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Date HS Code Product Description Origin Country Quantity Net Weight [KGS] Total Value [USD] Importer Name
30/Apr/2017 3926300090 1.Zapasni made of plastic, and passenger / m Prospect Island group MAZDA, new art.B09251833 - mounting bumper-5pcs., Art.B33J51833 - mounting bumper-30sht., Art.B45A56115B - PROTECTION Lockers (L) - 1 pc., art.B61K56110A - ZAHYSTRADIATORA-1pc., art.B61K561Z0A - PROTECTION bottoms (R) -1sht., art.B63E50B41B -PROTEKTOR bumper-1pc., art.BBM456115C - motor protection, 1pc., art.BBM461J17 -KILTSE TUBES air conditioning, 2 pcs., art.BGV456145 - MOUNT-30sht., art.BHB6518H185 - COVER INJECTOR headlight washers (L) -1sht., art.BHN150A11 BB- stub Towing hook, 2 pcs., art.BHN950601 - Molding GLASS-2 pcs ., art.BHS250981C - Molding doors to the (R) -2sht., art.BHS250991B - Molding D ERIzadn (R) -2sht., Art.BHS250M10A - lining lane DOORS (R) -1sht., Art.BP4K504R1B -NAKLADKA wheel arches (L) -1sht., Art.BP4K51SJ3 - Sparks retainer pre-3pc., Art.D350515L0E - bumper reflectors, 2 pcs., art.DFY361B60 - control ZASLINKYOBIHRIVACHA Salon 1pc., art.EA0150037 - mounting, 20pcs., art.G22C37190A -KOVPACHOK Center-rims 2 pcs., and rt.G46G687G0A02 - lining THRESHOLD-1am. , art.G46L50131 - lining P / F (L) -2sht., art.G46L50B51 - lining RESHETKYRADYATORA, 2 pcs., 02 art.G46L68220 - resistant lining, 1pc., art.G4YL50EL1 27 -ZAHLUSHKA Towing hook (L) -2sht ., art.GHK150N50B - resistant lining, 1pc., art.GHK1561ZXD - PROTECTION bottom (L) -1sht., art.GHP9507J1C - chrome moldings RESHITKYRADIATORA (R) -2sht., Art.GHP950B41A- lining grille (R) -2sht., Art.GHP950B51A - RESHITKYRADIATORA lining (L) -2sht., Art.GHR564393 - Plugs Automatic, 2 pcs., Art. GJ2168885B75 -KRIPLENNYA UPHOLSTERY, 2 pcs., art.GJ6A68AB1 - MOUNT-120sht., art.GML650B51B -NAKLADKA Radiator lattice-2 pcs., art.GML750B51B - lining RESHETKYRADYATORA, 2 pcs., art.GS2A505A1B12 - Plugs-1pc., art.GS2A505A1B27 -ZAHLUSHKA-1pc., art.J00156741 - Plugs-50sht., art.KA0J50C22 - framework ZAHLUSHKYFARY P / T (L) -1sht., art.KA5J563H0A - PROTECTION bottom (L) -1sht., art.KD4550170 -UTRYMUVACH MARK license-3pc., art.KD45501K5A - retainer lattice-9sht., art.KD53507S0B - lining SKL OOCHYSNYKIV (L) -1sht., Art.KD5351PB1B - Moldings (R) -1sht., Art.KD5351PC1B - Moldings (L) -1sht., Art.KD5351RB0C - DVERIpered lining (L) -1sht., Art.KD5351W24 - MOUNTING -6sht., art.KD5351W50C - lining KRYLAzadn (R) -5sht., art.KD5351W60C - lining WINGS BACK (L) -5sht., art.KD5356627 -PROTEKTOR-1pc., art.KDY351771 - Logo (similar Kd5351771) - 2 pcs., art.KDY534081- protector, 10pcs., art.KF61881H5 02 - REGULATORY handle the seat, 2 pcs., art.S51S51833 - mounting bumper-50sht., origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor Corporation JAPAN ***** 35.439 1591.440212 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 4016930090 "1.Vyroby nonporous sealing of vulcanized rubber, other than hard, rubber-shaybaart.BR 765 -5sht., Valve cover gasket art.EV-952 -2sht., Prokladkaart.EPL-610 -2sht., Art.OR ring-487 -6sht., laying art.EPL-538 -6sht., humoveuschilnennya art.RS -10sht-254. set of rings art.RK-948 -6sht., prokladkaart.EPL-656 -1sht., art.OR ring-980 -10sht. used backhoe tanavantazhuvachi Volvo.Vyrobnyk: "" Swedish Lorry Parts AB "", trademark "" Swedish Lorry Parts "". Country of origin SE.. " SWEDEN ***** 0.413 109.9760667 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 9401300000 1.Mebli for sydinnya, rotating with adjustable height, m'yaki with backrest, swivel chair Art Veris Net 101SFL P51PU -5sht (with headrest, with armrests P51PU with lumbar support sinhro mechanism rehulirovka tilt, back - black mesh Runner RU-16 seat covered with fabric -Ne -NE6, base -hromovana size 680x650x1270-1430mm) chair swivel Xenon Net 111SL P59PU -40sht (with armrests P59 PU, back -sitka black String SR 16 seats covered with cloth - EVO EV-1, -chorna base with casters, size 690x660x1010-1140mm) trademark PROFIm Manufacturer PROFIm Spolka zooKrayina production PL. POLAND ***** 830 9822.174704 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 5806100000 1. Cosmolon Velcro fastener hook. Narrow fabric with fine hair. In the form of tape width 30mm with false selvedge on both edges. Made of weaving synthetic material (polyamide). Monovoloknystymy woven base with hooks, the back cover polyurethane. For the manufacture of fasteners for medical gowns. Total: 232,32m. Cosmolon loop Velcro fastener. Narrow fabric with fine hair. Made of synthetic weaving material (polyamide). In the form of tape width 30mm with false selvedge on both edges. Woven basis of log bahatovoloknystymy loops back cover polyurethane. For the manufacture of fasteners for medical halativ.Vsoho: 1161,6m. . POLAND ***** 17.65 204.7586624 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 5903909900 1.Termoplastychnyy material Termoflex 60VK -750,00kv.m. It is a textile woven material with chemical synthetic polyester fiber which is impregnated polystyrene and containing inorganic filler based compounds kaltsiyu.Z one side of the nonwoven fabric has a continuous thin coating polietylenvinilatsetatom, on the opposite side means partial coverage polietylenvinilatsetatom. Surface seen with the naked eye. The content of the inorganic filler is 32.5 wt.%. The content polietylenvinilatsetatu and polystyrene is 43,0mas.%. The surface density is 1300 + -1h / m2. In sheets measuring 1.5 m * 1 m thick 1,5-2mm, no pattern, no polishing and embossing. Used to manufacture socks and backs working vzuttya.Torhivelna Brand: MELAMIN.Vyrobnyk: MELAMIN Kemicna tovarna dd, Sloveniya.Pakuvannya: product of wood pallets wrapped in clear plastic wrap. . SLOVENIA 750 960 2673.693602 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 9031809100 "1.Prylady for measuring or monitoring the geometrical parameters (linear value), not electronic, for stationary installation, general-purpose, LED diameter 60mm (flat back cover) (0-10) h0,01mm, silver paste, yellow screen with logo ) art.514-063 - 700sht, Large indicator (0-100) h0,01mm diameter 80mm, art.514D-089 - 5pcs indicator (0-30) h0,01mm (flat back cover) art.515D -067 - 20pcs indicator (0-50) h0,01mm (flat back cover) art.515D-068 - 20pcs, Country of CNTorhovelna mark MIKROTEHVyrobnyk GUILIN MEASURING & CUTTING TOOL CO., LTD.. " CHINA ***** 212 7022.823949 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 3926300090 "1.Detali accessories plastic to a / m" "BMW" ": Box-backstop, art.51711932996-30sht, emblem '' BMW '', art.51148219237 -2sht, emblem, art.51767288752 -2sht, Cap Towing loop art.51117187956-1sht, Cap, art.11531439134 -5sht, latch-lock, art.51161881149-140sht, lid rear-view mirror, art.51167164981 -1sht; panelidnyscha cover, art.51717347911 -1sht, Molding door art.51337182281 -1sht; ruchkydverey holder, art.51417230854 -1sht; trademark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "". " GERMANY ***** 1.049 228.252949 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8418999010 "1.Chastyny ​​exclusively for use in household tavstanovlennya tehnikuVESTFROST, parts of refrigerators: Dveriholodylnoho 20744364-1sht love art, display panel 32028286-1sht art, art 32028972-1sht management fee, fee / Power 910WH- art 32029386-1sht, fee / Power 243 32029655-3sht art, fee management / 243 32029656-1sht art; Paraboloyidnyy reflector (VF GRAY) art42015346-20sht, flap / 391 42023869-5sht art; Overlay drawer refrigerator middle / 405 42039663-8sht art, temperature control knob / 370 art 42068390-1sht, Door shelf SW350M 42079277-15sht art, art 42079282-5sht Door shelf, drawer cover morozylnoh department / 405 had 42079291-15sht art, freezer box lid love / art 405 42079292-57sht; Ice tray / 405 42079294-10sht art, glass shelf lining on front / 405 42111881-150sht art, overlays on the glass shelf back / 405 Art 42111882-150sht, box refrigeration love / art 42111885-3sht 405, box refrigeration love / art 405 42111891-3sht, Container / art 823 42127817-2sht, Cree shka vegetable basket / 540T 42128225-1sht art; Bottle Rack Door / 566CUBE 42128397-1sht art; Container cooler / 640 42143873-1sht art; Trademark VESTFROST Producer VESTEL TICARET AS " TURKEY ***** 71.88 652.6098591 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8517709000 1.Chastyny ​​mobile phones equipped with a transmitter or receiver, Osnovnaelektronna fee to the model SM-G950F kat.№GH82-13947A -55sht., General elektronnaplata the model SM-G955X kat.№GH82-14376A -10sht., Main electronic board domodeli SM-G955F kat.№GH82-13950A -50sht. Parts of mobile phones tasmart watches that do not contain some kind of transmitter or receiver, display and front panel ztachskrynom the model GT-N7100 kat.№GH97-14112A-1pc., To Cap model SM-R360, kat.№GH98-40106A -6sht., back cover domodeli SM-G955X kat.№GH82-14032A -10sht., Klaviatirna to cover modeliSM-G361F, kat.№GH98-36800C -1sht., cover the model SM-A710F kat.№GH82-11325A- 7sht., cover the model SM-A320F kat.№GH98-40988G-3pc., cover assembly to the model SM-A710F kat.№GH98-38878B -7sht., Nakladkadekoratyvna the model SM-G955F kat.№GH98-41557F - 5pcs., Cover-up domodeli SM-G950F kat.№GH98-41131F -5sht., Frame and to collect the model SM-G900HZBASEKkat.№GH98-32312B -2sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-G361F kat.№GH96-09081A-1am. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-G361F kat.№GH96- 08808A -5sht., Chastynakorpusa the model SM-J510, kat.№GH98-39849B-1am. Part of the case to the model SM-A310F, kat.№GH96-09938B -6sht., Chastynakorpusa forward to the model SM-G930, cat. №GH96-09788A -13sht., part of the body domodeli SM-J320H kat.№GH98-38987B -7sht., part of the body to the model SM-A7100kat.№GH96-09404D-1pc., part of the body to the model SM-A300N kat.№ GH96-08203C -1sht., Chastynakorpusu forward to the model SM-J510H kat.№GH98-39849C -5sht. Part korpusuperednya assembly to the model SM-P580 kat.№GH97 -19609A -1sht. Part korpusuperednya assembly to the model SM-G955F kat.№GH97-20470C -10sht. VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF ***** 9.596 20285.15196 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8529904900 1.Chastyny ​​buildings to video monitors and LCD TVs, cover domodeli QE49Q7CAMT kat.№BN96-42191B -1sht., Cover the model QA65Q7FAMWkat.№BN96-42193A -1sht., Cover the model UE40F6200AKXUA kat.№BN63-10178D -2sht., cover back to the model UE32F5500AKXUA kat.№BN96-28700L, 2 pcs., cover back to the model UE40H6500ATXUA kat.№BN96-31731F -1sht., Kryshkazadnya the model UE32H6410AUXUA, kat.№BN96-31917B -1sht., to cover zadnyaya modeliUE49K5500AUXUA cat .№BN96-40256D-5pcs., front cover model to QE55Q7FAMU kat.№BN96-42189F -1sht., Stand domodeli QA65Q8CAMK kat.№BN96-42147A -1sht., resistant model QA65Q8CAMKkat.№BN96-42140A -1sht. . RUSSIA ***** 36.949 127.0535091 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8703239031 "1.Poshkodzhenyy, passenger vehicle to transport people and for the use of public Podoroga engin Mr. iskrovym internal combustion and ignition of the crank mechanic nizmom (petrol) was uvykorystanni brand HONDA, model CR-V - 1pc. Engine Room - no data, according to expert opinion №6216 28.04.2017r .: stamp "" Honda "", model "" CR-V "", in the configuration "" EX-L "" VIN 5J6RM4H74FL053452 engine room - no data, typdvyhuna - petrol, V-2354sm3, power - 140kVt environmental class - Euro 5, the total number of seats, including the city istse driver - 5 calendar rikvyhotovlennya - 2015, model year - 2015, the body - wagon, wheel formula 4x4, color - black. vehicles damaged. According eksperta№6216 conclusion of 28.04.2017r., damaged and should be replaced: • by data [3] naavtomobili necessary to replace the front suspension right (poz.7054, 7082, 7088, 7102, 7106, 7118), the front suspension subframe (7011), with vidkolesa front right (7036), ABS sensor front right wheels (7246) , front suspension stabilizer law (7272), the thrust steering rights (7312), crankcase engine (8065), in Pop trumpet average (8826). • front bumper (0283) strain in right and left parts to form bends, cracks materialukriplen, be replaced. • the lower part of the front bumper (0282) - in praviychastyni schesa material (according to [8] repairs not provided) must be replaced. • Protection of the lower front bumper (0835) - on the right side schesa material (according to [8] repairs not provided) polezhytzamini. • grill grille (0424) - on the right side vidsutniysektor (according to [8] repairs not provided), lie down replacement. • oblytsyuvannyahromovana grille (0437) - crack the material (according to [8] unexpected repair), lie down replacement. • headlight Law (0562) - cracked material fasteners (according to [8] repairs not provided), lie down replacement. • wing front right (0742) - it is difficult to form misshapen dents, creases metal polezhytzamini. • Cover the front right wing (0788) - schesa material (according to [8] repairs not provided), lie down replacement. • Protection of wheel arches perednohopravoho (0842) - crack the material at the bottom (according to [8] unexpected repair) must be replaced. • Hood (0471) in front of a deformed with formation of dents metal beyond repair and then color • dveriperedni law (1482) - in the back of the door frame deformation, polezhytzamini. • stable central sidewall Right (2292) seredniychastyni deformed in the form of dents, bends metal, with podalshymzabarvlennyam be repaired. • resistant front right sides (2238) in seredniychastyni deformed to form dents metal beyond repair and then color. • lining the lower right rear door (1986) in front of a deformed with formation of cracks material (according to [8] repairs not provided) pidlyahayezamini. • plate glass exterior rear doors " UNITED STATES 1 2100 7737.819847 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 9404909000 1. Blanket-blanket prostobane, composition, cover 100% polyester microfiber, filling 60% polyester / 40% cotton series Homeart.4530236 In-SOLBLOM, size 140 *, size 140 * 200sm-, size 220 * 240sm-2sht.Podushka decorative composition: 100% polyester cover, polyester filling, series In-Homeart.4835700 MYGGBLOM, size 45 *, size 45 *, size 45 *, size 45 *, size 45 * size 40 * 40cm 12sht.Podushka to-back composition: 100% polyester cover, polyester filling, series In Home t.6807100-KLATRELILJE, size 50 * 70cm-4sht.Podushka for the chair, composition, cover 100% polyester foam filling Series In-Homeart.4849042 ANTEN, size 41 * 43 * 2.5 ROXEN, size 40 * 42 * 3cm-8sht.Podushka for the chair, composition, cover 100% polyester, foam filling, series Price Starart.6801200-GULSKOLM, size 36 * 34 * m 8sht.Podushka 2c for the chair, composition, cover 100% polyester, polyester filling, series In-Homeart.4849126 ANTEN, size 43 * 43 * 5cm-30sht.Postilni things: sleeping blanket, composition, cover 100% cotton, filling polyester hollow fiber series Kronborg, quality Goldart.4031685- BRURI, size 200 * 220sm, filling 2100hr-3sht.K vdra bedroom, composition, cover 100% polyester, polyester hollow fiber filling, Series Bedding, quality Basicart.4108550-LAHTI, size 135 * 200cm, filling 470hr-bedroom 9sht.Kovdra composition: 100% polyester cover, filling polyester hollow fiber Basicart.4115085-STORSALEN quality, size 200 * 220sm, filling 760hr 8sht.Podushka-bedroom, composition, cover 100% cotton, filling polyester hollow fiber series Kronborg, quality Plusart.4339701-TRONFJELLET, size 70 * 80cm, filling 1045hr-, size 50 * 70cm, filling 750gr 18sht.Podushka-bedroom, composition: 100% polyester bag on ovnennya polyester hollow fiber series Kronborg, quality Plusart.4202004-BRATTFJELL, size 50 * 70cm, filling 600hr 8sht.Torhovelna-grade production JyskKrayina CN China CHINA ***** 145.138 597.3499831 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8703239031 1.Poshkodzhenyy passenger car for the conditioning, transportation of people and using public orogen pod with engine of internal combustion iskrovymzapal copying, and with crank mechanism IOM (petrol) was uvykorystanni brand FORD, Model MUSTANG - 1am. VIN 1FA6P8TH6F5367007 typdvyhuna - petrol, V-2264sm3, power - 231 kW, Euro 5 engine room -nemaye data, the total number of seats, including the driver - 4 calendar year - 2015, model year - 2015, the body -compartments color - yellow, wheel formula 4x2. Data on the nature poshkodzhenavtomobilya according to expert opinion, spoiler Lane Draft (not painted) b -zmischenyy of local attachment to the deformation and damage of material bryzhovykyDVS front - sight tion of fixing destroyed, bars mper rear bracket rear bumper, trunk lid cover, lantern left, rear left reshitkaventylyatsiyi overflowing g orlovyna assembly, cap fuel tank, rear pidkrylok showers s, and the left boot trim, upholstery panels -zruynovani backward, backward panel assembly - zmische not difficult deformed with utvo rennyamvyh yniv back towards the left forward areas of the printout, power rear bumper -zmisch enyy difficult to form a strain curves toward the back of the left forward part boot lid - biased, distorted with Comme adno utvorennyamvyhyniv direction back to front, the entire surface loop -deformovani trunk lid, cover the outer sides of the left (left wing by dnye) - biased, distorted difficult to form bends toward the rear of the front, zlivanapravo, the entire surface of the panel inner sides of the left - shifted and skladnodeform of Old to form Whigs bers in the direction back to front, left eg ABO, onall surface repair kits for insert of glasses - according to [8], to be replaced incase dismantling glass windows The side yny left and glass windows rear, the deputy inibokovyny left, muffler left - zmisch enyy difficult deformed, the front bumper - removed from fixing has to shkodzhennya as deformatsiymaterialu the left side of and in front of us zhniy panel on the floor zadnoyi- deformova in the back left side of the formation in yhyniv in places spoluchennyaz back panel ca panel inner sides of the left, the car body (kryshkybahazhnyka) - as a result of emergency actions au obilya body was skewed pootvoru would cover ahazhnyka.Krayina production: US.Torhivelna Brand: FORD.Vyrobnyk: Ford Motor Co. UNITED STATES 1 1602.09 8194.389964 View Importer
28/Apr/2017 8473308000 1.Chastyny ​​to personal (tablet) PC not connected with blokamyzhyvlennya: back cover to the model SM-T820 kat.№GH82-13914A -10sht., Rear kryshkado model SM-T820 kat.№GH82-13914B -3sht., Rear cover the model SM-T825kat.№GH82-13923A -5sht., back cover to the model SM-T825 kat.№GH82-13923B -5sht., the display module assembly to the model SM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525A -20sht ., Moduldyspleya assembly to the model SM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525B -7sht., vzbori display module in the model SM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525A -30sht., the display module assembly domodeli SM-T560, cat .№GH97-17525B -5sht., the display module assembly to modeliSM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525B -8sht. LCD panel in the assembly and the model SM-T719kat.№GH97-18913B, 2 pcs., the LCD panel vzbori the model SM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525C -15sht. LCD panel vzbori the model SM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525C - 9sht. LCD panel vzbori to modeliSM-T560, kat.№GH97-17525C-1 pc., front of the chassis assembly to the model SM-T560 kat.№GH82-13487A-15sht. . VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF ***** 36.38 6182.284652 View Importer
27/Apr/2017 4202321000 "1.Vyroby are carried in pockets or handbags with plastic sheets, protective case for mobile phone (plastic cover on the back cover), art.003-S-BTD - 30 sht.Vyrobnyk:" "3M Espana, SA" ", Ispaniya.Krayina production - ES.Torhivelna brand: 3M.. " UNITED STATES ***** 0.7 68.62606753 View Importer

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