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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
29/Apr/2017 8536700000 "1. Connectors for optical fibers, fiber optic wires or cables for voltages not exceeding 1000 V ;: Fiber optic couplings and boxes in the assembled state. FTTH, PON, telecommunication, local area networks, for air lines, for laying in the ground , Gaskets in cableconnalization, connection and switching of fiber optic cables, as well as formechanical protection of welded joints. They do not contain electrical components, boards and chips. The GJS-5002 design features: one 037 # wall mounting tray, SC adapter - 40 pcs. GJS-6005 constructive person T-shirt: two 034 # tray 48 fiber reinforcements on a bench - 40 pcs. GJS-5006 design features: single 023 # tray 12 fiberboard SC adapter panel for 12 ports mounting on a bar -60 pcs. GJS-6006 design features: two 023 # tray GJS-6007 design features: two 024 # mounting tray on a bench, with grounding - 20 pieces. GJS-9001 design features: two 037 # tray 48wool fixing on a stand - 60 pcs. GJS-7001 design features: two 032 # tray 48 fibers, a heat shrink tube - 60 pcs. GP-B distribution box 12volokon-200pcs.GP-A distribution box 24 fibers-100pcs. GP-C Distribution box 8filter adapter SC-20pcs. GP-D Distribution box 24 fiber adapters boardSC-20pcs.Shipped from the container TGBU5150502. Producer-Ningbo Zhantong Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd.Ningbo Brand Name Zhantong Telecom Eguipment. " CHINA ***** 837.3 5418.433409 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8517620000 1. Equipment for switching networks, designed and equipped for retail trade, does not contain radio equipment: Catalyst 2960-X 48 GigE, 2 x 10G SFP +, LAN Base art. WS-C2960X-48TD-L-2pcs.Controlled Switch SF220-24P 24-Port 10/100 PoE Smart Plus Switch Art. SF220-24P-K9-EU-3pcs. Controlled switch SF302-08PP 8-port 10/100 PoE + Managed Switch art. SF302-08PP-K9-EU-10pcs.Controlled Switch SF200-24 24-PORT 10/100 SMART SWITCH Art. SLM224GT-EU-10pcs. Operated switch SF 200-48 48-Port 10/100 Smart Switch art. SLM248GT-EU-2pcs. Unmanaged Switch SG112-24 COMPACT 24-PORT GIGABIT SWITCH Art. SG112-24-EU-3pcs. Controlled switch SF220-48P 48-PORT 10/100 POE SMART PLUS art. SF220-48P-K9-EU-1pcControlled switch Catalyst 2960 Plus 24 10/100 PoE + 2 T / SFP LAN Lite art. WS-C2960 + 24PC-S-1pc. Controlled switch SF302-08MPP 8-PORT 10/100 MAX POE + MANAGED SWITCH art. SF302-08MPP-K9-EU-1pc Controlled Switch SF110D-08 8-PORT 10/100 DESKTOP S WITCH Art.SF110D-08-EU-70pcs. Controlled Switch SG220-50 50-Port Gigabit Smart Plus Switch Art. SG220-50-K9-EU-1pcControlled Switch Catalyst 2960-X 48 GigE, 4 x 1G SFP, LAN Base Art. WS-C2960X-48TS-L-4pcs. Controlled Switch SF300-24PP 24-port 10/100 PoE + Managed Switch w / Gig Uplinks Art.SF300-24PP-K9-EU-2pcs. Controlled Switch Catalyst 2960 Plus 48 10/100 + 2 T / SFP LAN Base Art. WS-C2960 + 48TC-L-4pcs. Controlled Switch SF 300-08 8-port 10/100 Managed Switch Art.SRW208-K9-G5-10pcs Controlled Switch Catalyst 2960 Plus 48 10/100 + 2 T / SFP LAN Base Art. WS-C2960 + 48TC-L-2pcs.Managed switch SG300-28SFP 28-PORT GIGABIT SFP MANAGED SWITCH art.SG300-28SFP-K9-EU-1pc Operated switch SF220-24 24-PORT 10/100 SMART PLUS SWITCH art. SF220-24-K9-EU-3pcs.Controlled Switch SF 300-08 8-port 10/100 Managed Switch Art. SRW208-K9-G5-16p. Managed switch SG200-08P 8-PORT GIGABIT POE SMART SWITCH art.SLM2008PT-EU-3pcs. Cisco SG500-28 Managed Switch 28-Port Gigabit Stackable Managed Switch Art. SG500-28-K9-G5-2s. Unmanaged switch SG110-16 16-PORT art. SG110-16-EU-5pcs.Unmanaged switch SG110D-08 8-PORT GIGABIT DESKTOP SWITCH Art. SG110D-08-EU-10pcs. The manufacturer of Cisco Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of CNC Trademark CISCO CHINA ***** 285.94 44025.04225 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3208109090 "1. The products on the basis of complex poliefiriv rozchyneni in non-aqueous medium without vaerozolniy package, not containing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances taprekursory listed determined by CMU Resolution N 770 of 06.05.2010r .: Emalbazysna" "VIKA-Metallic" "(composition: the type of polymer - polyester resin -69% solvent, pigment - 1%, fillers -vidsutni): adryya gas (0,9kh) - 6 pieces, 633 Borneo (0,9kh) - 6 pieces; Bronze Century (0,9kh) - 18 pc; yhuana 311 (0,9kh) - 12 pieces, viburnum (0,9kh) - 18 pcs, quartz (0,9kh) - 12 pieces, Muscat (0,9kh) - 12 pieces, Niagara (0,9kh ) - 6 pieces; port (0,9kh) - 6 pieces; snezhnaya Queen PP 690 (0,9kh) - 18 pcs, plum (0,9kh) - 12 pieces, Sauvignon 650 (0,9kh) - 6 pieces; Sochi (0,9kh) - 18 pieces; Chernik 482 (0,9kh) - 6 pieces; Chevrolet Classic Green (0, 9kg) - 42 units; ChevroletGar Carbon Flash (0,9kh) - 6 pieces; Chevrolet Green Bamboo (0,9kh) - 36 units; Chevrolet Light Silver (0,9kh) - 18 units; Chevrolet Moonland (0,9kh) - 12 pcs; Chevrolet Night Black (0,9kh) - 24 units; Chevrolet Rubens (0,9kh) - 24 units; Chevrole t Silver (FE87-7052) (0,9kh) - 12 pieces; Chevrolet Technical Grey (0,9kh) -6 pieces; GM Olympia (0,9kh) - 6 pieces; Toyota 202 Black (0,9kh) - 18 pieces; Renault GrisPlatine (0,9kh) - 12 pieces; Enamel VIKA-60 (composition: type of polymer - alkyd resins, solvents - 74.84% pigments - 3%, fillers - 2.16%): orange KamAZ (0,8kh) - 60 pieces; orange IZH-28 (0,9kh) - 24 pieces; Belaya 040 (0,8kh) - 120 pieces; Belaya 201 (0,8kh) - 360 pieces; Belaya 202 (0,8kh) - 240 pieces; Belaya 233 (0,95kh) - 120 pieces; belayanoch (0,8kh) - 36 pieces; white gas (0,9kh) - 12 pieces; pale bezhevaya 235 (0,9kh) -120 units; Bosphorus 400 (0,8kh) - 120 pieces; vyshnevaya 127 (0,8kh) - 360 pieces; hrenadёr (0,85kh) - 24 pieces; Dingo (0,8kh) - 420 pieces; zhёltaya 1035 (0,8kh) - 240 pieces; zaschytnayahlyantsevaya (0,8kh) - 360 pieces; Green Garden 307 (0,85kh) - 120 pieces; golden zhёltaya (0,95kh) - 24 pieces; MF cypress lit 1 kg (0,85kh) - 180 pieces; Krasnaya 1015 (0,9kh) -120 units; Krasnaya 42 (0,85kh) - 300 pieces; kremovaya 210 (0,9kh) - 24 pieces; Medeo MF 1kg lit (0,8kh) - 480 pieces; Monte Carlo (0,85kh) - 300 pieces; morskaya Wave (0,85kh) -120 units; morskaya gulf (0,85kh) - 24 pieces; Moray (0,85kh) - 36 pieces; Ocean (0,85kh) - 120 pieces; ocher zolotystaya 208 (0,9kh) - 120 pieces; Advertising (0,8kh) - 240 pieces; rubyn110 (0,8kh) - 360 pieces; light-zelёnaya (0,85kh) - 24 pieces; Seraiah (0,9kh) - 60 pieces; Seraiah 671 (0,8kh) - 360 pieces; synevato-zelёnaya (0,85kh) - 120 pieces; Blue 464 (0,85kh) - 120 pieces; taxes (0,8kh) - 48 pieces; dark blue 456 (0,85kh) - 60 pieces, dark korychnevaya (0,8kh) - 120 pieces; chernaya 601 (0,8kh) - 1398 pcs; bright-holubaya481 (0,85kh) - 72 pieces; Jasper (0,8kh) - 36 sht.Torhovelna Brand: VIKAVyrobnyk: AO n kraskyKrayina production: RU " RUSSIA ***** 6567 14273.93635 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3214900090 "1.Budivelni nevohnetryvki mixture: - PRIMUS packaging in plast.vidra on 23kh = 88sht content filler-sand (granulated) 62-54% water-solvent 26-28% acrylic latex (binder liquid) 9.9 -10.2% scope - for bonding insulating polystyrene panels to mineral bases and create a basic layer of plaster in buildings, mold manufacturing - pasty composition; - PRIMAX, primer, packing in 14 kg plast.vidra = 13sht based on water 65-52% acrylic latex (called "" liquid adhesion agent) 25-15% pigment 5-0,15% to 10% modifiers, applicabl uyetsya to improve traction in buildings (including painted and glazed polystyrene plates and fasteners), form vyhotolennya - opaque liquid mixture; PRM LYMESTONE PASTEL BASE DRYVIT STRATOTONE 310 for packaging in plast.vidra 24.72kh = 60sht based on sand capsulated 63-67% akrilovyy latex (binder liquid) 8,5-10,2% titanium dioxide 1-4%, 12-15% water (solvent) form you hotolennya-pasty composition, scope-for creating external and internal base layer of plaster in buildings. - COLOR PRIME S PASTEL BASE DRYVIT STRATOTONE 310 primer for packaging in plast.vidrah 17.36kh = 10pcs content: water 40-41% 17-18% acrylic polymer, propylene glycol 1.4-1.5% titanium dioxide 0 5-9,9% calcium carbonate filler 16-23% production form - opaque liquid mixture used for coating surfaces in buildings under acrylic and hranitopodobni shtukaturky.Z filler content, Portland cement 20-30% quartz sand 50-60 % 0-14% lime and polymer binder rechovyna- 1-2%: DRYCOAT rozfas.v bags of 25kg = 48sht, form-making powdered mixture scope - for cos Rennes base layer of plaster in buildings, not refractory, not in aerosol packaging. " POLAND ***** 5062.8 4652.799604 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8517620000 1.Obladnannya for switching networks designed and completed retail, contains some kind of radio: Managed Switch Cisco Catalyst 3850 48 Port Full PoE w / 5 AP license IP Base art. WS-C3850-48PW-S-1am. Managed Switches Cisco Catalyst 3850 48 Port PoE LAN Base Art. WS-C3850-48P-L-1am. Router Cisco ISR 4321 Sec bundle w / SEC license Art. ISR4321-SEC / K9-3sht. Router Cisco ISR 4431 Sec bundle w / SEC license Art. ISR4431-SEC / K9-2sht. Router installation of Service Pack license (Art. C1F1PISR4330SK9) Cisco ONE ISR 4331 (3GE, 2NIM, 1SM, 4G FLASH, 4G DRAM, IPB) art. C1-CISCO4331 / K9-2sht. Cisco 2911 Router w / 3 GE, 4 EHWIC, 2 DSP, 1 SM, 256MB CF, 512MB DRAM, IPB art. CISCO2911 / K9-1sht. Gateway IP-telephony VoIP network 2 Port Phone Adapter art. SPA112-30sht. Gateway IP-telephony VoIP network 8-Port IP Telephony Gateway art. SPA8000-G5-10sht. Gateway IP-telephony network VoIP ATA with Router art. SPA122-17sht. Gateway IP-telephony network VoIP IP Telep hony Gateway with 4 FXS and 4 FXO Ports art. SPA8800-1sht. Manufacturer Cisco Systems, Inc.Krayina production CNTorhovelna brand CISCO CHINA ***** 116.763 51726.01929 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8517620000 1.Aparatura for communication in merezhidrot ovoho communication devices dlyapryymannya, transmission and conversion of ne abovidnovlennya vote at first, images and inshoyiinformatsiyi, vklyu nominating devices dlyakomutatsiyi and marshrutyz ted: lokalnoyimerezhi wired switch, 48-port 10/100 / 1000BASE-T, 4 x 1 / 10GbE SFP / SFP + EX2300-48T -1sht article is intended for wired connection contains radioperedayuchyh taradiopryymayuchyh prystroyiv.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - Juniper NetworksVyrobnyk - Joy Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. . CHINA ***** 5 869.9998452 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8517709000 1.Chastyny ​​hardware for switching networks, does not contain some kind of radio equipment chassis (body) router, Nexus 7004 Bundle (Chassis, 1xSUP2), No Power Supplies art. N7K-C7004-S2-1sht. the router interface module (part of art.N7K-C7004-S2) Nexus 7000 Series 48-F3 Port 10GbE (SFP +) art. N7K-F348XP-25-1sht. Manufacturer Cisco Systems, Inc.Krayina production MYTorhovelna brand CISCO. MALAYSIA ***** 45.2 62932.59167 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8517709000 1. Part to the PBX and communications TN 'Panasonic', who do not have a membership of transmitters, receivers or transmitters: - mod.KX-NS520UC-optional unit number -3sht.- mod.KX-DT590RU-Module with 48 programmable buttons, the number -3sht.- modes. KX-DT590RU-B-module with 48 programmable buttons, the number -3sht.- mod.KX 16-NS5174X-port analogue subscribers (MCSLC16), number -3sht.- mod.KX-NS520UC-optional unit number -5sht. - mod.KX-TDA0170XJ 8-port digital hybrid extension, the number -4sht.- mod.KX-TDA6178XJ 24-port analogue extensions with Caller ID, the number -3sht.- mod.KX-TE82494X-fee CallerID (Caller ID standard DTMF and FSK), the number -3sht.Torhivelna Brand: PanasonicVyrobnyk: Panasonic CorporationKrayina production VN. VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF ***** 40.22 2926.227804 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 7604299000 1.Profili aluminum alloy (grade AlMgO, 7Si 6063, aluminum alloy for the production of sectional doors and shutters, tovsch.do2mm used as components for the production of sectional doors and shutters): final corner art.AES30x20-180 mkutochok final art.AES30x20- 60 mkutochok final art.AES30x20-30 mprofil art.PRD19-72 mprofil portal frame art.AYPC.100.0102-48 mprofil leaf art.AYPC.100.0203-48 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0602-37,2 mprofil art.AYPC cover. 110.0603-74,4 mprofil clip art.AYPC.110.0609-24,8 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0808-64 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0808-320 mprofil rack art.AYPC.118.0001-144 mP rofil art.AYPC.118.0001-144 mprofil rack frame art.AYPC.118.0002-432 mprofil art.AYPC.118.0002-288 mprofil door frame art.AYPC.118.0003-216 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0603-1404 mprofil glazing bead art .AYPC.C48.0603-351 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0604-117 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0604-117 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0604-585 mprofil w tapyka art.AYPC.C48. 0605-468 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0607-234 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0608-585 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0608-117 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0611-624 mprofil tide low tide art .AYPC.C48.0611-156 mprofil shelves art.AYPC.C48.0615-78 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0626-52 mProfi l contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0627-26 mProfil contiguity door glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0628-39 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0606-1989 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0606-117 mprofil glazing bead art. AYPC.C48.0606-234 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0602-819 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0602-234 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0629-52 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48. 0630-52 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.111.0501-992 mProfil art.AYPC.111.0502-124 mProfil extruded aluminum cover art.AYPC.111.0601-8,4 mprofil art.AYPC.111.0605-173,6 mprofil frame art. AYPC.111.0114-49,6 mProfil aluminum EXTE udovanyy art.AYPC.111.0116-74,4 mProfil decorative cover decorative cover art.AYPC.F50.0503-408 mProfil art.AYPC.F50.0503-272 mProfil art.AYPC.F50.0504-544 cover decorative cover decorative art mProfil .AYPC.F50.0504-408 mProfil cover decorative glazing bead art.AYPC.F50.0504-136 mprofil art.AYPC.VC65.0604-104 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.SL160.0101-19,5 mProfil art. AYPC.SL160.0802-6,5 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.SL160.0804-13 mProfil art.AYPC.SL160.0805-6,5 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0603-481 mprofil draft art. AYPC.C48.0612-2496 mprofi b shtapika art.AYPC.C48.0602-13 mprofil thrust art.AYPC.W62.0601-140 mProfil cover decorative facade art.AYPC.F50.0503-95,2 mshyna art.SB-I / FR / 17m-18 mprofil art.PRD45-28 mprofil portal portal art.PRD123-20,4 m BELARUS ***** 4367.609 17550.97621 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8471300000 "1.Mashyny automatic data processing, portable, weighing no more than 10kg with at least a central processing unit information tadyspley keyboard, complete with an installation CD drives, laptop (15.6 inch diagonal) (Intel Pentium N3710) R541SA- DM406T art.90NB0CH3-M06530-99sht .; laptop (15.6 inch diagonal) (Intel Celeron N3060) R541SC-XO041T art.90NB0CI1-M00630-198sht .; laptop (15.6 inch diagonal) (Intel Pentium N3 710 ) X541SA-DM237D art.90NB0CH1-M03990 - 99sht .; laptop (diagonal 15.6dyuyma) (Intel Celeron N3060) X541SA-XO041D art.90NB0CH1-M00660 -198sht .; cf. rep computer (Diagonal 15.6dyuyma) (Intel Celeron N3060) X541SA-XO055D t.90NB0CH1 al-M00670 -198sht., For portable omp'yuter (15.6 inch diagonal) (Intel P entium N3710) X541SA-XO056D art.90NB0CH1-M00720 -99sht. , laptop (15.6 inches iahonal d) (Intel PentiumN371 0) X541SC-DM016D art.90NB0CI1-M00260 -19 8 pieces .; laptop (15.6 inches diahona l) (Intel Pentium N3710) X541SC- XO010D art.90NB0CI1 -M00180 -99sht., port cess computer (15.6 inch diagonal) (Intel Pentium N3710) X541SC-XO013D art. 90NB0CI1-M00230 -99sht .; portable computer (diahonal17.3 inches) (Intel Pent ium N3710) X751SA-TY095D art.90NB07M2 2270 -54sht-M0., laptop computer (di onal 17.3 inches) (Intel Pentium N3710) X751SA-TY124D art.90NB07M1 -M02260 -54sht .; laptop (diagonal 17.3dyu yma) (Intel Pentium N3710) X751SV-TY001D art.90NB0BR1-M00030 -54sht., laptop (17.3 inch diagonal) (Intel Pentium N3710) X751SV-TY002Dart.90NB0BR 2-M00040 - 54sht .; laptop (17.3 inch diagonal) (Intel Core i7-750 0U) X756UQ-T4205D art.90NB0C31-M03300 -4 8pcs .; portatyvnyykomp'yuter (17.3 inch diagonal) (Intel Core i3-7100U) X756UQ-TY272D art.90NB0C31-M03010 -48sht., Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - ASUSVyrobnyk - ASUSTek COMPUTER INC. " CHINA 1599 4433.53 443745 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8517620000 "1.Obladnannya for switching network comprises radio: KVM-Switch D-Link KVM-221 KVM 2port art.-KVM-221, -100sht. Switch wireless network (multiservisnyy gateway) D-Link DSR-250N art.-DSR- 250N, -4sht. managed network Switch D-Link DES-1100-24 24port 10/100 art.-DES-1100-24, -6sht. managed network Switch D-Link DES-1210-10 / ME 8port 10/100, 2x1GE / SFP, MetroEthernet, WebSmart, 11 '' art.-DES-1210-10 / ME, -20sht. managed network Switch D-Link DES-1210-52 48port 10/100, 2x1GE, 2x1GE / SFPWebSmart art.-DES -1210-52, -20sht. managed network Switch D-Link DES-1210-52 / ME 48xFE, 4x1GE / SFP art.-DES-1210-52 / ME, -5sht. managed network Switch D-Link DES-3200- 28 24port 10/100, 2x1GE / SFP, 2xSFP, L2 art.-DES-3200-28, -180sht. Komut ATOR Managed Network D-Link DES-3200-28F 24port 100Base art.-DES-3200-28F, -10sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1100-05 5port 1G Easy Smart art.-DGS-1100-05, - 50sht. managed network Switch D-Link DGS-1100-10MP 8x1GE w / PoE 2xSFP / 1G, PoE 130W, EasySmart art.-D GS-1100-10MP, -2sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1100-24 24port 1GE, EasySmart, 11 '' art.-DGS-1100-24, -20sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1100-24 / ME 24x1GE Metro Ethernet art.-DGS-1100-24 / ME, -5sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1100-24P 24x1GE (ports 1-12 w / PoE supp) EasySmart art.-DGS-1100-24P, -10sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1100-24P / ME 12x1GE PoE, 12x1GE, MetroEthernet art.-DGS-1100-24P / ME, -3sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1210-10 / ME 8x1GE, 2xSFP, Smart art.-DGS-1210-10 / ME, -5sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1210-20 16port 1GE, 4xSFP, WebSmart art.-DGS-1210-20 / ME, -10sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1210-28 / ME 24x1G, 4xSFP art.-DGS-1210-28 / ME, -30sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1210-28 / ME / P / B 24x1G, 4xSFP art.-DGS-1210-28 / ME / P / B, -10sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1210-28MP 24x1GE PoE, 4xSFP 1G, PoE art.-DGS-1210-28MP, -2sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1210-28P 24port 1GE PoE, 4x1GE / SFP, WebSmart art.-DGS-1210-28P, -6sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1210-28P / ME 24x1G PoE, 4xSFP art.-DGS-1210-28P / ME, -5sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1210-52MP 48x1GE PoE, 4xSFP Smart art.-DGS-1210-52MP, -3sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-1510-28 24x1G, 2xSFP, 2xSFP + 10G, SmartPro art.-DGS-1510-28, -10sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DGS-3000-28SC L2 20xSFP 1G, 4x1GE / SFP, 4x10GSFP + art.-DGS-3000-28SC, -20sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DXS-1100-16SC 14x10GaseX SFP +, 2x10GE / SFP + art.-DXS-1100-16SC, -1sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DXS-1100-16TC 12x10GBaseT, 2x10GBaseT / SFP + Combo, EasySmart art.-DXS-1100-16TC, -1sht. Managed Network Switch D-Link DXS-1210-16TC 12x10GE, 2xSFP +, 2xSFP + / 10GESmart art.-DXS-1210-16TC, -1sht. Switch unmanaged network D-Link DES-1005C 5port 10/100, Plastic art.-DES-1005C, -200sht. Switch unmanaged network D-Link DES-1016A 16port 10 / 100BaseTX RM art.-DES-1016A, -200sht. Switch unmanaged network D-Link DGS-1008P, 8port Gigabit ( " CHINA ***** 1963.55 88745.02743 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8205700000 1.Instrumenty hand, working part contains natural and synthetic diamonds, precious stones notcontains. Clamp G-shaped, 125 mm art. 206059 -48sht.Strubtsyna G-shaped, 150 mm art. 206069 -120sht.Torhovelna Brand: MTX Manual clamp, 180 mm, semicircular occupation PRINCIPLES FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE art.184205 -60sht. Vice metalwork, 125mm, swivel, with adlom ing art. 186255-41sht.Strubtsyna F-shaped, 250 x 50 x 300 mm art. 204295 -550sht. Clamp F-shaped, 1,000 x 120 x 1050 m of art. 204475 -24sht. Clamp G-shaped, 250mm Art. 206685- 12p. The machine-vises, 640 x 520 x 790 mm port cess art.257055 -105sht.Torhovelna Brand: SPARTAKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: MATRIZE Handels-GmbH. CHINA ***** 1289.28 2436.740086 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 3926909790 1. Products economic plastykoviVishalka clothing (shoulders), composition: plastykart.3982900-HEKTOR, 10 pcs / STAR, 10 pcs / up-48up.Oholodzhuyuchyy element for a portable refrigerator structure: plastykart. 6406400-VANNRIKSE, 200g 48up.Torhovelna-grade production JyskKrayina CN China. CHINA ***** 40.572 92.6786074 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 8517620000 1.Prystroyi for Routing and switching wired network connection, ObladnannyaCisco for service replacement, not for sale: art. SF220-48P-K9-EU, SF200-48P48-Port 10/100 PoE Smart Plus Switch, 48-port switch for placing vtelekomunikats iynu -1sht Cisco rack. Contains electronic means tavyprominyuvalnyh devices can vyokrystovuvatysya in Ukraine usmuhah frequencies public. Not zakomuflovani not disguised notcontains incorporates wireless receiver or transmitter contains zasobivshyfruvannya and receivers of global satellite navigation systems. Yavlyayetsyachastynoyu equipment Cisco.Torhova brand Cisco Cisco Systems.Vyrobnyk Systems.Krayina production of CN. . CHINA ***** 3 390.9488314 View Importer
26/Apr/2017 8517709000 1.Insha equipment and devices for routing and switching network drotovohozv`yazku that contains incorporates a wireless transmitter and receiver: Cisco equipment for service replacement, not for sale: art. WS-X6748-GE-TX =, Cat6500 48-port 10/100/1000 GE Mod: Fabric enabled, RJ-45 expansion module / line cards for the Cisco Catalyst switch 6500seriyi 48 GE ports 10/100 / 1000Base-T -2sht. Not zakomuflovani not masked, not containing in its skladibezdrotovoho receiver or transmitter does not contain encryption and pryymachivhlobalnyh satellite navigation systems. ObladnannyaCisco.Torhova brand is part of Cisco Cisco Systems.Vyrobnyk Systems.Krayina production MY. . MALAYSIA ***** 9.4 13885.84007 View Importer

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