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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
11/Apr/2017 4804291000 "1. Kraft paper bag bleached, not coated, not painted, single layer, in rolls, containing fibers of wood of coniferous species obtained by chemical sulfate or sodium carbonate, 93% of the total fiber mass, without drawing, embossing, perforation, corrugation, Brand: "SwedPaper FBC" "(weight 1 sq. M. 70 g), roll width 740 mm - 12171 kg," "SwedPaper FBC" "(weight 1 sq. M. 70 g), roll width 920 mm - 4552 kg, "" SwedPaper Ultra "(mass 1 sq. M. 70 g.), Roll width 1015 mm - 5201 kg. Designed for the production of paper bags. SWEDEN ***** 21924 20457.36531 View Importer
10/Apr/2017 4811590000 1.Papir coils bleached, smooth, single layer, not containing fibers obtained by mechanical means, nehofrovanyy, punch, without images and watermarks, not self-adhesive, laminated on one side of polyethylene (thickness of the coating is less than half the total thickness) contains in its composition filler based on calcium aluminosilicate and compounds. Bending packing material based on paper: - Pd90 / PE20x1000, width 1000 mm, density of 110 g / m 2 -3263 kg, - Pd80 / PE20x1060, width 1060 mm, density of 100 g / m2 - 3291 kg, - Pd45 / PE15x960, width 960 mm and density of 60 g / m2 - 915 kg, - Pd45 / PE15x1000, width 1000 mm, density 60 g / m2 - 1984 kg, - Pd70 / PE10 / Al7 / PE25x1015, width 1015 mm, density of 124 g / m2 - 2 315 kg, - Pd50 / PE12 / Al7 / PE25x1040, width 1040 mm, density of 104 g / m2 - 520 kg, - Pd50 / PE12 / Al7 / PE30x960, width 960 mm, density of 109 g / m2 - 471 kg - Pd50 / PE12 / Al7 / PE30x980, width 980 mm, density 109 g / m2 - 488 kh.Torhivelna brand: ALUPOLVyrobnyk: AL UPOL Packaging Kety Sp.zoo POLAND ***** 13247 28106.3327 View Importer
03/Apr/2017 4901990000 "1. Printed books. Clerical religious objects of cult destination, in the form of donation. The Bible in Russian in the 040 series covers the following materials: vinyl 9mm, 042 Amity (black) -1003sht .; vinyl 9mm, 042 Amity (black) -980sht. ; D-13017 PVC wrapped ukarton 2mm PVC .; 480sht-S-130110-5031 wrapped cardboard 2mm-789sht .; AMOREPoliuretan (matte) -509sht .; Amor Polyurethane (matte) -515sht .; Sintra Nebraska Nero Thermo-529sht .; Amor Polyurethane (matt) - 408sht .; Amor Polyurethane (matte) -514sht., AMOREPoliuretan (matte) -505sht .; AM ORE Polyurethane (matte) -413sht Sintra .; emoriA223-508sht .; Sintra Nebraska Therm O .; V459-511sht O'fiskahomma Adzhenda Brod is T87-519sht .; O'fiskahomma Adzhenda Brod is 61-507sht T .; O'fiskahomma Adzhenda Brod zhT 61-540sht Memorial Sintra .; E054 (70%) + E439 Memorial Sintra (30%) - 410sht .; Sintra eDiario E046 (70%) + E046 Memorial Sintra (30%) - 509sht .; Sintra Vivella A345-510sht & J .; HSBC, Touch 56002-404sht. ; Jay & HSBC, Touch 56006-407sht .; Memorial Sintra A442-520sht .; O 'fiskahomma Adzhenda VSH-506sht .; In turalna leather B-03 (black) -303sht., Nat uralna leather V-03 (black) -714sht .; Nata eral leather B-03 (black) -733sht., Natur cial leather B-03 (in color as gloves, we sent Leslie) -324sht.; Na Natural leather B-01 (black) -321sht .; Coated Paper 130-135 g / m2, 4/0, wrapped in cardboard 2mm-6074sht .; Coated Paper 130-135 g / m2, 4/0, zahornutyyu cardboard 2mm-3997sht. Russian Bible in 070 series covers the following materials: vinyl Amity 02 0.9mm, panton6 U 2X -1017sht .; Amity vinyl 02 0.9mm, 6 Panton U 2X-615sht .; In INIL 02,0.9mm Amity, 6 Panton U 2X-302sh T .; Amity vinyl 02 0.9mm, Pantone 4975 C P-304sht., Sintra Gaia Thermo A988-351sht .; Memorial Sintra A442 wrapped in cardboard 2mm-504sht .; Sintra Gaia Thermo A988-396sht. ; Cromwell secured the skin drain NC, T oreador Grain black 7831-419sht .; O'fis kahomma Adzhenda Bridge T 87-513sht., O'fis kahomma Adzhenda The church 105-516sht .; O'fisk ahomma Adzhenda Bridge T61-528sht., O'fiska homma Adzhenda Bridge T87-603sht .; Sintra Emory A437 M (70%) + SintreMemori A439 (3: 0%) - 433sht .; Sintra Nebraska Thermo V459-5 34sht .; Sintra NebraskaTermo Nero-725sht. ; Cromwell secured the skin drain NC, B Askja Grain, burhundi6851N-535sht .; Sint re Nebraska Thermo V459-519sht .; O'fiskaho MMA Adzhenda BridzhT61-519sht .; Sintra The sky Rusk Nero Thermo-520sht .; Genuine leather and B 12-200sht., Cromwell Leather Group, Hong Kong Stock grams, Arista Grain, Wood Harred 63-200sht .; Genuine leather 01-300sht B .; H aturalna skin 03-192sht B .; Naturalnashkira 03-300sht B .; Genuine leather 03-1093sht B .; Genuine leather 03-607sht B .; Genuine leather 01-406sht B .; The church O'fiskahomma Adzhenda VSH-802sht .; PVC D-12053 3 wrapped in cardboard 2mm-10092sht.Torhovelna mark: Nanjing Amity Printin g Co. Ltd.Vyrobnyk: Nanjing Amity Printing Co. LtdKrayina production: CN. " CHINA ***** 37977 278544.1499 View Importer

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