sыrnytsa "" "" Scarce "" art.11103207-90sht; maslyankaart.11104637-72sht, container '' Universal '' (1 L) art.11107102-64sht; zamisochne blyudo6l art.11107804-120sht, a large "" Hit parade "" (600ml) art.11115370-1152sht, cups "" dwarfs "" art.11119003-240sht with lids; kompaktusa oval base (500 mL) art.11119004-126sht; lid organizer art.11123255-48sht; kompaktusovalnyy (1,7l) art.11123450-90sht, Cape points (500 mL) art.11123980-18sht; podviynyydrushlyak art.11128084-120sht, snack cup (125 ml) 3pc art.11129540-140sht, a set of "" the fridge "" (1,5l / 650ml / 300ml / 300ml) art.11130158 -100sht, cups "" dwarfs "" (50 ml) 3pc art.11130597-60sht; capacity "" Gigant "" (8,5l) art.11130650-12sht, Country of origin - GRVyrobnyk - TUPPERWARE. " GREECE ***** 681.483 5976.893015 View Importer
11/Apr/2017 3917219090 "1.Truby tubes i hoses and their fittings (eg connections, elbows, couplings) polimerov of ethylene, seamless longer than the maximum size of the cross section, with treated or untreated surface, but without any other processing Seven "" yaprovid plastic, art.403-231S-60 units, vacuum tube control bunker, art.167-112D 2 pcs trademark-Great Plains.Krayina vyrobnytstva- US.Vyrobnyk-Great Plains Mfg., Inc.. " UNITED STATES ***** 7.96 478.4370362 View Importer
06/Apr/2017 3305900000 "1.Zasoby for lohlyadu Hair: Serum Spray for damaged hair instantly restore the 7 series AVON Advance Techniques, 100 ml F4817000 - 231sht, Lotion Spray Hair Thermal protection series AVON Advance Techniques, 100 ml F5256700 - 77sht, mousse for styling hair "" Strong fixation "" series AVON Advance Techniques, 150 ml F5432600 - 448sht, spray farbovaonho hair from UV Filter Protection color series AVON Advance Techniques, 100 ml F5720600 - 154sht, hair mask "" Perfect hladkist. Honey and oliya jojoba "" series Naturals, 125 ml F5822800 - 68sht; Opoliskuvach for damaged hair instantly restore the 7 series AVON Advance Techniques, 250 ml F6291800 - 252sht. (Not products come in aerosol packaging). ". RUSSIA ***** 225.34 808.9815782 View Importer
04/Apr/2017 3304100000 "1.Kosmetychni means makiyazhu lips (not aerosol packaging, contain no drugs): Matte Lipstick" "ART COLOUR" "brand", "NINELLE" "number 110, 4gr -110sht .; Matte Lipstick" "ART COLOUR '' brand '' NINELLE "" number 111, 4gr - 220sht., matte lipstick "" ART COLOUR "" mark "" NINELLE "" number 112, 4gr - 396sht .; Hubnapomada matte "" ART COLOUR "" brand "" NINELLE "" № 113 4gr - 143sht .; lipstick pomadamatova "" ART COLOUR "" brand "" NINELLE "" № 114 4gr - 165sht .; matte lipstick "" ART COLOUR "" brand "" NINELLE "" № 115 , 4gr - 110sht .; matte lipstick "" ARTCOLOUR "" brand "" NINELLE "" № 116 4gr - 198sht .; matte lipstick "" ART COLOUR "" brand "" NINELLE "" № 117 4gr - 132sht. , on Lipstick Ada matte "" ART COLOUR "" brand "" NINELLE "" number 118, 4gr - 231sht .; Matte Lipstick "" ART COLOUR "" brand "" NINELLE "" number 119, 4gr - 748sht .; Matte Lipstick "" ART COLOUR "" brand "" NINELLE "" № 120 4hr- 231sht .; matte lipstick "" ART COLOUR "" brand "" NINELLE "" № 121 4gr - 396sht.Torhivelna mark: "" NINELLE "". Producer : OOO "" Novelty Firma Ltd "." inci dence Country: RU. " RUSSIA ***** 67.75 2579.273307 View Importer

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